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299 Authentic Streaky Pork

 Having appreciated the beautiful and elegant menu, Xiao Wu and Ma Jia started to check what dishes were provided.

When they saw the price, Ma Jia just raised her eyebrows in surprise, but didn't say anything. Nevertheless, Xiao Wu shouted loudly, "Boss, are you receiving Thai baht?"

"Sorry, we receive only RMB." Shen Min emphasized smilingly.

"They are so expensive." Xiao Wu felt slightly awkward. She was merely an assistant and her monthly salary was less than 4000 RMB. How could she afford such expensive dishes?

"Xiao Wu, I will treat today," Ma Jia said with a smile.

"Thank you, but that's not good," Xiao Wu refused solemnly.

"Never mind. I want to treat to thank you for accompanying me out today." Ma Jia glanced at her with her big eyes, which appeared rather affecting and charming.

"No." Xiao Wu refused again.

"Do what I say." Ma Jia became serious right away.

Her whole person looked more majestic immediately. Then Xiao Wu no longer refused her.

"I want a serving of Egg Fried Rice," Xiao Wu ordered only one dish smartly.

"I want this one, this one and this one. That's all." Ma Jia ordered a serving of Jinling Prawns for herself and some other dishes of beef and vegetables liked by Xiao Wu.

She didn't order any main dish as it may result in a bad figure in the drama clothes if she ate too much. As an actress, she had to maintain her nice figure.

This time, the dishes ordered by Ma Jia were carried up to them by Yuan Zhou personally.

"Here are the dishes for you two. Take your time." Yuan Zhou revealed a smile rarely.

"Ok, thanks." Ma Jia thanked him with a nod, but didn't take off the face mask.

"Humm." Yuan Zhou nodded the head and then returned to the kitchen and started to prepare the dishes ordered by another customer.

Not until Yuan Zhou turned around did Ma Jia take off the face mask and begin to eat.

Yuan Zhou saw the scene clearly, but he didn't really mind at all.


The weather never reasoned with humans. Especially after the air pollution got more serious, it became more capricious.

It rained whenever it wanted to. Lucky that the system was more precise than the weather report and had already predicted it would rain today.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou rarely took a break in the evening

"Pa Pa Pa Pa", the continuous and incessant raindrops emitted faint sound on the ground.

"I have the liquor, but still lack some delicacies." Looking at the inky sky, Yuan Zhou stroked his forehead and thought earnestly.

"Pi Li Pa La", Yuan Zhou groped around in the kitchen and suddenly found a grill.

"Isn't it a BBQ grill? Why is it here?" Yuan Zhou took the small grill and became fairly curious.

This time, however, the system answered him without being asked.

The system displayed, "It's a cooking utensil provided by the system."

"Tsk tsk. It seems my dinner is solved." Yuan Zhou suddenly had an inspiration and worked out what to eat.

Due to the rain, Yuan Zhou didn't have lunch in the afternoon and specially waited until the night, preparing to eat something good.

The readymade flavorings and top-notch food ingredients tempted him.

He took out a piece of marbled pork from the fridge. The pork was used to make stuffing for the soup dumplings and still had the pork skin on it.

And another piece of fresh beef that was used for the dish of Translucent Beef Slices.

He took them under the tap and washed them clean with the water. After that, he removed the anadesma with the miracle kitchen knife. That way, it wouldn't have any offensive smell when it was grilled.

The marbled pork was cut into pieces about half a fingernail thick and then stacked into the plate.

Likewise, after the anadesma was removed, the beef was cut into thin slices about half a palm large.

Another ingredient was the well-prepared tofu. Yuan Zhou specially prepared the tender tofu in the afternoon and packed it in a bamboo box.

Then, he caught a string bag of prawns. After washing them clean, he directly took out the veins and put them in a plate without removing the shell.

And moreover, half plate of Jinling Grass and a pot of tea leaves used to boil the tea eggs were soaked with hot water by Yuan Zhou.

The entire kitchen was lively and hectic. And the sound of "Pi Li Pa La" could be heard without end.

