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298 Yuan Zhou’s Preference

 "The first customer that I invited seems to be arriving today," Yuan Zhou suddenly muttered to himself.

People were usually mentally perturbed about what's going to happen. Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou didn't worry if she would come, but he suddenly thought of something else.

"Speaking of which, can I invite those who I have never seen before, system?" Yuan Zhou asked suddenly.

The system displayed, "Yes, you can."

"Does that mean I can invite some genuine celebrities? That way, it can increase the popularity of my restaurant." Stroking his forehead, Yuan Zhou said earnestly.

"For example, Vladimir Putin, the Russian president?" Yuan Zhou started imagining.

Then with a glance, he saw an international news, "Or else, the newly elected President Trump of USA is also welcomed. He has his own personal aircraft, doesn't he?"

"Forget it. This gentleman doesn't seem to have a high EQ. So maybe next time." When he thought of the news about Trump, he denied the idea immediately.

"I might be able to do something big. The big boss of my country?" Yuan Zhou thought of the chairman that visited around other countries on behalf of China and considered the possibility dumbly.

"No. The matter of purchase channel hasn't been solved yet." Yuan Zhou patted on his thighs and remembered something important.

"System, can you tell me now about the purchase channel of the ingredients?" Yuan Zhou straightforwardly asked the system.

The system displayed, "Host, with your current level of culinary skills, you are still unqualified to know that."

"What if the authority investigates us?" Yuan Zhou said worriedly.

The system displayed, "Don't worry about that, Host. Please work hard to get your level up."

"Honestly, is the supply of the ingredients available in reality?" Yuan Zhou asked with a firm tone.

The system displayed, "Host, please work hard to get your level up."

"Well, alright." Yuan Zhou had nothing to say then.

"Forget it. Anyway, I don't know those celebrities." The reason why Yuan Zhou wanted to invite those big people was to increase the popularity of his restaurant.

Immediately, Yuan Zhou rejected such thoughts, because it was his own wish to see Ma Jia.

"Money can't deprive me of my willingness." Looking at the glistening golden bank card in his drawer, he said confidently.

Ever since the matter of that royal chef, Yuan Zhou had been less anxious to increase the popularity of his restaurant. Instead, he had a higher pursuit of the culinary skills now.

For now, the dishes and the popularity matched each other well. The moon waxes only to wane. This principle was nevertheless well known by Yuan Zhou.

After Yuan Zhou finished his internal conflicts at this side, Ma Jia who was dressed in the cheongsam walked near with an unhurried pace along with his assistant.

"Sister Jia, what shall we eat?" Dressed in a short-sleeve work clothes, the assistant asked neatly.

"Xiao Wu, do you have any recommendations?" Looking at the surrounding tall buildings and the theatrical scenery at the side, Ma Jia said in a daze.

"Sister Jia, actually I haven't been here before, either." The assistant called Xiao Wu was a little embarrassed.

"Then let's go for a casual stroll and have lunch whenever we see a restaurant." Ma Jia jumped with joy and suggested happily.

"Ok, you decide." Xiao Wu nodded the head and then followed Ma Jia forward, strolling aimlessly.

"This place is really strange. There are many tall buildings in front, but there is an old residential area here." Ma Jia pointed at the side street where Yuan Zhou's restaurant was seated and said.

"It should have been undeveloped yet. It will definitely be rebuilt later," the assistant, Xiao Wu, said affirmatively.

"Yeah. Such kind of old residential areas will vanish and disappear in future," Ma Jia said with emotion.

"Sister Jia, look there. So many people are there in the line. Shall we go for a look?" The assistant Xiao Wu was also a lively girl. Of course, she was likewise quite capable when she worked.

"It might be something to eat?" Ma Jia covered the belly and said subconsciously.

"And it must be delicious. Otherwise, there won't be so many people waiting there." Xiao Wu took out a face mask and handed it to Ma Jia.

"It appears that I have a cold when I wear this," Ma Jia said with a tone of self-mockery while wearing it.

"No. You are so beautiful." Xiao Wu praised her sincerely.

It was indeed like what she said. Although it appeared a little strange to wear the cheongsam on the street, Ma Jia absolutely looked great in it.

While they were talking, the two of them walked to the line. It was definitely her assistant who was responsible for asking questions at that time.

"Excuse me? Why are you forming a line here?" Xiao Wu asked politely.

"For a meal, naturally." The man asked saw two good-looking women when he turned the head and thus his tone became more genial.

"This is the restaurant of Boss Yuan. Is this your first time to be here? You'll get used to it after several more times. There are so many people every day. Come early and you can eat; if you come late, there won't be any chance," the man explained carefully to them.

"Is this Boss Yuan a culinary master?" Xiao Wu asked curiously.

"A master? No, Boss Yuan just cooks delicious dishes. You'll know the taste after you eat any of them," the man said confidently.

"We'll consider that." Xiao Wu was quite interested in that, but she had to give this to her boss Ma Jia to decide.

"We'll eat there." Ma Jia stood there for quite a while, but nobody went up to accost her. Only then did she said with ease.

"Alright. I'll wait here in line. Sister Jia, just wait for a moment." Xiao Wu said with full spirit.

"No, you can't do that way. No replacement for waiting in line and no take-out." The man reminded kind-heartedly.

"So many rules?" Looking at the ordinary restaurant and then the growing number of customers, Xiao Wu became slightly speechless.

"Sister Jia, what do you think?" She looked at Ma Jia and waited for her to make the decision.

"Never mind. Let's just get in the line." Ma Jia didn't have a haughty manner like other star actors.

If not that she was once recognized and got stuck in the food market when she went to buy vegetables, she wouldn't even wear the face mask when she went out.

Therefore, it wasn't worth mentioning at all to wait in line.

Nevertheless, a man at the side took a look at her curiously, but soon he turned to count the number of people ahead of him attentively and waited for his meal.

Ma Jia and her assistant came a little earlier than others, thus they didn't wait too long until they got their turn.

"What do you want to eat today?" It was Sunday and Shen Min was on shift.

"Where's your menu?" Xiao Wu asked.

"One moment, please. This is the menu for you two." Shen Min handed the menu to them with courtesy.

"Wow. The menu is really nice. How beautiful!" Xiao Wu had a fancy for the elegant menu at the first sight.

"It's indeed exquisite." Ma Jia also nodded the head.

"Thank you for your compliments. What do you want to eat?" Shen Min nodded the head with a smile and then inquired.

Just when Shen Min asked them, Yuan Zhou saw Ma Jia. He failed to recognize her at the first sight and only saw her after the system reminded him.

The sight of her brought a feeling of excitement to him. Now he was also somebody who had the honor to invite a star actress.

Many wishes were being accomplished gradually. Yuan Zhou enjoyed the process very much.

"Shall I ask for a signature?" Yuan Zhou considered in the heart.

Right after that, he denied this idea of his.

During the business time, he had to be responsible for other customers. Such a trifle as asking for signature could be done later.

As was known, Yuan Zhou was now a person that could earn millions of RMB every month. Even if he wanted to invest in film-making, it would be a small of cake to let Ma Jia be the leading female role.

For now, it was more important for him to buy a house, more specifically, a villa.

Yuan Zhou thought that generously.