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302 The Second Invitation Card

 After Yuan Zhou fed Broth, he cleaned the kitchen and then went upstairs to wash up and have a rest, not knowing about the heated discussions on the microblog.

Of course, Yuan Zhou's own microblog was also referred to, many times.

He just ignored everything and fell asleep securely. It was a sound sleep.

On the next morning, Yuan Zhou got up and finished his exercises very soon. After that, he prepared the Sweet Osmanthus Sandwiched Yuanxiao, which had never been provided for breakfast. That was really surprising.

"Boss Yuan, you have become a hot topic." It was the first sentence that Wu Hai said after he entered the restaurant.

Yuan Zhou, nevertheless, just took a curious look at Wu Hai and didn't say anything.

Shen Min uttered, "Mr. Wu, we provide the newly developed Sweet Osmanthus Sandwiched Yuanxiao today. Would you like to have a try?"

Different from Zhou Jia's kindness, Shen Min was very courteous to every single customer.

Umm, likewise, she showed a lot of respect to Yuan Zhou himself.

Having originally intended to gossip on something, Wu Hai was instantly attracted by the new dish.

"My decision seems to be quite correct," Wu Hai stroked his two small tufts of mustaches proudly.

"Get me one bowl of that quickly." Immediately, he forgot the gossip and directly began to order the dish.

"Ok. One moment, please. It'll be served in no time." Shen Min answered after a nod.

Having already heard Wu Hai, Yuan Zhou poured the prepared Yuanxiao into the cooking pot.

"Aren't they Tangyuan?" Looking at the pearl-like Yuanxiao, Wu Hai asked.

"They are different," Yuan Zhou said decidedly.

"Boss Yuan, your restaurant is going to be very very popular." Dressed in cute Mickey Mouse hot pants and a light yellow printed shirt, Meng Meng walked into the restaurant, taking occasional hops. She hadn't been here for a long time.

"Really?" Yuan Zhou showed some respect to her by a simple answer. Then, he continued scooping up the Yuanxiao in the cooking pot precisely.

"Don't you want to know why?" With a big smile, Meng Meng revealed a look of "Come to ask me now" on her face.

"No, I don't. Somebody will tell me." Yuan Zhou set down the dish of Sweet Osmanthus Sandwiched Yuanxiao ordered by Wu Hai and answered calmly.

"I won't tell you unless you come and beg me," Wu Hai cautiously dragged the bowl closer to him and then said.

"Boss Yuan, if you can treat me to the dish, I can tell you about it," Meng Meng said with a mischievous smile.

"No need. It's definitely because of Ma Jia." Suddenly, Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"Gee? Boss Yuan, how do you know? Did you check the microblog?" Meng Meng asked with puzzlement.

"No. Ma Jia has been here once." Yuan Zhou knew that Ma Jia was an actress who actually enjoyed the fame with excellent acting skills even if she wasn't so popular.

Anyhow, she still had great influence among her fans. As long as she mentioned Yuan Zhou, it was good for his restaurant.

Even Ma Jia, who personally wrote that microblog, didn't expect the effect of her words.

"It turns out that the nameless restaurant enjoys so much popularity. Yuan Zhou's Restaurant." After she got up in the morning and saw the heated comments on her microblog, Ma Jia heaved a sigh.

"Sister Jia, what's the matter?" Xiao Wu looked at Ma Jia who had a strange expression and asked gently.

"Nothing. Let's go," having turned off the computer, Ma Jia turned around and said.

"Humm." Xiao Wu asked no more and opened the door after a nod.

The breakfast time soon passed. There weren't really many increased new customers, for sure.

Although Yuan Zhou's restaurant was right in Chengdu, they nevertheless needed some time to get organized.

However, what Yuan Zhou was most interested in now was the invitation card that he had newly obtained. Of course, he didn't relax on experimenting with new dishes, either.

He practiced cooking a new dish every day during break time and then spent the rest of the time on sculpting.

This had all become a habit. Having just finished making a new dish, Yuan Zhou wrote another invitation card.

In just a little while, there appeared an image of a woman on the invitation card.

The figure on the card looked pretty and comely. With her long hair tied into a ponytail, the vivid eyes and the ruddy lips, she looked like the top beauty of a school.