"Why aren't there bamboo slips for BBQ?" Looking at the bamboo on the steamer, Yuan Zhou was thinking of something.

The system displayed, "The kitchen items have all been provided. Host, you can take anything by yourself."

"System, you know a lot about what I'm thinking today," Yuan Zhou said contentedly.

However, the system just ignored him and dumbly went invisible again.

Following the characters on the cabinet, Yuan Zhou opened one of them and then found the bamboo slips were stacked neatly in it. Yuan Zhou then became satisfied.

"Was it worrying that I would dismantle the steamer?" While stringing the meat with the bamboo slips, Yuan Zhou made a wild guess.

Yuan Zhou did the work very fast. Having finished that work, he naturally needed to find a place to do the BBQ.

The second floor of the pub was a nice place as what was provided by the system wouldn't be so unscientific.

Even if there wasn't a roof, Yuan Zhou had already found that the place was totally out of the reach of the rain.

Therefore, it was an ultimate enjoyment to eat the BBQ while drinking the liquor and listening to the wind and rain.

"Ah, shall I compose a poem?" Yuan Zhou lit the charcoal and said with a poetic sense.

Of course, the charcoal was also sponsored by the system for free. As for the total price shown on the system, Yuan Zhou indicated that a disappointing matter like that was not worth mentioning when he was happy.

After all, the rapidly increasing price was still affordable to Yuan Zhou.

"Forget it. Grilled meat is more important." Yuan Zhou looked at the surrounding bamboo silently and gave up the idea of taking the bamboo shoots to eat.

Yuan Zhou put several kebabs of streaky pork on the grill first.

No matter it was kebabs or hot pot, Yuan Zhou liked to cook them one by one. That way, he could better monitor how well done the food was and also the taste of it.

In a short while, the streaky pork was roasted thoroughly and it released the fat with the sound of "Zi Zi".

"Let me get some eagle claw tea." Yuan Zhou took out the prepared tea water and brushed it on the pork.

With the temperature rising, the fragrance of the tea was slowly roasted out along with that of the fat.

Tea could essentially increase the fragrance of meat, especially the delicate fragrance of the pork.

Tea first and then various BBQ flavorings were added onto the roasted pork. Every flavoring would bring the streaky pork on the grill a particular fragrance, which overlaid all other fragrance.

"It seems my craftsmanship for making BBQ is also very nice," Yuan Zhou said confidently.

Three minutes later, the roasted streaky pork with scorching aroma that was enjoyed by Yuan Zhou was available to be eaten.

"I give full score to the fragrance. A sip of liquor first makes it a better enjoyment." After Yuan Zhou drank a cup of bamboo liquor, he started to eat the kebabs.

The streaky pork provided by the system was quite standard, half lean meat and half fat. After it was roasted above the charcoal fire, the fat flowed out and then wrapped the entire piece of pork, which smelled just wonderful.

"Awoo." Yuan Zhou gulped down an entire piece.

"Yummy." He couldn't help praising.

The entire piece of streaky pork that had been gulped down had evenly-distributed fat and lean meat. The lean meat had sort of scorching aroma and the fat over the lean meat had been thoroughly roasted out, leaving only the tender texture.

During the chewing, the fat even gave him a feeling that the oil was almost about to burst out. Plus, along with the lean meat that was roasted dry, it was simply the supreme delicacy.

"Ba Ji Ba Ji", Yuan Zhou chewed the pork constantly. When it went to the pork skin, it likewise wasn't greasy at all.

It tasted refreshing, smooth, flexible and chewy. Moreover, it contained an abundance of collagen.

"Great!" Yuan Zhou couldn't help but shout that.

"Ouch. My beef." Having savored the pork for a while, Yuan Zhou suddenly came to realize that he was still roasting something else. Luckily it was the beef this time.

It only required a little time and stir-fried salt before it was ready for eating.

It didn't require any other flavorings. Of course, Yuan Zhou preferred to eat up the roasted streaky pork now.

"This is just the authentic roasted streaky pork." Yuan Zhou signed with emotion while eating.