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296 The First Invitation Card

 How could the Drunkard's Peanuts prepared by Yuan Zhou be enough for these foodies? Fang Heng then took out the peanuts he brought with him.

"Come on. Have a try," Fang Heng said generously.

"Did you cook them?" Taking the wine cup, Chen Wei craned his neck and asked.

"No, I brought them from my pub," Fang Heng said spitefully.

"Then let's savor them together." Chen Wei instigated everybody to savor Fang Heng's peanuts. That way, there was no way for Fang Heng to look at him.

"The appearance is not so good as that of Boss Yuan's peanuts," Sitting close to him, Shen Xi said straightforwardly when he saw that.

"Indeed. The peanuts are not intact and not in the same size." Wu Hai said professionally.

"And the fragrance is also not as pure as that of the peanuts provided by Boss Yuan. It carries a glimmer of other tastes," Ling Hong said with a picky tone.

"They look so glossy and must be fairly greasy," Jiang Changxi said hesitantly.

"Ah. Why is there a tiny spot on this peanut kernel? Is this a worm channel?" With the sharpest eye sight, Su Mu easily caught sight of a black worm channel on a peanut kernel.

"That's enough. If you want to eat, then eat it. If you don't, stop bullsh*tting," Fang Heng said speechlessly.

These people showed much disrespect to him and were so hypercritical to his peanuts.

"Yes, yes, I eat. Since you have invited us so sincerely, we will definitely give it a try," Ling Hong looked rather serious as if he had made a very important decision.

"This is also the top-quality Drunkard's Peanuts. I have also removed the chilli seeds." Fang Heng covered his head with his hands and appeared to have a headache.

"It's not good to say so, but the chilli seeds in the Drunkard Peanuts prepared by Boss Yuan nevertheless have all been eaten up by us. It's like the taste of pine nuts, very delicious." Su Mu said hesitantly.

Then the several people nodded the head of one accord.

"If you guys don't like my peanuts, then leave them to me. I'm going to put them away." Fang Heng felt that his greatest mistake today wasn't that he didn't stop Chen Wei from stealing his liquor, but was that he brought this bag of drunkard peanuts. Furthermore, he even took them out and invited others to eat.

"I'm eating." Shen Xi seemed to be eating the peanuts grudgingly with knitted brows.

"Ho Ho." Fang Heng had lost any desire to say a word. Inexplicably, he suddenly felt that Yuan Zhou actually had a good EQ. At least, Yuan Zhou wouldn't be so picky about his peanuts.

Therefore, the three hours' of pub time passed in the hullabaloos of the several people. During the process, Shen Min sat at her own position quietly and did her homework.

Theoretically speaking, there wasn't so much homework to do in the university, but as far as Yuan Zhou knew, Shen Min did homework until she got off work every night.

It was naturally the same today. After the customers left, she tidied up the pub cleanly and then carried the plates and wine cups to the kitchen to wash. It was the first time that she had cleared away the dinnerware of the pub.

"You don't need to take them to the kitchen. Just close the door and leave." Yuan Zhou stopped Shen Min.

"Never mind. I still have some time." Shen Min checked the time and said confidently.

"No need. Go now." Yuan Zhou shook the head.

"Well, alright. Bye, boss." Seeing Yuan Zhou's firm manner, Shen Min didn't say anything more. She set down the plates decidedly and then left.

Standing on the second floor, Yuan Zhou could easily see Shen Min get on the last bus back to the university.

After all were gone, the entire restaurant became quiet.

"Maybe I should think about the invitation matter now." While clearing the pub away, Yuan Zhou muttered to himself.

The customers that came to the pub were all fairly restrained, therefore Yuan Zhou did the work quickly and easily.

Having finished the cleaning work, Yuan Zhou didn't return to his bedroom to rest immediately. Instead, he took the invitation card and began to think carefully whom to invite.

Some unfamiliar people passed by Yuan Zhou's mind one by one.

Yuan Zhou planned it very well. He would naturally invite an unfamiliar person to come for meals. Besides, it was anyhow the official invitation card.

"Pa", the spinning pen dropped on the table and emitted a melodious sound.

This habit was formed in his junior middle school. He liked spinning the pen while thinking of something, although he wasn't good at it.

Suddenly, an inspiration occurred to him. "Yeah, it's her. Let me see if she'll come and if this card has such magical power."

"Shua Shua Shua", Yuan Zhou filled a name, Ma Jia, into the blank of the invitee quickly

Yuan Zhou didn't actually know her very well, because she was an actress, more specifically a drama actress, whom Yuan Zhou had seen only once.

It was during his university days when the university invited a drama society, a very famous one, for a performance.

At that time, Yuan Zhou wasn't in a good mood. However, he failed to refuse his classmate's invitation and thus went to watch.

The drama was decent. As his seat was far from the stage, Yuan Zhou couldn't see their faces clearly. He even couldn't distinguish between the actors and actresses due to the lighting.

In the end of the performance, many students stood up to applaud. As a social being, he naturally found it inappropriate to be a maverick, hence stood up, too. Then, all the lights on the stage were turned on and a crowd of drama staff walked to the stage to acknowledge the applause.

Each of them delivered a speech of one sentence. During the process, some audiences went up to present bouquets.

Almost every person in the first row had a bunch of bouquets. Starting from the leading role, every one of them threw the bouquets on the stage behind them when they received the microphone as it slightly affected them, except the third leading role.

As she was wearing a short skirt, she made a half squat slightly and then put down the bouquets lightly before she received the microphone. Only after she stood up did she receive the microphone and start to make the self-introduction.

Seeing that, Yuan Zhou finally knew what he had felt uncomfortable with just now and thus remembered her name, Ma Jia, subconsciously.

Later, he also saw her occasionally in some television dramas or movies. But she seemed to be not very popular in that circle.

However, the image of her treating the bouquets and others' sincerity gently left an unforgettable impression in Yuan Zhou's heart.

Sometimes, the appreciation of somebody was just that simple with only some small details.

"Now, only to see if she'll come." Yuan Zhou took up the invitation card and prepared to put it on the second floor.

At that time, some changes took place on the card.

The handwriting on it changed into the print hand and at the blank space appeared a small figure slowly.

When he carefully looked at it, he found it was the image of Ma Jia.

"It looks like a postcard now. How marvelous!" Yuan Zhou took the invitation card and appeared rather curious.

If not that Yuan Zhou wrote the name by himself, he would doubt that it was a postcard of a star actress that was bought from somewhere. The size was similar to a postcard with yet different contents. It was essentially an invitation card.

"Other invitation cards will all change in this way in future?" Taking the exquisite invitation card, Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"Ma Jia will come three days later. Does she know I give the invitation?" For a matter of such fantasy, Yuan Zhou preferred to ask clearly.

As for other unbelievable things, he could explained them with advanced technology. This one nevertheless appeared to be more fantasy-like.

The system displayed, "It's an invitation three days earlier. Host, don't worry. She won't know that."

"That's great." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

After all, he didn't know Ma Jia but suddenly invited her and moreover she would probably came. That would be quite strange.

Besides, how could he explain that concerning other invitees?

"Just wait for three days now. It's simply a moment to witness the miracle." Thinking that he would soon saw his favorite star actress, Yuan Zhou became a little excited.

Just when Yuan Zhou wrote the name down, the first invitation card was sent out successfully.