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294 Drunkard’s Peanu

 When Yuan Zhou saw the message from the system, he indicated speechlessly, "I ate only one."

Having just appeared in front of Yuan Zhou, however, the system vanished again, leaving only a line of big characters.

The system displayed, "The Xiaojingsheng peanut is worth 10 RMB each."

"It's a really uniform price." Speechlessly, Yuan Zhou saw that the turnover was directly deducted by 10 RMB.

That reminded him of the tax-paying system of the USA in which the government could deduct the money from one's bank accounts without getting your prior consent if there was any delay. Of course, the government would mail the detailed bill to him in accordance with the regulations, telling you where the money had gone.

"Speaking of which, why do you want so much money?" Suddenly, Yuan Zhou became curious.

He waited a long time and didn't get the answer from the system. Not until then did Yuan Zhou give up.

"As is expected, the system doesn't answer questions unrelated to culinary skills," Yuan Zhou muttered and then began to shell the peanuts.

As a Sichuan Cuisine, the Drunkard's Peanut was a relish snack of the Han Nationality in Sichuan Province. It was processed and prepared with peanuts and other flavorings and was suitable for all ages.

Actually, it wasn't good to eat either fried peanuts or raw peanuts. Frying tended to destroy the nutritive value of the peanuts easily while raw peanuts was more likely to cause diarrhea as mentioned by the system and could cause obesity if too many were eaten.

The common cooking method of the Drunkard Peanut was normally frying, therefore, Yuan Zhou worked out a way to make the dish with another method. It was also an indispensable quality of a chef to guarantee the nutritive value of the dishes.

The peanuts provided by the system well deserved the reputation of Xiaojingsheng. The stripes over the surface of the peanut shell were distinct and deep while the color was natural and beautiful. After the shell was peeled off, the peanut kernels were intact and smooth, without any injury, worm holes or white fine powder.

Yuan Zhou prepared only four plates of Drunkard's Peanuts, of which three were for sale and the remaining one for himself to enjoy. It was another indispensable quality of a chef to eat foods cooked by himself and then tell the pros and cons of them.

The dinner time passed very soon. As usual, it was Shen Min who took charge of the pub. However, Yuan Zhou also followed the customers into the pub today. There were several more people who came to drink the liquor today.

"Brother Yuan, I'm here especially for the dish that goes with wine," Jiang Changxi straightforwardly made eyes at Yuan Zhou and then said boldly.

"She's right. Changxi and I both come here to savor the dish." The very beautiful man followed.

"Since you have served the dish that goes with wine, I don't need to bring mine then," Fang Heng also echoed with a smile.

"Yes, I agree." Chen Wei likewise nodded the head at the side.

He finally managed to persuade Fang Heng to bring him here together. Naturally, there was also that strange man called Shen Xi, who had often been here these two days.

"Let's go. We'll know that after we get there. If we ask him here, he probably won't tell us anything." Ling Hong knew Yuan Zhou very well and hence said that.

"Yeah, you are right." Wu Hai nodded the head, too. Then he walked close to the sergestes wall and waited to enter the pub.

"Come on in, please." Hinted by Yuan Zhou, Shen Min opened the sergestes wall and made a gesture of "please".

"It seems that Boss Yuan is going to leave us on tenterhooks again." Jiang Changxi entered the door only after she said that with a smile.

"I have never expected there's such a hidden but beautiful spot." The good-looking man sighed with emotion while looking at the small garden.

"Su Mu, how do you like this garden compared with yours?" Jiang Changxi suddenly asked.

"Of course not so good as mine. You know my garden is designed by me, a great designer, personally." The one that was called Su Mu was also a beautiful man. He said confidently.

"Really? I think it's more elegant here in Boss Yuan's restaurant," Jiang Changxi said smilingly.

"No, I don't think so. Look at the malus spectabilis over here. It's good if the leaves are falling in due time, but is not if the fruits are falling. Besides, these flowers are planted without any aesthetic feeling, messy and not arranged neatly." Su Mu pointed to the flowers randomly and brought out several flaws.

