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300 Titled Mission

 Yuan Zhou ate very fast. When there were only three sticks of streaky pork left, he began to eat the beef kebabs.

The beef didn't have any oil at all this time, therefore, Yuan Zhou used something else to replace the oil itself.

He brushed something blended with the oil of bamboo shoots over the beef and immediately, the fragrance of the beef rushed into his nose. The pure meat fragrance instantly filled the bamboo forests on the second floor.

"It's truly good beef." Yuan Zhou sighed with emotion and then gulped down a beef kebab right away.

This time, he didn't dip it in the salt, but directly ate it up.

Once the beef entered his mouth along with the delicate fragrance of the bamboo shoots, he tasted faint saltiness from it although there wasn't any salt over the beef.

"Yum!" Yuan Zhou squinted and said contentedly.

"Zi Zi", the sound of roasting beef was melodious like a symphony.

It was also a reminder for Yuan Zhou that the beef could be eaten now.

Yuan Zhou took the beef kebabs and dipped them into the specially-prepared salt.

The stir-fried salt wasn't that saline. Various condiments added into the salt carried slight fragrance and melted together.

Yuan Zhou dipped 1/3 of the beef into the salt and then put it into his mouth and began to chew.

The beef was so tender that with only a simple bite, the juices burst out from it. The salty taste over the beef immediately stimulated the freshness of the beef itself.

The well-melted condiments inside the beef served as a foil to the intrinsic taste of the beef.

"As is expected, it's the best option to dip it in the salt and then eat it." Yuan Zhou ate up quite a few pieces of beef continuously.

The taste of the beef was quite unique. Even just by roasting it so simply could the taste be so marvelous.

Compared with the beef from Luxi yellow cattle in Heze district that enjoyed the reputation of three layers, it tasted more delicious and was simply a top-notch delicacy when grilled.

For quite a while, Yuan Zhou was immersed in the great taste of the beef. He then suddenly remembered that he still had other ingredients.

Like the processed prawns, one in each bamboo slip. Having grilled it until it grew bright red, Yuan Zhou began to peel off the shell and eat the plump prawn meat.

The Jinling Grass was nevertheless easier. Yuan Zhou poured some salt over it and grilled it slightly. When it turned yellowish, Yuan Zhou took it off the grill and began to eat.

After Yuan Zhou had it in the mouth, the crisp and tender stalk emitted the delicate fragrance of the plant and his mouth was immediately filled with fresh and refreshing texture.

He laid the ingredients on the grill one by one and observed the heat very carefully according to his preference. This meal was definitely fantastic.

"Liquor, kebabs and tasty dishes. A life of comfort." Yuan Zhou was seated there at ease.

Occasionally, he looked out at the light rain and at the grill. Right after that was a sip of liquor. It was such a comfy life.

At that time, the system suddenly uttered a sound.

The system displayed, "Congratulations, host, for that you have activated the titled mission."

"Er...?" Yuan Zhou revealed a manner of bewilderment. What the hell was that?

The system displayed, "Congratulations on completing a BBQ mission once. The reward is now available to be received."

[BBQ mission] To complete a BBQ independently

(Mission tips: the word 'independently' naturally means you do that without being reminded. Congratulations, host.)

[Mission reward] the title of BBQ Master, Junior.

(Reward tips: An unexpected reward is surprising, isn't it?)

Having checked the mission, Yuan Zhou had a deep feeling of helplessness.

"Seriously speaking, I don't feel any surprise." The matter of pie in the sky was never believed by Yuan Zhou before.

Now that he had the system, he became more suspicious about it.

The pie provided by the system was usually poisonous. After eating it, there would always be unexpected consequence.

The system displayed, "Host, please receive the reward."

"Not necessary, but thank you all the same." Yuan Zhou refused flatly without any slightest hesitation.

What a joke. Receiving the reward?! After he had received the title of Master of Cooked Wheaten Food last time, the business hours were shortened to 6 hours. It was an absolutely bloody lesson.

"Want to dig a pit for me? Not that easy." Yuan Zhou thought that proudly.

Then, the pub in the bamboo forest on the second floor grew quiet. It was so quiet that one could even hear the needle drop and the small raindrops fall on the ground.

The system had probably never anticipated that Yuan Zhou would refuse it so quickly.

After quite a while, the system displayed, "This reward is free of charge and can be received right now."

"No, I don't want it." Yuan Zhou gulped down a beef kebab and then refused.

The system displayed, "The reward will vanish unless it's received."

Through the word of the system, Yuan Zhou saw its helplessness.

Except the time-limited reward, the system hadn't reminded him like that before.

However, Yuan Zhou still answered positively, "No need. Let it disappear."

Yuan Zhou was at ease and comfortable while eating the appetizing grilled beef and occasionally grilled prawns.

Even when he refused the reward, he appeared extraordinarily firm and direct.

This time, the system might have also become speechless and hence kept silent for some time.

Not until Yuan Zhou ate up all the kebabs did the system display a line of words slowly, "It's the special reward in memory of the system coming into being for xx years. Host, please receive it."

"System, do you know you sound more like the malls that offer a sales promotion with the way you talk?" Seeing the system's answer, Yuan Zhou was a little speechless. However, that just hardened his determination not to receive it.

Having tidied up everything, Yuan Zhou added, "For those malls that offer anniversary discounts, their purpose is to earn more of the customers' money."

After a pause, Yuan Zhou continued saying, "System, do you want to cheat me again since you are inviting me to receive the reward so anxiously?"

The system displayed, "If you receive the reward right now, you can directly level up to Master of Kebabs."

"Really? What's that used for?" Yuan Zhou was fairly interested in that.

The system displayed, "With the title, you can master how well done the food ingredients are, the allocation of different flavorings and the compounding ratio of the food ingredients."

"Is that all?" After that, Yuan Zhou became even more uninterested in the title.

The most important thing for kebabs was the material and heat control. Yuan Zhou had the top-notch food ingredients and originally had good craftsmanship, therefore he wasn't in special need of that title.

The system displayed, "After receiving the title, you'll automatically get the mastery of kebabs."

"Unnecessary, really. I feel it's good, anyhow." Yuan Zhou pointed at the empty plates and then said contentedly.

When he tidied up the dinnerware back to the kitchen, he continued saying, "Now, I even have the invitation card to realize my wish of seeing whoever I like, so I don't need the reward title anymore."

Yuan Zhou said that with a tone like "I know you just want to cheat me, but I have seen through everything".

"Besides, I have already had a title." With a shrug, Yuan Zhou indicated that he really didn't want that reward.

The system displayed, "Host, your title of Master of Cooked Wheaten Food is only at a basic level."

"Then if I receive the reward, can you make the junior title into the highest grade?" Yuan Zhou asked tentatively.

The title of Master of Cooked Wheaten Food helped Yuan Zhou a lot when he prepared the wheaten foods.

The ability to learn more quickly and infer other things from one fact were all very good experiences.

The system displayed, "No."

"Then why would I receive it?" Yuan Zhou set down the grill and said straightforwardly.

The system fell silent for a while and only displayed something when Yuan Zhou finished his work.

Moreover, the conditions that offered by the system made Yuan Zhou unable to refuse this time.

"Look. If you have such favorable conditions, why don't you tell me earlier? Come on, let's talk about it carefully," sitting in his own chair, Yuan Zhou said with a smile.

If the system had consciousness, it might let out a sigh of relief to see Yuan Zhou's such performance. A reward free of charge was eventually sent out.

Whether or not it was a scam, only Yuan Zhou knew that.