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290 Strange Invitation Card

 "Malta. What nice cuisines are there in this country? I have never heard about that before." Looking carefully at the rotary table, Yuan Zhou contemplated constantly.

Then, he turned his sight to other large countries.

The first one he saw was the USA, the world police, seated in the Pacific Ocean.

"Is it the hamburger and steak for this country?" Yuan Zhou considered earnestly for a while.

"Well, it's surprisingly the circle of dark cuisines? Please, don't let me get this country." He looked at the country Britain which had a large territory and sighed with emotion.

If he got this country in the lucky-draw, would he have to cook the dark chocolate grilled eggplant? The kind that didn't require peeling the skin. It was so dreadful to think of the sticky chocolate and grilled unpeeled eggplant.

"Hiss. Feels terrible." Yuan Zhou shook the head and tried to get rid of the disgusting appearance of the black cuisine.

For quite a while, Yuan Zhou didn't rotate the rotary table. Instead, he said, "It seems that I need some good luck."

Then he directly asked the system to provide him with a super big radish and afterwards sculpted a fruit basket in which many pineapples, pomelos, persimmons, oranges and grapes were placed.

Every fruit meant something.

"I called all the five varieties of good luck together this way." Taking the diversified fruits in his hand, Yuan Zhou was very satisfied.

Yeah. The fruits in the basket all had their distinct meanings, therefore Yuan Zhou sculpted these fruits of luck first. As it was closely related to his reward, he treated this matter with much caution.

"System, let's start now." Yuan Zhou took a deep breath and then said with an incomparably contented manner while looking at the fruit basket on the azure stone countertop.

The system displayed, "Host, you can move it by yourself."

"Alright." After a nod, Yuan Zhou started the lucky-draw.

It was just the right moment to show his luck.

Luckily, it didn't really take much strength nor much time to roll it for one circle. After about one minute, he got the first result.

'Denmark.' The indicator stayed at the position of Denmark and then remained still there.

"Terrific. Good shot for a start." Yuan Zhou looked at the dish provided and felt quite satisfied.

He switched it on again and it just went fairly smoothly for the second time. It wasn't a strange place, but Sweden that neighbored Denmark across of the sea. Likewise, the dish provided motivated Yuan Zhou to try to cook immediately.

"For the last time. I can definitely make it." Yuan Zhou said confidently.

The rolling of the rotary table was supposed to be silent, but Yuan Zhou behaved as if he had heard a rolling sound of "Hua Hua". In the end, the indicator stayed at the position of France.

"It's surprisingly the country France that enjoys the reputation of Cuisines of Arts." Yuan Zhou liked the plate presentation of French dishes very much as it was truly beautiful.

He immediately checked the dish provided from the lucky-draw this time. Although it wasn't a renowned dish, it was nevertheless pretty nice. Then Yuan Zhou said contentedly, "This dish is also very good."

"Hoo. Success." Looking at the dishes rewarded to him, Yuan Zhou appeared quite happy.

"It's truly a good harvest. It seems that the higher level I am, the more rewards I can get." Looking at the specific level and thinking of the 50% revenue-sharing mode, he became happier.

After Yuan Zhou received the reward, it was then the time to classify them. Putting other things aside, Yuan Zhou only couldn't make head or tail of the invitation card.

"System, what it is? You don't even give me a note about it." Yuan Zhou checked it again and again, but there was not even a single word on it.

[Invitation Card] With this card, the cardholder can invite anybody he knows, one person at a time. It can't be used on one person repeatedly.

(Instructions for use: The scope of the invitation is only confined to living persons. Please use it three days beforehand to invite your guests. Three days later, the person invited could then go to the restaurant for dining.)

"It's definitely simple and crude." Yuan Zhou looked at the function and felt a little surprised.

Having paid no attention to others, the system straightforwardly gave the answer.

Yuan Zhou carefully read the mission instructions and then let out a sigh.

"I originally thought I would have opportunity to invite Mum and Dad to taste my dishes. It turns out that I thought too much. However, your son has become a Master Chef now." Reading the instructions that only living persons could be invited, he couldn't help sighing.

With his current culinary skills, Yuan Zhou could indeed be regarded as a master chef.

Taking the invitation card, Yuan Zhou really couldn't work out how to use it in a short moment. Therefore, he put the card away carefully and looked toward the matched snack.

Once the matched snack was unveiled, Yuan Zhou saw a single dish inside, alone. The name was Drunkard's Spiced Peanut.

"The system is so mean. There's only one dish." Yuan Zhou grumbled silently. He totally forgot that he had been happy just now that there were more extra rewards this time.

"Anyway, it was a timely rain." When Yuan Zhou thought of the customers of the pub that complained everyday, he sighed with emotion.

Do not ever belittle the grudge of a drunkard, let alone a crowd of drunkards.

During the business time of the pub at night, Yuan Zhou didn't take out the new dishes at once. Now that he had a higher requirement on his craftsmanship, how could he sell them like that without perfect practice?

Therefore, the customers still had no dishes to eat with wine.

"Boss Yuan, you are a bad guy. How come there's still no dishes going with wine? Look, I bring my good brothers here today." Chen Wei pointed at a man who was still dressed in neat suit at night in the summer and said.

"I will provide a dish that goes with wine in a few days." Yuan Zhou stood in the kitchen and said earnestly.

"Great. It's such a good news to me." Wu Hai smiled, with a happy manner on his face.

"Also to me. I don't need to bring any dishes with me anymore." Fang Heng patted on the porcelain lunch box.

"I can't wait to drink my liquor. Let's go, Shen Xi." Having got the satisfactory answer, Chen Wei started to urge the man who was walking unhurriedly after him.

"Where's Dong Dong?" Fang Heng took a look at the stranger and asked.

"He has business to do, hence doesn't come. Speaking of which, I haven't seen Lian Fang for a long time." Looking at the crowd, Chen Wei suddenly remembered another regular customer, a beautiful woman.

"Yeah. It has indeed been a long time. Let me ask Changxi next time." Fang Heng shrugged. They had got together to drink the wine for several times and were considered to be friends.

"She didn't come in daytime, either." Yuan Zhou suddenly uttered.

"Gee? Not in daytime, either?" Hearing that, Chen Wei got a little surprised.

Lian Fang was also a regular customer of Yuan Zhou's restaurant like them. Sometimes, she would come to drink some liquor at night, but she came for meal in daytime from time to time.

"Humm." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"She might be busy. Let's go for the liquor now." Wu Hai paused for a while and said with a frown.

"You're right. Let's go for the liquor now. This is my brother Shen Xi. He doesn't drink but just comes to smell the bouquet." Speaking of the purpose of his brother coming here, Chen Wei started to grin.

"I'm not yet sure. There's 20% possibility to cause upper teeth covering over the lower teeth and your chin sinking if you often smile that way. It will result in many difficulties of taking food and speech. Besides, it also greatly affects your appearance although you are not good-looking at all. Yet, you can't affect our mood. So I suggest you not show your teeth so frequently." Chen Wei wasn't complacent for long before he fainted from Shen Xi's utterance.

"That's way too exaggerated. I'm actually smiling." Chen Wei declared seriously.

"Not exaggerated at all. It's good for you." Shen Xi was fairly serious. With the neat suit on him, he appeared truly quite professional.

"This way, please." Shen Min went up to open the sergestes scenery wall and then said while there was a break.

After that, the several people entered the pub one after another. Everybody was happy since they can all drink the liquor except Wu Hai, who appeared to be down right now.