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291 Invitation

 The several men were chatting while drinking. As a matter of fact, the biggest difference between men and women could be seen at that moment. Women either talked about others' affairs or about themselves.

For men, besides those that were familiar with each other and could joke among themselves, they might get along with others due to benefits. Having busied themselves all day long without a break, they didn't have the same mood while savoring the nice wine in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Instead, they were more curious about what the dish that went with the wine might be.

As for Shen Xi, namely Chen Wei's friend, who said that he wouldn't drink, he truly didn't drink any of the liquor. It might be because the alcoholic content of the liquor was so low that he didn't have any desire to drink it.

At midnight, Yuan Zhou stood at the window and saw Shen Min take the last bus and leave, as usual. Only after that did he do his own things. That had become a habit of Yuan Zhou every night.


Early next morning, Yuan Zhou got up and went out to jog. Of course, the first thing that he did was to jog around his restaurant.

"Nothing special happened. So weird. He didn't come, did he?" Yuan Zhou was naturally thinking about that arrogant thief.

"System, did anybody come here last night?" Having thought for a while, Yuan Zhou straightforwardly asked the system.

The system displayed, "He has been here."

Following the simple and clear words was a video. While jogging, Yuan Zhou played and watched it.

However, Yuan Zhou misjudged the situation, "What the f*ck! This guy is sooooo ridiculous."

Yuan Zhou couldn't help bursting into laughter on the street. That was really funny.

The system marked the time of the happening considerately in the video. It was at about 2:40 am that the arrogant thief came. Dressed in black sportswear, he appeared rather capable and experienced.

He might have observed Broth before, hence took out the dog's favorite ham sausage from the pocket and prepared to feed it.

Upright as Broth was, however, it wasn't cheated by the thief. Instead, it lay prone on the ground silently and stared at the person alertly.

"Hey, eat some food. You must be hungry at night." The arrogant man peeled the package of the ham sausage and then threw it over to the dog.

He acted quite professionally and appeared to have abducted and traded many dogs. However, he encountered a very smart dog, Broth, this time.

Broth basically didn't eat the food offered by men. Even if girls tried to feed it, it only accepted the foods from the seemingly pretty girls. It was absolutely a dog pursuing beauty.

Therefore, Broth didn't even glance at the ham sausage fed by the arrogant man, but just kept alert, seeing if the man would do something evil.

The arrogant man nevertheless still had methods to deal with such a situation.

He directly took out a miniature sprayer and spouted some liquid on Broth's face. It shouldn't be a virulent poison because Broth woke up just in a little while.

After Broth fell on the ground, the arrogant man began to carry out his plan. He wiped his hands with something and then began to climb the wall from the neighboring pub.

It seemed that he prepared to enter the restaurant from the pub.

Then, Yuan Zhou saw the funniest way of climbing the wall that he had ever seen.

At the beginning, the arrogant man leaped up steadily and easily reached the the top of the wall. But suddenly his expression changed. Right after that, he slipped down from the wall with a sound of "Zi Liu".

Yeah, that's right. He slipped down as if somebody had suddenly poured oil onto the top of the wall.

The arrogant man looked at his hands and then at the top of the wall.

"Interesting. I don't believe I can't even climb onto a wall." The arrogant man rubbed his hands with something again and moreover bound them with strips of cloth for skid resistance.

That way, even there was truly oil on the wall, it would be absorbed by the coarse cloth and the wall wouldn't be so slippery. As long as he could stay on the wall for a few seconds, he was confident to get inside.

However, things were contrary to what he had expected. The arrogant man slipped down again. This time, he took a fall and the dog, Broth, that fell over at the side also woke up during that time.

"Woo woo woo", Broth barked with anger and instantly rushed to him, trying to bite him.

Luckily, the arrogant man reacted quickly and immediately leaped onto the wall. In less than 1 second, however, he slipped down for the third time.

Then, Broth rushed up to bite him again and the arrogant man likewise wittily leaped onto the top of the wall again. Unfortunately, he continued to slip down as before. In the end, Broth just lay down at the place where the arrogant man slipped down. Once he reached that spot, it began to bite him.

"Haw-haw-haw". Yuan Zhou really couldn't refrain himself from laughing loudly as the scene in sight was way too funny.

The confrontation lasted for almost one hour. At last, the arrogant man escaped from Broth's persistent chase and managed to leave with an S-style steps.

"He's truly a talented person." Yuan Zhou couldn't help sighing with emotion.

With the erratic footwork of the arrogant man, Yuan Zhou believed that no one could catch up with him.

"Morning, Boss Yuan." When Yuan Zhou sighed with emotion, Huang Ling greeted him with a broom in her hand.

"Humm, morning." Immediately, Yuan Zhou tightened his face and revealed an expression of solemnity.

"Boss Yuan, you don't look well. What's wrong with you?" On seeing Yuan Zhou's serious manner, Huang Ling had thought there was something wrong with him.

"I'm good. I intend to invite you to my restaurant for dish tasting." Yuan Zhou held back his desire to laugh and pretended to be serious, hence of course didn't look good. Thanks to his well-trained ability during normal times, he tried his best to make his face not distort.

"Gee? Me?" Huang Ling said unbelievably.

"Yes. You and your brother," Yuan Zhou nodded and said affirmatively.

"Why?" Huang Ling asked with puzzlement.

"I will invite the first person I see after I got up in the morning to do the dish tasting along with their family. It's one of my rules." Yuan Zhou spouted some bullsh*t calmly.

"But I'm not a professional gourment and am unable to give any useful suggestions," Huang Ling said with a perturbed manner.

"My dishes are served for the customers," Yuan Zhou said lightly and then prepared to continue jogging.

"But..." Yuan Zhou interrupted her when Huang Ling still wanted to say something.

"Come over here at 11:40 a.m. tomorrow along with your brother. Don't be late." Yuan Zhou directly brought out the time.

"Well, ok. Sorry to bother you," Huang Ling hesitated for a while and finally agreed.

She felt it might be a help to Boss Yuan. After all, she could feel that Yuan Zhou had helped her without a trace.

"Humm." After a nod, Yuan Zhou ran further.

Having finished the matters one after another, Yuan Zhou likewise felt quite happy.

Due to the good mood, Yuan Zhou would naturally cook delicious dishes. It was the Soup Dumplings this time.

"Hey, grandpa. It's been a long time since I saw you last time." Wu Hai looked at the grandpa and the granny who were in the front of the line in surprise.

"Yeah. I have been absent for a long time." The grandpa brought the granny and both appeared to be spirited.

"Judging from the smell, it's definitely the soup dumpling that will be served today." The grandpa was rather sensitive to food.

"I think so, too." Wu Hai agreed to him with a nod.

"Why isn't the beautiful girl here?" Looking back and forth, the granny suddenly asked.

"She hasn't been here for long." When Wu Hai recalled his painting that had the girl's figure, the happiness on his face diminished a little. Then he said lightly.

"She might be occupied by something." Ling Hong uttered suddenly.

Several regular customers of Yuan Zhou's restaurant huddled together and chatted delightedly. The line became longer and longer too.

At that time, the door was opened after a sound of "Hua La".

It was Saturday. Shen Min went up and said, "Business time starts now. Please come on in, everybody."

"It's finally opened. As soon as we come back, we can eat the soup dumplings. We are really lucky." The grandpa sighed with emotion.

"Indeed. There isn't any delicious dish as such in the city where our son is," the granny echoed, too.

Nevertheless, Wu Hai appeared to be slightly depressed and not happy...