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307 Upcoming BBQ Feas

 "How could it be 12 hours?" Manager Shi went up and uttered solemnly.

"Why did you also come here? Boss Yuan isn't here today." Wu Hai knew Manager Shi. After all, there weren't many customers who came a few times a week.

"Um. I only sleep five hours everyday. Boss Yuan is more diligent than me, so 6 hours are enough for him to rest." Manager Shi first nodded to Wu Hai and then said primly.

Once he said that, however, the crowd was lost in the silence.

Even Wu Hai couldn't help saying, "You have worked so hard, what are we working so hard for? This is not a proposal, but a toxic chicken soup for the soul."

After that, other customers lost even the desire to ridicule any of them.

One was a manager of an electronic company, who came to Yuan Zhou's restaurant for meals at least three times per week and occasionally left a clove of garlic uneaten.

The other was the well-known young artist, who took Yuan Zhou's restaurant as his personal canteen.

Are the two of them sure that they were not showing off? The crowd got speechless for quite a while.

"I feel we ought to think what the compensated BBQ at night is." After a considerable while, a customer changed the subject.

"That's a good idea. What exactly is the BBQ?" The customers looked toward Wu Hai of one accord.

Some regular customers all knew that Wu Hai had once studied cooking from Yuan Zhou.

"Wu Hai, Do you know what it is?" Manager Shi directly asked him.

"How do I know? I didn't even know that he isn't here today." Wu Hai was rather helpless.

"How could you not know? You live so close to him." Manager Shi said unreservedly.

"It's none of your business." Wu Hai was originally unhappy for that he didn't manage to have the meal. Now that he was insulted to his face, he surely wouldn't restrain himself.

Of course, he wouldn't restrain himself, either, even if he wasn't in a bad mood.

"Tsk. What a bad temper! But I believe it's a new dish." Manager Shi gave the cold shoulder to Wu Hai.

"I'm going to leave and come back at night to see what it is. But I think it's supposed to be a new dish." A customer echoed.

"Superfluous words. Never eating it before, never hearing of it before and never seeing it before. Of course it's a new dish." Wu Hai crossed his arms against the chest and said deservedly.

"Wait. So there will be no liquor tonight?" The manager suddenly recalled something and asked with a caring tone.

"Surely not," Wu Hai gloated and said.

He didn't manage to get the liquor from a lucky draw today. Therefore, he was so joyful when he saw those lucky guys unable to drink liquor, either.

"Take it easy. I didn't get the red ball, either." Manager Shi said smilingly.

"Then what are you excited for?" Wu Hai revealed a speechless manner.

Other customers who watched the scene all along indicated that the two people were way too naive. Of course, they also cared about the matter.

"As far as I know, Boss Yuan has never eaten his words before. But in this leave request, he mentioned nothing about drinking liquor. What will he do?" Pointing at the leave request, the customer analyzed it word by word and then said.

"You think too much. I believe that Boss Yuan already has a solution." This is a customer who trusted Boss Yuan.

"Alright. Let's leave. I don't see anybody inside." Wu Hai waved his hand and left first.

"Let's go." Manger Shi also turned the head and said to his secretary who stood behind him and said nothing.

"Ok, Manager Shi. The car is at the crossing now. Are we coming over here tonight?" Wearing the pointed high-heeled shoes, the secretary didn't make any sound while walking. Obviously, she had been trained.

"Sure." Manager Shi nodded the head deservedly.

"What about we coming around at 8 this evening?" It was the customer who was curious about the new dish but more curious about how Boss Yuan solve the pub problem.

"No problem. Let's come together." This proposal got the consent from most of the customers.

Being still in the car, Yuan Zhou nevertheless felt his ears itchy. He had already felt like someone was talking behind his back.

The night came late in summer. It was a nice day and he could even see some light at this time of day.

At 7:50, Shen Min arrived at the entrance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and happened to meet Wu Hai and other customers who were waiting at the door.

