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 The invitation with the card had been sent out. At the other side, after Yuan Zhou offered the invitation to Huang Ling, she was very happy.

The first thing that she did after she returned home was to tell his younger brother about that good news.

"Huang Li, Boss Yuan invited us just now to go and savor his dishes tomorrow." As soon as Huang Ling opened the door, she said that.

"Really?" There was slight suspicion on Huang Li's pale face.

"Of course. He told me just now." Huang Ling nodded the head smilingly.

"Sister, I really want to go there, but I don't want to spend that amount of money." Huang Li revealed a surprised expression and then said hesitantly.

"We surely can't spend that money as it's for you to cure your leg." Huang Ling nodded the head earnestly and looked at Huang Li.

"Really? Are you serious?" Only then did a blush appear on the pale face of Huang Li as he become excited immediately.

"When has your sister ever cheated you?" Huang Ling nodded the head smilingly.

"Great. I can finally eat Boss Yuan's dishes." Huang Li stood up excitedly.

He liked Yuan Zhou very much, as matters involving Yuan Zhou were rumored to be miraculous and fantastic throughout this street.

For instance, his parents died unexpectedly and he survived independently and sturdily. After studying the culinary skills, he came back to inherit the restaurant and recreated the resplendence.

Some other rumors were directly saying that Yuan Zhou had a very high talent and studied the culinary skills from a royal chef. All in all, the rumors were all about some exaggerated stories that were complicate and eccentric. Yet, Yuan Zhou had no idea of that at all.

But Huang Li knew those rumors. Most importantly, he got to know that Yuan Zhou's parents also passed, to which he found an emotional connection. Moreover, he heard that Yuan Zhou's restaurant had been chosen as a regional landmark on the gourmet map.

That made Huang Li feel an even stronger emotional connection. Therefore, he was fairly expectant to go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant to have a meal. It's just that he shrunk back at the sight of the very high price.

Now that he got an opportunity to taste the dishes for free, Huang Li naturally became incomparably excited and believed more that Yuan Zhou was a nice guy.

Unknowingly, Yuan Zhou received another Nice Guy Card and a young votary in passing.


On the next early morning, Huang Ling saw her brother throw the clothes everywhere in the room when she came back from the cleaning work.

"What are you doing there?" Huang Ling was a little surprised.

"I want to find some good clothes so that we can go to eat decently," Huang Li said with slight embarrassment.

"Let's me be your consultant and give you some advice," Huang Ling said smilingly.

"Great. Thank you, sister." Huang Li cheered up immediately.

They picked the clothes for a while until Huang Li got satisfied and then they went out. Of course, it was still early, but neither of them liked to be late.

When they arrived, Zhou Jia was on shift.

"Come on in, please." Zhou Jia welcomed the sister and brother into the restaurant. There were not many customers outside by then. It was actually only 11:30 a.m. when they arrived and the business time hadn't started.

"Thank you." Along with Huang Li who tried to walk steadily, Huang Ling walked into the restaurant unhurriedly.

"There you are." With a nod, Yuan Zhou greeted them.

"Thank you, Boss Yuan," Huang Ling took Huang Li to the seat and said courteously.

"Don't mention that. I have to thank you for your help," Yuan Zhou said with an earnest manner.

"But still, thank you all the same, Boss Yuan." Huang Ling answered with a smile.

"Here are all the dishes available today on the menu. Please check if you need something else." Yuan Zhou signaled Zhou Jia to report the names of the dishes and then asked politely.

"That's good. They are more than enough for us. I heard that no wasting is allowed here." Huang Ling nodded the head smilingly.

"Yes, there's indeed such a rule." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

At the side, Huang Li nevertheless didn't say a word all along. With his head lowered, he looked around constantly and occasionally looked back at the crowd that had formed a line. Of course, Yuan Zhou was likewise inevitably peeked at by him again and again.

"Let me go to prepare the dishes first." After saying that, Yuan Zhou went back to the kitchen.

"Alright. Thank you, Boss Yuan," Huang Ling said politely.

After Yuan Zhou went away, Huang Ling asked Huang Li softly, "Huang Li, why didn't you talk?"

"I didn't mean to keep silent. Sister, look at Boss Yuan." Huang Li was a little embarrassed. There had been always a flush of excitement on his pale face.

"He's awesome." As soon as Huang Ling raised her head, she saw the flowing knife skills of Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou was supposed to be cutting the Translucent Beef Slices right now. Through the single beef slice, they could see the appearance of the knife very clearly at the other side. And when they looked closely at it, they found such a thin beef slice didn't break at all.

Just like that, the two of them watched Yuan Zhou show off his craftsmanship and each dish cooked by Yuan Zhou. They were all like the work of art.

Then they got clear why the people outside formed a long line every day to eat in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Of color, fragrance and taste, only the visual effect had been able to reach the full score. Plus the seemingly wonderful taste, it was way really normal to have such good business.

When all the dishes were served to them and they were about to eat, the crowd outside likewise began to enter the restaurant for the meal.

However, they showed no interest in anything else except the dishes in front of them. The taste straightway conquered the two of them. As for the rules that Huang Ling bore in mind concerning how to savor, she had already forgotten them behind.

At such a wonderful moment, enjoyment was the most important. They would rather eat first before giving opinions.

Therefore, the meal paid by Boss Zhao and provided by Yuan Zhou in the name of dish tasting made the sister and brother feel quite satisfied. They even felt slightly embarrassed as they really couldn't bring out any opinion.

Lucky that Yuan Zhou spoke sincerely all the time although he looked a bit indifferent. Therefore, when he said, "If you, as the customers, feel satisfied, others would feel the same way," to them, the sister and brother became relieved.


After the invitation matter ended, two days passed as usual. During the few days, Yuan Zhou had been practicing these exotic cuisines absorbedly.

At the other side, there was also some movements about Ma Jia who was invited by Yuan Zhou.

Though she wasn't so popular, her acting skills nevertheless enjoyed great popularity among the people. As a result, many film crews asked her to act as a supporting actress. Recently, she was invited again to put on a play by a television drama.

Coincidentally, she was, right now, at a place not far from Yuan Zhou's restaurant along with the film crew.

It was an episode in the winter. With her former working background as a drama actress, Ma Jia had solid acting skills and, moreover, was willing to endure hardship. She put on makeup early and got dressed up in the cheongsam and dummy marten coat in the high temperature of 30 degrees or so.

Her entire person revealed a feeling of supreme elegance. The eye lines that reached the outer corner of her eyes and the cheongsam with the slit up to the thighs made her appear indolent and charming.

In less than half an hour after the shoot began, something happened to the film director. Somehow, he suddenly suffered from diarrhea and asked to stop the scene for two hours.

At that time, Ma Jia's assistant went up and helped her to change clothes.

"Just take off the coat and leave the cheongsam on me. Otherwise, I will have to put on makeup and get dressed up again," Ma Jia said with a gentle and sweet voice.

"Ok. Sister Jia, do you want to go out and wander around?" When her assistant found Ma Jia had nothing to do, she hung up the clothes and then suggested.

"Alright. There are only a few people around. Let's go out." Ma Jia also wanted to go out for a rest.

"Let me take you to wander around and eat something at the same time. You haven't had your breakfast yet. We can have lunch outside and come back in time." The assistant checked the time and then said.

"Ok. Let's go." Ma Jia changed her own high-heeled shoes and then went out with her assistant.

While preparing the dishes for lunch, Yuan Zhou suddenly muttered to himself, "The first customer that I invited seems to be arriving today."