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303 Li Jing

 Zheng Jiawei fell silent at that moment.

"Brother, you know Jiawei definitely won't refuse your request," Wu Lin said discontentedly.

"Umm, I got it." Wu Hai nodded his head.

"All right. It is fine, Lin Lin." Zheng Jiawei looked at Wu Lin with a serious expression.

"Ok. It's your turn now." Wu Lin shrugged and indicated that she wouldn't participate anymore.

"Umm." Zheng Jiawei nodded his head and then turned back to Wu Hai.

"Don't look at me like that. I know what you mean. Let's have a drink tonight." Wu Hai revealed a helpless expression. It was considered to be a compromise to treat them to the liquor.

"Good. I'm going to wait for the treat." After a nod, Zheng Jiawei's expression finally recovered from the previous frustrated one.

"Wait. I haven't got the red ball." Suddenly, Wu Hai remembered that he hadn't got the red ball for the liquor.

"Brother, we can have dinner together." Seeing them reach an agreement, Wu Lin revealed a smile and said smilingly.

"Sorry, you eat so much that I am unable to support you." Wu Hai gave a look of contempt at Wu Lin and then said without any hesitation.

"I don't need you to support me now. Jiawei will do," Wu Lin answered with a bashful expression.

"Girls always love their boyfriends more than brother." Wu Hai shook the head and revealed a manner of "Public morality is not what is used to be."

"Brother, you really should find a girlfriend." Wu Lin directly used the most powerful weapon. She said meaningfully.

"It's better for us to discuss what to eat this evening." Wu Hai changed the subject wittily.

Having discussed about the dishes for a whole afternoon, Wu Hai ordered almost all dishes on the menu of Yuan Zhou's restaurant when he brought the other two people there.

Likewise, Yuan Zhou finally witnessed what "eating too much" meant.

With a glance at the bowls and plates in front of Wu Lin, Yuan Zhou understood that. As they had ordered so many dishes, Zhou Jia became like a diligent bees, carrying around the plates of food continuously.

The key point was that Wu Lin didn't forget to talk while eating.

"No wonder you like to come here every day, brother. The dishes are really so delicious. What I ate before was simply like the pig feed. Little sister, please get me another serving of the pig knuckle." Wu Lin swallowed up the Jinling Grass in a gulp and began to order other dishes again.

"The dishes here aren't allowed to be ordered twice," Wu Hai told his sister coldly before Zhou Jia answered her.

"So many annoying rules. Forget it. Then get me a dish that I haven't tasted before, a serving of Phoenix Tai Prawns, please." Wu Lin mumbled a few words and then ordered another dish.

"Even if you are my younger sister, I still feel quite surprised. You can even challenge against Luffy of One Piece on that aspect. Tsk-tsk." Wu Hai was very surprised at her sister and meanwhile felt sorrowful for his wallet.

"It's a blessing to be able to eat much," Wu Lin answered squarely.

"Yeah, it's pretty good. Lin Lin, you are just so slim." There was a pampering expression on Zheng Jiawei's face.

"It must be hard for you, bro." Wu Hai patted on Zheng Jiawei's shoulder sympathetically.

"Not really. Lin Lin is a good girl." Zheng Jiawei revealed a sweet expression.

"Tsk. This is really a dazzling flaunt." Wu Hai turned his head and kept his sight away from the two lovers.

This meal lasted for a very long time. After contentedly stuffing herself, Wu Lin was dragged away by Zheng Jiawei in the end for fear that she would be too full.

As a result, Yuan Zhou naturally had another female fan who was obsessed with his superb craftsmanship.

Three days later...

Seventy two hours passed in a flash. Several days ago, Yuan Zhou had been slightly expectant, but when it went to that day, he contrarily didn't have the same emotion.

Instead, he just felt it to be a natural occurrence and started to prepare the dishes for lunch as usual.

"A Jing, why do you suddenly want to come here for a meal?" A lively female voice passed from the side street.

"The dishes served there are said to be yummy. Besides, it's even awarded with the title of the Most Anticipated Restaurant. It's really not bad to savor the dishes before I leave." A melodious female voice with a hint of expectation answered the other girl.

"Ok, fine. Luckily, it's the last time." The lively female voice revealed some helplessness.

Of the two girls, the one who was called A Jing was naturally Li Jing whom Yuan Zhou had invited and the other was her intimate friend.