"But the fruits of malus spectabilis are edible," Walking at the end of the crowd, Yuan Zhou said lightly after he heard Su Mu.

"But these flowers still have no aesthetic feeling at all." Su Mu insisted.

On this point, Yuan Zhou really wasn't quite sure. After all, he planted the flowers according to his preferences, the fragrance and the pollen, etc.

Seeing Yuan Zhou no longer respond to him, Su Mu was very happy and even felt light-footed while walking.

The several people walked up the stairs and soon arrived at the pub seated in the bamboo forest.

"What if it rains on the open-air platform?" Su Mu stroked his hair style worriedly.

He wasn't worrying about getting caught in the rain but messing up his hair style.

"Don't worry. Boss Yuan never opens the pub when it rains," Chen Wei uttered that while grinding his teeth.

"That's good." Su Mu let out a sigh of relief. After he wiped the table and chair, he then sat down slowly.

"It's really worry-free to come out with you." Bold and unconstrained as Jiang Chang was, she never wiped these things, not to mention these things in Yuan Zhou's restaurants were originally very clean. Therefore, she wouldn't wipe them.

"We are offering a dish that goes with wine, the Drunkard's Peanuts. One serving for each table." Yuan Zhou took out the menus that were provided by the system and put one on each table.

"Wow, it's this dish. Marvelous!" Wu Hai was very happy.

As the Drunkard's Peanut had a spicy taste and belonged to Sichuan Cuisines, it was simply regarded as a meat dish to Wu Hai who loved spicy dishes most.

The spicy dishes served in Yuan Zhou's restaurant were still too less currently.

"A good dish. It's really a dish that goes with the wine." Chen Wei and Fang Heng were also both satisfied.

How could one drink liquor without the peanuts? Therefore, the two of them basically brought the peanuts by themselves whenever they came. They even brought them today as well. Coincidentally, the new dish was Drunkard's Peanuts.

"All of you need one serving for each, right?" Yuan Zhou confirmed with them again while Shen Min was raising the liquor.

"Of course. Please hurry up and carry it to us." The several people almost couldn't wait to eat it.

Even Jiang Changxi who didn't like eating peanuts became quite expectant as it was cooked by Yuan Zhou.

"One moment, please." Yuan Zhou came out of the kitchen while personally carrying the tray, where three plates of peanuts were placed. It was loaded in a compactly woven rattan basket.

Only after Yuan Zhou set down the plates on each table did the several customers find there on the basket were, surprisingly, green leaves that resembled the delicate peanut leaves with white and soft villus. The basket looked extraordinarily pretty and cute.

"The basket is so nice. Is it for sale?" Jiang Changxi paid attention to the basket first.

"No," Yuan Zhou refused flatly.

"Boss Yuan..." The voice of Jiang Changxi was like the honey that was blended with sugar, so sweet.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou directly ignored her. The other two tables nevertheless showed more interest in the peanuts inside of the basket.

"They look similar in size, but why are there chilli seeds in the peanuts?" Fang Heng was a little puzzled.

He stirred the peanuts lightly. Meanwhile, the peanuts emitted melodious sound in the collision. The chilli seeds appeared extraordinarily conspicuous.

Anyhow, he was also running the pub business. The dishes with wine were likewise the signature dishes in his pub. Superior Drunkard's Peanuts definitely wouldn't have the chilli seeds inside, which tasted bitter if overcooked and were hard to chew if not well cooked.

Therefore, the chef would try to get rid of the chilli seeds when they cooked this dish. A good cook nevertheless would try his best to retain the spicy taste of the chilli seeds and meanwhile get rid of them. All in all, the chilli seeds couldn't be served to the customers.

"Forget it. We'll know the taste after we eat it. Look, they have started to eat over there." Chen Wei pointed at Wu Hai and Ling Hong who sat at one table and said.

"Ok." Seeing that, Fang Heng also agreed with a nod and then directly began to eat,