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289 Strange Reward

 This time, the reminder of the system seemed to be accompanied by a cheerful background music that played in a continuous loop in Yuan Zhou's mind.

"It seems my efforts are rather productive." Yuan Zhou opened the website delightedly to check his landmark restaurant.

He tapped the phone lightly and directly went to the official website. As expected, Yuan Zhou's restaurant was high on the list.

"There's surprisingly a comment." Yuan Zhou got a little surprised after he checked carefully.

His restaurant had never been in this landmark position before. Previously, it was merely huddled together closely with other restaurants below. But now, it was not only at a conspicuous position in the front, but also had its own comment.

[The latest Most Anticipated Tiny Restaurant. The chef owns the craftsmanship of top-notch masters and the price likewise conforms to his identity of a master. We don't suggest people eat it frequently as their wallet tends to get slimmer.]

"Tsk-tsk. Even the official comment learns to act cute nowadays." Looking at the comment that didn't suggest frequent eating, Yuan Zhou was rather speechless.

Yuan Zhou looked back at his own price list and then said quite confidently, "Compared with my craftsmanship, the price is really not high."

Luckily, no one heard him, otherwise Wu Zhou would probably beat him to death. After all, he could only manage to come once per week with his girlfriend, unlike the rich guy Wu Hai who took this place as his canteen.

"Let me calm down first. Now I can check the reward." Yuan Zhou set down the phone and looked at the empty restaurant. He sighed with emotion.

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou suddenly uttered and tapped open the mission and then started to check it.

[Main Mission] to become a regional gourmet representative (completed)

(Mission tips: Being a minor celebrity can no longer satisfy your wild ambition. You must become a regional representative within one calendar month. Young man, I have faith in you.)

[Mission reward] to get promoted by one level up; one chance to draw lottery; an upgrade reward. (available to be received)

(Reward tips: for such a great reward, young man, go and endeavor to get it.)

The system displayed, "You have leveled up. The tables and chairs still can't be unlocked temporarily."

"What's the reason?" Yuan Zhou had fully hoped that more tables and chairs could be unlocked again.

The system displayed, "Host, please receive the reward."

"I want to check the level first." Yuan Zhou liked to eat the most delicious thing in the very end.

Although the happiness obtained that way was said to be the same, Yuan Zhou still felt it most delicious that way.

He tapped open the interface and found the information basically not changed at all except the level.

Target: the system will help you to get a thorough knowledge of both western and traditional Chinese foods so you could become the top Master Chef in the world.

Host: Yuan Zhou (ordinary Chinese Han nationality human)

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Physical quality: C (overall evaluations of neutral responding speed, strength, coordination and sensibility, etc.)

Culinary talent: Unknown

Skill: None

Tool: None

5 Dimension Cooking evaluation: Novice

Level: 4

Title: Master of Cooked Wheaten Food

(As a Master of Cooked Wheaten Food, how could you be so busy in the kitchen? You need some time of your own to improve your culinary skills. Therefore, business hours must be less than 6 hours every day.)

"I have truly got promoted up to level 4 now. Finally, I'm not a novice now." Yuan Zhou let out a sigh of relief and then said contentedly.

Now it was the proper time to unpack the most delicious cake.

"By the way, what's the matched snack this time?" Yuan Zhou recalled the Eight Unique Qinhuai Snacks rewarded last time.

The taste was incomparably delicious for each of them and was different from each other. Besides, they were all quite exquisite.

The system displayed, "The matched snack has been released. Please check."

"That's great." There wasn't a reward of any snack on one occasion, therefore Yuan Zhou asked specially.

He was actually quite interested in the reward of leveling up as it seemed to be abundant. He was awfully interested in that.

After he tapped open a package-like stuff, the rewards inside appeared in Yuan Zhou's sight straightforwardly.

"Three Invitation Cards, one serving of matched snack, one menu. The menu is actually provided." There appeared three cards and an elegant menu painted with lotus flowers in Yuan Zhou's hand.

He took the so-called invitation cards and looked at it again and again, but he didn't find anything special. Except for the light patterns of lotus flowers, there was nothing else.

"Is this the menu? How many will you provide, system?" Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

The system displayed, "One for each table."

"So many." Taking the exquisite menu in his hand, Yuan Zhou was a little speechless.

The handwriting on the menu was nice and the format was arranged neatly and reasonably, making people clear at a glance. Besides, the characters seemed to be written with the writing brush and appeared to be accompanied by the smell of the ink. Some clear lotus flower petals were inlaid on the surface and the texture of the paper was quite soft and thin.

It felt as if being a superior silk cloth. Even in the summer, it gave people an ice-cold feeling. He had thought there might be fragrance, but when he smelled it carefully, he found there was not any smell at all, not even the intrinsic taste of the paper itself.

"The paper is really nice. It doesn't have even the slightest scent." Yuan Zhou was rather satisfied with it.

Originally, there wasn't any redundant flavor but the bland scent in his restaurant. That way, it wouldn't affect people savoring the nice taste. Because of the system, customers could only smell the taste of the dishes in front of them.

"The menu is great, even if it's merely a decoration." Yuan Zhou had long been grumbling about the fact that there was not a menu.

After all, a menu was considered to be the outer manifestation of his restaurant. That was just the reason why Yuan Zhou hired a painter to draw lotus flowers on the wall. Luckily, the painting works didn't let Yuan Zhou down. Her craftsmanship was fairly good and the lotus flowers and green leaves were still dazzling beautiful on the wall.

Having got the menu, Yuan Zhou finally became relieved. Since there had been the great manifestation, he was only short of the genuine manifestation, the shop sign, then.

That needed to be accomplished step by step. Then it went to the moment to draw lottery. Yuan Zhou said expertly, "System, time for lottery."

After that, the system directly turned on the lucky-draw system without saying anything. However, it was totally different from the former times.

"What's this? Can I go to the country for a tour if I draw that country?" Yuan Zhou looked at the names of the virtual countries in sight speechlessly.

The system displayed, "Host, you can draw the lottery three times. Provided that you get the lucky-draw of any particular country, you can have a local cuisine of that country."

"What standard do you distinguish the sizes by?" Yuan Zhou kept silence for a while and then asked.

The system displayed, "According to the size of the territory and the overall national strength."

"It feels like I'm having a lesson of geography. Headache." The geography was what Yuan Zhou afraid of most.

After all, you can't expect one that couldn't even tell between left and right except for cooking to tell the directions among north, south, east and west.

During his university years, there was once a class party. As it was the last year before they graduated, he also took part in it. However, he didn't even find the place after quite a while. It was his class monitor who came out to pick him up at last.

If not, there was no way out. They didn't see him even at the designated place in the university.

The dialogues of the two persons were as follows.

Class Monitor, "Where are you, Pi?"

Yuan Zhou, "I'm on a nameless trail. It's supposed to be not far from the concert hall."

But the concert hall of Yuan Zhou's university was built on a very high place and it could be seen at any site in the university.

Therefore, the class monitor was lost in silence for a while and then changed a way to ask.

"Pi, we'll wait for you in the north of the south region." The monitor felt it would work in this way.

Yet, he didn't expect Yuan Zhou to answer him so squarely, "Which direction is the north?"

Then, the monitor became dumbfounded, for a long while, before he reacted and straightforwardly told him he would go to pick him up. Ever since then, no one had dared to ask him for directions anymore. Luckily, it didn't take long before they graduated and drifted apart.

Let's come back to our story. Yuan Zhou was right now quite vexed while he was looking at the oversize rotary table with different sizes...