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295 Three Elements of Crispness, Fragrance and Brittleness

 "Ka". Fang Heng picked up a peanut kernel and carefully stayed away from the chilli seeds, which he didn't like at all.

Once the peanut kernel entered his mouth, he felt the difference from other kinds of Drunkard's Peanuts.

Take the peanuts in his own pub for example, he usually fried them in oil twice and then added the stir-fried flavorings inside and afterwards fried them together again with small fire to make them well blend.

Having been fried for two times, the peanut kernels tasted very crisp and fragrant. Plus the spicy flavorings, the peanuts were quite delicious. But there was a defect. When the peanuts entered the mouth at first, they usually had a layer of oil on the surface.

People could feel the oil fragrance overflowing and the peanuts were fairly tasty while eating them at first.

However, the oiliness of the peanut kernels was originally very high. It would naturally become greasy if eaten some more. It was unlike the old days when people did not consume a lot of oil and were anxious to put some more oil in the dishes.

Nowadays, people pursued the health more, therefore less oil were needed now to put in the dish of Drunkard's Peanuts.

The plate of Drunkard's Peanuts cooked by Yuan Zhou was totally different. Fang Heng couldn't help but utter, "There's surprisingly no greasiness at all."

"Ka Ka", the peanuts tasted fragrant, crisp and palatable, unlike the roasted ones that weren't crisp at all.

There were originally two cooking methods of the Drunkard's Peanuts. One was to fry in the oil and the other was to roast, each having their own advantages and disadvantages.

"Boss Fang, the peanuts are much tastier than yours." Chen Wei said while eating.

Fortunately, the peanuts were not big, thus he didn't need to worry he would choke.

Chen Wei was right. The peanuts were indeed very delicious. From the selection to the preparation of the peanuts, Yuan Zhou finished all the work by himself.

Not every peeled peanut kernels could be used directly as every kernel had to reach the standard of 1.5g in weight. Therefore, all the work had to be finished by hand. Comparatively speaking, it was naturally the Drunkard's Peanuts carefully cooked by Yuan Zhou that tasted much better.

"Remember I am treating you to the liquor today." Fang Heng looked at Chen Wei with a meaningful glance.

"Forget about him. He's just mean." Shen Xi said unreservedly at the side.

"You brat, aren't you my brother?" Chen Wei revealed a speechless manner.

"Of course, yes. But you know, a guest can't speak against his host." Wearing plastic beige gloves as thin as cicada's wings, Shen Xi said deservedly while putting the peanuts kernels into his mouth.

"Ho Ho. You seem to forget that I brought you here," Chen Wei muttered discontentedly.

"I can't hear you." Shen Xi shrugged and didn't slow down his eating.

Wu Hai and Ling Hong who had begun to eat first nevertheless held a thought of going to eat others' peanuts after their own, therefore they ate the peanuts in their own plates quickly.

What a joke! How could a small plate of peanuts be enough for them if they didn't eat others' ones

As for the two people, Su Mu and Jiang Changxi, who ate differently over there, they well illustrated the word of elegance. When you got close, however, there was something beneath the surface.

"Changxi, the peanuts are really delicious, but girls had better not eat too many." Su Mu answered with a beautiful smile on his face and two dimples on his cheeks.

"It's you who had better not to eat many. This dish is spicy, so it would be bad if you get pimples on your face." Jiang Changxi looked at Su Mu's face with an ill-disposed glance.

"Don't think too much. How could a man like me possibly get something like pimples?" Su Mu smiled lightly and said clearly.

"Narcissism is an illness. You have to get it cured." She said concisely and comprehensively and meanwhile ate quickly and gracefully.

"Narcissus, the person who loved his own shadow in Greek Mythology. Although I am incomparably pretty and handsome as him, I won't love my own shadow. I'd rather find an equally perfect girl." Su Mu liked smiling while talking. With his peach blossom eyes squinting, he looked prettier.

"Tsk. A good-looking man is surprisingly so narcissistic." Jiang Changxi felt rather speechless.

Lucky that the delicacy in sight could rescue her stomach, therefore she ate faster.