Yes, she was Yuan Zhou's classmate in high school and was really the beauty of her class.

"Li Jing, long time no see." Looking at the little figure on the card, Yuan Zhou spoke with a bland tone. Meanwhile, there was slight gingerliness and some expectations.

"So this is the second card. After this one, there's only one left now, so I have to make a good plan on how to use it," Yuan Zhou looked at the solely remaining blank card and said affirmatively.

He must use this kind of incredible capabilities to get himself some benefits.

While it was calm and tranquil at Yuan Zhou's side, it was nevertheless violent and stormy at Wu Hai's side.

"Wu Hai, open the door. Do you think you can weather through the dilemma by hiding in your room? Get out of the room in ten minutes, otherwise you have to take charge of the consequences by yourself." Wu Lin slapped on the door of Wu Hai's studio violently, which emitted an earsplitting sound. The violent actions really couldn't match her beautiful appearance.

"Forget it. Xiao Hai might be painting inside," Zheng Jiawei stopped Wu Lin from slapping on the door and said helplessly.

"Only you are still believing him. As I said just now, if he doesn't open the door in ten minutes, he'll never be able to eat dishes of that restaurant again." Wu Lin said that with a resolute and decisive manner and a loud voice in order that Wu Hai could hear her.

"Anyhow, Xiao Hai is your elder brother." Zheng Jiawei felt both irritated and funny. He was able neither to cry nor to laugh.

"And you are my boyfriend." Wu Lin answered immediately without any hesitation.

"Yes, sure. So you listen to me. Let me talk to him." Zheng Jiawei nodded the head neatly and then said that.

"You can talk. But you have to wait until I dismantle the door. And you can't stop me." Wu Lin compromised slightly, but she felt that rebuilding some prestige was the priority now.

"Ok. Let me call the repair shop first. You can continue." After a nod, Zheng Jiawei went a few steps away and made a call.

Nevertheless, Wu Lin first said to the inside of the room with a murderous tone, "If you can't find a good reason later, you'll end up like the door."

After saying that, she kicked the door heavily with her long leg and then the door was broken off after a sound of "Peng". Her actions were clean, without any sloppiness.

It seemed as if she had specially practiced this action for many times. No one was clear how many doors had been broken under her sturdy and forceful leg.

With a tacit understanding, Zheng Jiawei came up and cared about her first, "How's your leg?"

"You ought to ask the door." The black boots on Wu Lin's feet were still extraordinarily glossy and appeared safe and sound.

"That's good then. The guy who repairs the door will arrive after four hours." When Zheng Jiawei found there wasn't even any red bruise on Wu Lin's leg, he said securely.

"Xiao Hai, why didn't you tell me that you wanted to redeem the painting work?" Zheng Jiawei was a little sorrowful.

"I changed its name into People Passing by A Small Restaurant." With lingering fear, Wu Hai looked at the broken solid wood door and talked with an unprecedentedly patient tone.

He spoke as if he were facing Yuan Zhou.

"Xiao Hai, I never stop you from doing anything. Why didn't you just tell me?" Zheng Jiawei wasn't actually blaming Wu Hai for redeeming the painting work.

Even if he had apologized for more than one hour sincerely to the buyer for this matter.

What he cared more was just that Wu Hai did that secretly, giving him the feeling that he wasn't trusted.

"You were busy with the exhibition and I happened to have time." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches unnaturally and appeared to be slightly embarrassed.

"Elder Brother, shall we go home and have dinner together this evening?" Wu Lin suddenly said with a big smile.

The threat contained in the smile was recognized even by Zheng Jiawei.

"I will tell you the truth," Wu Hai answered wisely.

After all, those who suit their actions to the time are wise. Therefore, Wu Hai said cleanly, "I also know you would agree. I just didn't want you to worry about that. I hung that painting work in the restaurant over there."

Zheng Jiawei nodded the head. With their tacit understanding between each other, he naturally knew what Wu Hai meant.

Provided that Zheng Jiawei knew that at the beginning, he would definitely worry about that. Even if Wu Hai told him the reason, he would still be worried.

As a relative, a friend and a broker, he would anyhow worry about him. Now that he saw Wu Hai redeem the painting work and do not run into any problems, he wouldn't worry about him anymore.

This was exactly Wu Hai's logic. Take action first and then tell...