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301 Pitfall of A BBQ Master

 Yuan Zhou uttered smilingly, "Ok, I'm going to receive the rewards, all of them."

"By the way, may I trouble you to help me increase it to the master level." Yuan Zhou wouldn't forget the system's promise.

The system displayed, "The reward has been released. Host, you can check and receive it."

[BBQ mission] To complete a BBQ independently

(Mission tips: the word 'independently' naturally means you do that without being reminded. Congratulations, host.)

[Mission reward] the title of BBQ Master, Master Grade.

(Reward tips: An unexpected reward is surprising, isn't it?)

[Special reward] Two standing positions are hereby offered. Two people are allowed to stand in the restaurant and have meals.

After checking the reward, Yuan Zhou got very happy.

"System, you are truly a system that keeps its promise." Yuan Zhou was never stingy with his compliments.

"Though the reward isn't the seats, two positions for standing and eating are likewise not bad." Looking at the enclosed place close to the sergestes wall, Yuan Zhou felt quite satisfied.

He had longed for more positions for a long time, but this kind of mission had never appeared before. Now that he could get this very reward after receiving the title, it was really satisfactory.

He just didn't know what pitfall this title would bring. Thinking that, Yuan Zhou became a little perturbed.

"System, isn't there any requirement for the title this time?" Yuan Zhou looked at the reward and didn't find anything.

The system displayed, "As a BBQ master who has the title of mastery, how could you keep it from your customers?"

"Host, please open the restaurant for BBQ after 12:00 midnight for at least five times per month."

"Actually, it's pretty good for me to just use it to amuse myself." When Yuan Zhou saw the system's answer, he had a feeling of "It's really as I imagined."

BBQ at midnight and five times per month? It seemed that the system wanted to deprive him of his sleeping time.

"System, I'm only a child and still growing physically. Can the time be made earlier slightly?" Yuan Zhou inquired.

However, the system disappeared again as usual after it finished the title issue and hence didn't answer Yuan Zhou anymore.

It was raining lightly outside. The atmosphere was wonderful, but Yuan Zhou had complicated emotions.

One was the increase of the positions that was being rebuilt and the other was the matter of midnight BBQ.

"Oh, yeah. I'm so smart. I can serve BBQ when it rains." Yuan Zhou patted on his forehead and instantly thought of a great idea.

Right, the rain brought Yuan Zhou with the inspiration.

It would inevitably be a rush to make BBQ after the pub time ends.

If it were on rainy days, he could nevertheless prepare it slowly. Therefore, Yuan Zhou planned to make the BBQ when the pub wasn't open for business on rainy days.

As for the publicity, he had already been used to making no publicity.

While Yuan Zhou finally decided the business time of the BBQ on this side, Ma Jia who had just finished film shooting in the rain just arrived at the hotel on the other side.

"Sister Jia, please hurry up and go to change your clothes." Xiao Wu took out the toiletries and urged her.

"Humm. You, too." After a nod, Ma Jia took the toiletries and went into the bathroom.

After a while, Ma Jia washed the rain on her off and went to the computer with her hair untied. As usual, she was prepared to update the microblog.

It was also a method of communications between Ma Jia and her fans.

Suddenly, there passed a sound of "grumble" from her belly.

"It's useless to grumble at this time of day. It's so late, so I can't meet your expectations." Ma Jia stroked her belly and was a little helpless.

Looking at the microblog to be written, she suddenly thought of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

[Yesterday I went to a nameless tiny restaurant beside the shooting site for meal. The craftsmanship of the boss is definitely of top grade. However, I don't suggest you go there as the dishes are extraordinarily expensive. But honestly speaking, his craftsmanship well deserves the price.]

After that, Ma Jia added a mischievous smile at the end.

Although she wasn't a hot property, she still got a lot of fans because of her solid acting skills.

As soon as the microblog was updated, her fans gave likes and many left comments below.

[Jia Jia is again playing cute. Come to Shanghai. The private home cuisines over here are super yummy. Let me treat you] from Mint Noodles.

[Sweet dishes are not much to be particular about. Come to my home Xin Jiang. You can eat as much roasted mutton as you like] from Ya Ke Ma Fei Di.