The peanut kernels were stuffed into her mouth one after another. Once the peanuts were bit into pieces, its sweet fragrance suffused into her mouth and then stimulated her mouth cavity with the spiciness. The numb taste paralyzed her tongue, which contrarily made her clearly feel the fragrance and crispness of the peanuts. Finally, she even felt the characteristic fragrance emitting from her mouth when she talked.

Of course, drinking a sip of liquor from time to time was likewise the best experience. Having been slightly restrained, Chen Wei just ate that way.

When he drank into the throat a mouthful of the sweet liquor alike to pear juice, he felt it incomparably smooth. After a spicy peanut kernel was eaten up, the previous sweetness was then instantly stimulated. The pungency contained in the taste of the liquor itself merged together with the stimulation from the chilli, numbness of the wild pepper as well as the crispness and fragrance of the peanut kernels.

All these flavors met in the mouth cavity and directly formed into an experience of an ultimate delicacy.

"Great!" Chen Wei couldn't help abandoning his usual solemnity and directly shouted.

"I even have a feeling as if I drank some hard liquor after tasting it. How comfortable!" Chen Wei set down the cup and said contentedly.

"That's not true. The peanuts apparently become tastier when eaten with the liquor. No wonder they are liked by the drunkards. The peanuts and liquor are really a perfect match." Su Mu interrupted.

"What does a young child know?" Chen Wei didn't actually like the slimy character of Su Mu.

"You seem to know a lot." Su Mu never knew what the word 'concession' meant.

"The liquor and the peanut kernels are originally a perfect match." Wu Hai uttered and supported Su Mu probably for the sake of Zheng Jiawei.

"Of course I know better than you do." For any sake, Chen Wei was a big man of 180cm height. He naturally wasn't afraid of Su Mu, who looked so weak.

"Chen Wei, this younger brother of mine is a tough guy," Jiang Changxi said smilingly.

"If I say this liquor can match hard liquor if drunken with the peanuts, then it is." Chen Wei had a persistent and impulsive side in his temperament. If not, how could he condescend to work as a martial arts instructor in a security company?

He had felt no hangover but instead felt refreshing on the second day after drinking the bamboo liquor. However, that didn't mean the liquor had lost the magical power that gave people the impulsion. It was known that even Yuan Zhou was slightly drunken.

"This younger brother of mine stopped a thief from stealing last time on the bus. It was an organized group of thieves that included three." While drinking the liquor, Jiang Changxi explained.

"He was definitely beaten up badly," Chen Wei let out a humph.

"Yeah, right. The thief was beaten up badly because that thief sliced this guy's arm. There is still a scar remaining even now," Jiang Changxi pointed at the inner part of Su Mu's arm.

"I can do that, too." Chen Wei refused to concede defeat.

"But he has done such similar things quite a few times, so he isn't a young child anymore." After she said that, Jiang Changxi patted on Su Mu's shoulder.

"The manner of speaking and behavior habits don't mean anything," Wu Hai said slowly.

"Although Zheng Jiawei is like a woman, his ability and superior judgement are, nevertheless, the best. Speaking of which, many people are even jealous of somebody. They say somebody has a good sister." Ling Hong shrugged.

"Yeah, you are all right. I propose a toast to you. Let's just skip it." Chen Wei knew Zheng Jiawei, therefore he was fairly straightforward.

He explicitly took up Fang Heng's wine pot and poured the liquor into his cup and then proposed a cup of liquor to Su Mu.

"Ow. I have to control my bad temper. But never mind. I don't mind these trifles." Su Mu stroked his own cheeks and then drank the liquor.

"You brat. You can make whatever toast, but why did you take my liquor?" Suddenly, Fang Heng made a miserable shriek and then shouted.

"Haw-haw. I'm not to blame." Chen Wei carried up half a cup of liquor and ran toward Wu Hai and Ling Hong.

"Stay away. You are such a wine barrel. I have no liquor for you." Ling Hong took the wine pot up wittily for fear that Chen Wei grabbed his liquor.

After all, this guy had done that before.