Li Jing was dressed simply in sportswear when she walked into the restaurant. With a ponytail, she appeared to be as youthful and beautiful as before. If anybody said she was a senior school student, others would believe that.

Moreover, those who looked good in sportswear were said to have slim figures. From that perspective, Li Jing's figure was also quite good.

The other girl beside her was really her intimate friend, but Yuan Zhou didn't know her.

She was wearing a business suit skirt and had a short curled hair and moreover appeared rather adorable, yet had a firm and calm voice.

"What do you two want to eat?" Yuan Zhou went up and asked as usual.

"Do you have a menu?" With her expression remaining the same, Li Jing didn't recognize that it was her classmate.

Even if it was her classmate.

Since they graduated from the senior school, it had been six years and Yuan Zhou had also matured and became more confident, obtaining some charms of an adult man.

For a classmate that had not much contact, Li Jing naturally couldn't recognize him.

When Yuan Zhou turned around for the menu, she even tease her intimate friend.

"Yuan Er, this is your favorite style. An uncle-style man that can also cook." Li Jing lowered her voice and joked with her friend.

Even if she spoke in a very low voice, all that she said was captured by Yuan Zhou easily.

Instead of getting angry with her, Yuan Zhou nevertheless felt it to be rather familiar when he heard that.

During the senior school, Li Jing was exactly like that. She was a lively girl and also studied well. Besides that, she liked joking with others and doing sports, therefore she had lots of friends.

"Here's the menu for you two." Yuan Zhou adjusted his expressions and handed the menu to them.

"Wow! It's so expensive. Yuan Er, you pay for your dishes yourself," Li Jing said with an exaggerated expression.

"No. It's the last meal we are having together. Of course, you have to pay for me." With a straight face, Yuan Er appeared rather solemn.

Li Jing knitted her brows mischievously and revealed a teasing expression on her pale face.

"Forget it. It seems even Yuan Er is going to take advantage of me." Li Jing appeared quite sorrowful.

"A serving of Clear Broth Noodle Soup and Jinling Grass." Yuan Er just ignored Li Jing deftly and directly ordered the dishes.

"Well, let me order my dishes. A serving of Dongpo Pig Knukle and Egg Fried Rice Set." Li Jing still loved to eat meat like she did in the senior school.

While she loved eating the meat, she wasn't fat at all. Looking at the well-proportioned figure of Li Jing, Yuan Zhou heaved a sigh and thought that.

"Alright. One moment, please. Zhou Jia, give them the price." Having slighted nodded the head to both girls, Yuan Zhou instructed Zhou Jia who was waiting at the side,

Sometimes, Yuan Zhou indeed came out to take order by himself, therefore other customers including even Zhou Jia didn't feel it strange at all.

When Yuan Zhou was turning around to the kitchen, a new message appeared on Li Jing's phone which she put on the table.

[Jing, have dinner together this evening. I...] The message was from a phone number without a name.

The message wasn't completely shown and Yuan Zhou could only saw the few words.

While Yuan Zhou was back in the kitchen and preparing the dishes, Li Jing and Yuan Er chatted.

"A Jing, be careful on the way back home alone and do take care of yourself." Yuan Er was a little worried about her.

"Never mind. I'm just going back to my hometown." Li Jing did not seem to be worried.

"Why did you order a flight that takes off so late and didn't arrange for anybody to send and pick you up? Let's do this. I will let my boyfriend send you to the airport." The more she thought, the more she got worried. Hence, Yuan Er directly said that.

"Come on. I don't want to bother your intimate time together, otherwise your boyfriend would hate me." Li Jing made a gesture of cross and refused straightforwardly.

"You are still so obstinate," Yuan Er said helplessly.

Luckily, Li Jing was going back home and the destination was a familiar place. If it was an unfamiliar place, Yuan Er would have already stopped her from ordering the flight that took off at 10:00 p.m.

Hearing their conversation at the side, Yuan Zhou suddenly got bewildered. Did this former charming princess of his have a boyfriend?

In the senior school, Yuan Zhou knew everything about Li Jing. He knew that she liked biting the popsicle from the lower part and that she liked to go to Grandma Li's Noodle Restaurant the most. He even knew the several particular days when she felt irritable every month.

But now, he knew nothing about her, even if he had known so much before.