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293 The First Dish That Goes with Wine

 "Um, yes, it's the menu and will be updated in the future." Yuan Zhou was very happy to answer such a question.

"It couldn't be better. The paper and the handwriting are both excellent," taking the thin menu, the grandpa said. He liked it so much that he couldn't bear to part with it.

"Thank you for your compliments." Yuan Zhou nodded his head with a faint smile.

"It's not written by you. What did you thank him for?" Wu Hai liked to tease Yuan Zhou very much and started to do so now.

"It's the stuff in my restaurant," Yuan Zhou said as if it were obvious.

"Right. Your words are always so reasonable," Wu Hai gnash his teeth and said.

"Yes, they are," with a nod, Yuan Zhou agreed unreservedly.

Then, Wu Hai could not come up with a retort. Not having been choked for so long, it nevertheless gave him a familiar feeling.

"Do I have a masochistic constitution?" Wu Hai slightly trembled and removed the idea from his head dumbly.

"Is the lottery for liquor today finished?" Chen Wei suddenly strode into the restaurant.

"Haw-haw. None for you. I got it today." On hearing that, Ling Hong became spirited and then couldn't wait to flaunt.

"It finished so early," Chen Wei said unhappily.

He was delayed by something today. When he came, however, there was nothing left.

"Who else got it?" Chen Wei didn't want to plead for the liquor from Ling Hong.

This guy was said to be generous. It was just that his requirements made people's flesh creep as they were all strange and weird.

"Sorry, it's me." At the side, another person stood out.

"Who are you? How do you know this place?" Chen Wei looked at the man in surprise and revealed a curious manner.

"Oops. Why do you want to know that? Anyway, I won't give the place to you." The man was quite beautiful. Yes, he was beautiful.

His eyebrows were fairly spirited, but under them were, nevertheless, a pair of romantic peach blossom eyes. As soon as he smiled, they appeared watery and shimmering. Matched by his white skin, he was truly beautiful. As chance would have it, he was 180cm high and had a clear and melodious voice. However, one could tell he was a man with just a glance. It was really a strange matter.

"I have never seen you here before. Look, the price is so expensive. What about giving that to me?" Although Chen Wei was an unyielding man, he had a special hobby, that was, to bamboozle strangers.

"I'm the friend of Jiang Changxi." This person said smilingly. On his cheeks were two indistinct dimples.

"Oh, it's surprisingly that 'three lost' woman. What about I paying half and we splitting the liquor by half?" Chen Wei proposed, not intending to give up.

"I have made an appointment with Changxi already." The person squinted at Chen Wei with his beautiful peach blossom eyes and looked very happy.

"Wu Hai, are you going to drink tonight?" Chen Wei turned his attention away immediately.

"Sigh. He's truly as same as what Changxi tells me." This man smiled happily and then he saw Chen Wei start to ask Wu Hai for his place.

"This guy scrounged some liquor from me." Ling Hong, who was good at giving the last hit, indicated that one got to strike when the moment was right.

"Then who's the last one." Chen Wei was still reluctant to give up.

"It's naturally Boss Fang who wants to study the recipe of Boss Yuan's liquor." Ling Hong was very warm-hearted to give something to Fang Heng to do.

"Alright." Chen Wei left hurriedly with the quiet fellow Shen Xi.

It seemed that they went looking for Fang Heng.

"Do you guys think he'll make it?" the good-looking man asked with curiosity.

"I feel that you are similar to Zheng Jiawei." Wu Hai took a careful look at the man and then said.

"Am I? He wasn't as beautiful as me," the man said straightforwardly and affirmatively.

"That's true. It's just that you two give off a similar feeling." Wu Hai nodded his head honestly. Zheng Jiawei was indeed not as good-looking as this man.

Then, the several people started to chat again.

Speaking of which, the reason why Chen Wei behaved so persistently was very simple. From tonight on, Yuan Zhou would start to provide the dish to eat with wine, the Drunkard's Peanut. Though it was merely a simple dish, Chen Wei still didn't want to miss it since he found it difficult to resist the drinking zest and had longed for it for a long time.

When the lunch time ended, those who came for the liquor didn't leave. They specially stayed to confirm this matter.

"Boss Yuan, is there really a dish to eat with wine this evening?" Ling Hong asked first.

"What dish is it?" The beautiful man didn't leave, either. He was told to stay by Jiang Changxi.

"You guys will know the answers in the evening," Yuan Zhou said straightforwardly.

"I don't see any new dish on the menu. Will you add it in the evening?" Wu Hai asked curiously.

"Yes," After a nod, Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

After all, the system seemed to be a perfectionist. How could he allow such a conspicuous flaw?

"If you say yes, we'll leave you alone undisturbed." The several customers who stayed all trusted Yuan Zhou's moral integrity and hence left.

"Boss, do you need help in the afternoon?" After a short hesitation, Shen Min asked Yuan Zhou.

She had constantly been thinking how to thank her boss ever since Yuan Zhou helped to call a car and send her back last time. However, the expression of 'Don't approach me unless we are acquainted' on Yuan Zhou's face made her unable to speak that out easily. She could only do some more work in return.

"No need. Just don't be late in the evening." Yuan Zhou shook the head. He didn't really like other people to step into his territory.

As a result, he didn't intend to hire more staff to help even though there were more and more dishes now.

It was also a process of enhancing his craftsmanship to deal with the ingredients. Therefore, Yuan Zhou would like to do these work by himself more. Of course, he declared sternly that it wasn't an obsession compulsive disorder at all, but to increase his craftsmanship.

He spoke so earnestly that he almost believed that himself.

"System, the peanuts have no soil on them, do they?" Yuan Zhou asked before he opened the cabinet.

The indifferent system nevertheless didn't answer him at all. Yuan Zhou had to shrug and open the cabinet directly.

"Although they aren't shelled, at least they don't have any soil." Looking at the clean peanuts in the shell, Yuan Zhou rejoiced.

After all, Yuan Zhou always felt the system truly had vulgar interests, sometimes.

The selection of the peanuts were naturally known by Yuan Zhou. It was easy to distinguish the good from the bad. Those that provided by the system were of course the best.

"Is this Xiaojingsheng Peanuts?" Yuan Zhou picked a three-part peanut up and asked with uncertainty.

The system displayed, "It originates in Xinchang County, also named as Xiaojingsheng. And it's selected from the mature batch of Sep, 1984."

"This batch of peanuts is most delicious and intact. It also has a very good taste."

"That's really awesome. The peanuts harvested that year were said to get the highest prize, right?" Taking a peanut in his hand, Yuan Zhou said dumbly.

"Let me savor the taste of the highly prized peanuts." After thinking for a while, Yuan Zhou pinched the peanut open and put the peanut kernel into his mouth.

"Ba Ji Ba Ji". The peanut kernels emitted a melodious sound. The light red peanut skin was bit open along with the kernel and after that, a strong fragrance of peanuts directly rushed into his nose.

"There's surprisingly no raw flavor." Yuan Zhou picked up the remaining two peanuts kernels and continued eating.

Generally speaking, raw peanuts had a sort of raw taste and the texture wasn't too smooth. Besides, it tasted a little coarse. This breed of peanuts, however, didn't have that at all. The serofluid and the grease in the peanut itself were both quite abundant.

Peanut oil was also a very important edible oil.

"No wonder it's the champion of peanuts. The taste is really good." Yuan Zhou chewed the peanut and felt rather satisfied.

The system displayed, "Eating raw peanuts might result in serious consequences such as diarrhea and putting on weight.

Yuan Zhou, "..."