"Everybody came to drink liquor?" Shen Min didn't know who would come for liquor today. When she saw more than 10 people there, she was startled.

"Not really. Don't you know that Boss Yuan isn't here?" Wu Hai asked while pointing at the leave request. Speaking of Yuan Zhou, he even gnashed the teeth in anger.

"Yes, I know. Boss Yuan instructed me to come to open the door and greet the customers for liquor. He will come a little later." Shen Min nodded the head obediently and then took out the key from her back pack.

"Ah, he turns out to have arranged it this way!" The customers instantly got speechless.

But when they thought it over, it indeed made sense. The pub indeed didn't require Yuan Zhou to do anything now.

After a sound of "Zhi Ya", Shen Min pulled open the door. There was a rack for daily use in the main hall.

Namely the LED writing board that Yuan Zhou had used to write the discount info.

As soon as Shen Min got inside, she took out the LED board outside the door.

Then she plugged in the power lightly. The LED board started to emit colorful rays.

"Boss Yuan's taste is still so unconventional." The customers looked at the flamboyant LED board and said. They seemed not to be accustomed to it.

"Like always." Wu Hai said helplessly.

When they saw the notification on the LED board, however, they became more speechless.

[Boss Yuan isn't here this evening. So we provide only the bamboo liquor to those who have purchased it." The signature was naturally Yuan Zhou.

"He talked as if he provided dishes during normal times," Wu Hai said discontentedly.

"Brother Wu, we provide Drunkard's Peanuts during the normal times." Shen Min said earnestly.

"I'm talking about hot dishes." Wu Hai corrected her without a blush.

"I feel that Boss Yuan amuses people every time." The customers looked at the notification and felt rather speechless.

"No. My boss said he would prepare the BBQ tonight to compensate you for not serving the dinner." Shen Min explained hurriedly.

"I'm joking." Seeing Shen Min's anxious expression, the customer explained to her.

They trusted Yuan Zhou's moral integrity.

However, the one that didn't trust Yuan Zhou's moral integrity at all was supposed to be the system.

Originally, after Yuan Zhou received the title of Senior BBQ Master, the following pitfall was naturally that he was required to set up a stall for BBQ. Contrarily, Yuan Zhou used it as a compensation for the customers.

Concerning such practice, the system really couldn't say Yuan Zhou violated the rules. It could only watch him do it dumbly.

Luckily, there wasn't much traffic on the way to Chengdu tonight. Therefore, Master Bai drove the two of them back in 40 minutes.

Of course, Jiang Changxi straightforwardly dropped Yuan Zhou at the crossing of the side street.

"Thank you," Yuan Zhou shut the car door and said lightly.

Seated in the car, Jiang Changxi spoke nothing and just waved her hand. After that, Master Bai drove away.

Yuan Zhou didn't enter the restaurant from the front door. Instead, he entered from the back door.

Having washed up on the second floor, he came to the kitchen again and started to prepare the BBQ for the wee hours.

The several people who were drinking on the second floor of the pub nevertheless knew nothing about that.

"Hey, writer. Are you going to stay up and eat the BBQ tonight?" It was Meng Meng who hadn't showed up recently.

"No, I won't. I am prepared to write something while I'm tipsy after drinking. That feeling is marvelous." It was the writer, namely the man who called himself a novelist.

"Whoops. Meng Meng, don't get me into your broadcast when you make the live broadcast at night." At the other side was Su Mu, who once followed Jiang Changxi here.

He didn't come alone but with a young girl this time. Seated beside him quietly with a black cat in her arms, she only raised her head with a bashful manner when Su Mu talked.

"Why?" Meng Meng revealed a curious expression. There was a blush on her face due to the liquor, thus she appeared more adorable.

"I'm way too beautiful. If I appear in the shoot, I will draw all the attention. How will you continue the live broadcast then? Su Mu swallowed up a gulp of liquor and said naturally.

Meng Meng was lost in silence for quite a while. Luckily, the BBQ time was going to start. Who knows what would it be like.