[Ho Ho. Didn't you read the microblog carefully? Sister Jia means that she's going to eat soil because of her thin wallet and thus hope we can support her new film] from Sura That Likes Eating Candy.

[Speechless. Sister Jia is obviously recommending nice food to us without telling us the name of the restaurant] from You Feng Third Launching an Attack.

[Never mind. Sister Jia, tell us the name of the restaurant so I can go there for a taste personally] from Hai Hun Yi.

[Is that the rich guy Yi Yi? Bring me along] from Second Fellow Brother Back.

[I'm also a foodie. Please bring me for a meal, too, Yi Yi] from Wen Bu Shao.

Then the comments went forward toward various treats.

Cyberspace never lacked exploitation, even if Ma Jia didn't tell them where she had the meal.

However, Yuan Zhou's restaurant was much too famous in the area of Taoxi Road. Therefore, it was eventually found out in no more than two hours.

Then the comments blew up.

The fans organized the group first. For the restaurant that their idols had been to, they would definitely go for a try. Even if they didn't have any opportunity, they would still create the opportunity by themselves and go.

For others that had been there before, they tried to underplay their experiences and brought it out.

[A regular customer of Boss Yuan's restaurant reports to everyone that the dishes are quite delicious. I have never expected that Jia Jia also likes them] from Hero.

[I like Clear Broth Noodle Soup. I just want one bowl of the noodle right now.] It was the one that acted dumbly while others were curious about what exactly the dishes were like.

[If you wanna have a midnight snack, you'd better drink some liquor. I once had the honor to drink the bamboo liquor of Boss Yuan.] from a person who acted even more. He directly talked about drinking the liquor.

After all, the amount of the liquor was really little and few people had tasted it before.

The microblog issue was neither significant nor minor. After knowing it, however, Meng Meng, as a streamer, also participated in it.

[The rules in Boss Yuan's restaurant are the second cutest thing. Of course, if he allows me to break any of them, I would say they are the cutest one] from Meng Meng.

[They are indeed not cheap, but they are good enough to deserve the price] Right after her was Wu Hai, who was idle.

There were so many compliments that others' curiosity were instantly stimulated.

With all these spotlights, the attention on Yuan Zhou's restaurant went up by a large margin.

If there were a data diagram, the attention on Yuan Zhou's restaurant definitely soared rapidly over the night.

Yuan Zhou had been proud of his intelligence until he heard something scratching the door.

"Tsk. This little thing must have grown smarter than human being." Yuan Zhou looked at the back door speechlessly.

He then uttered, "I'm going to open the door right now."

Once he said that, it instantly became silent outside the door.

"It's truly a Maltese that had lived hundreds of years." Yuan Zhou was rather speechless about it.

When there was no sound outside, Yuan Zhou began to take out the noodles and prepared to cook a bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup.

That' right. It was the dog Broth that scratched the door outside. Ever since it ran after the arrogant man and bit him, it came to scratch the door before 12:00 am every day, reminding Yuan Zhou that it was the time to feed it the broth.

When Yuan Zhou wasn't resting, the system didn't actually prevent him from the sound outside. Therefore, Yuan Zhou could hear the sound very easily with his sharp hearing.

For the first time, Yuan Zhou thought it a coincidence, but after the second and third time, it definitely wasn't one anymore. It was just that the dog had basically reached a higher level of intelligence.

The Clear Broth Noodle Soup or other ingredients in Yuan Zhou's restaurant were natural and fresh as well as healthy and delicious. They all had very high nutritive value.

Just in a little while, the noodles were cooked by Yuan Zhou.

He took the bowl to the back door and opened the door after a sound of "Hua La".

"You can drink it after I eat up the noodles. It's very expensive." Yuan Zhou looked at Broth that was seated at the door.

Beside it was its dog bowl provided by Yuan Zhou.

Having heard Yuan Zhou's word, Broth really waited there still. It laid prone on the ground and stared at Yuan Zhou with its black eyes.

"You have eaten a lot in daytime, so you can't eat much at night," Yuan Zhou said primly.

There were still some chewy noodles left in the dog's bowl in the end. No one knew why a dog would like eating the noodles so much.