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287 One Serving of A Delicacy

 In a brand-new office, Lee Yanyi was sitting at the desk and writing a report seriously. At that time, a knock of "Dong Dong" came.

"Come in, please," Lee Yanyi didn't turn his head but just said straightforwardly.

"Professor, here is a document for you." Taking a document in the hand, Yan Jia walked into the office lightly.

"What document is it to have you send to me at this time of day?" Lee Yanyi raise the head.

"Have a look." Not saying much, Yan Jia directly handed the document to him.

"Oh?" Lee Yanyi took a look at Yan Jia, who seldom keep people guessing like right now. Then he got a little curious.

"Hua La", he received the document, opened it and checked it straightway.

The title of the document was Recommendations of the Most Anticipated Tiny Restaurant. Under the title, the agreed result was Yuan Zhou's restaurant, namely the Master Chef restaurant.

"It turns out to be this matter." Lee Yanyi took a glance at it and then took out his personal seal and stamped it on the document.

"Professor, you are not going to stop it?" Yan Jia was a little surprised.

"Why should I stop this matter?" There wasn't any expression of puzzlement on the solemn and skinny face of Lee Yanyi.

"You don't wish for that place to have too many people, do you?" Yan Jia asked directly.

"It will happen sooner or later. It's just a little early," Lee Yanyi said calmly.

"Ok. I'll leave you to your work." Yan Jia paused a while. When he saw Lee Yanyi not intend to say anything, he uttered.

"Humm, take it." Lee Yanyi pointed to the document that he had just approved.

"Alright." Yan Jia nodded the head seriously and went out of the office.

"Peng". Looking at the door shut, Yan Jia shrugged and indicated that he still couldn't understand Lee Yanyi's mind.

However, that wouldn't affect Yan Jia's working efficiency. Soon, the document was sent out to the proposer.

After that, the identity of Yuan Zhou's restaurant was finally confirmed. The title of Most Anticipated Tiny Restaurant anyhow corresponded to the taste of Yuan Zhou's restaurant temporarily. Of course, Yuan Zhou likewise identified with this title after he constantly looked at the result displayed on the phone.

What he needed to do now was to wait for the gourmet map to be updated. Luckily, there was only several days left.

The whole morning passed very soon and then it came to the business time at noon. When Zhou Jia came to work, Yuan Zhou happened to be putting away his phone.

It was a quite rare matter.

"Hi, boss." With a manner of anxiety, Zhou Jia greeted courteously.

"Humm." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"Boss, I heard that somebody wants to purchase the stores nearby over here," Zhou Jia suddenly said that.

"Pardon?" Yuan Zhou was a little puzzled.

"I heard that somebody wants to come here and purchase the stores nearby including yours and then make it into a very large restaurant. Do you know that?" Zhou Jia asked carefully.

"No, I don't," Yuan Zhou said squarely.

"Aren't you worried?" Zhou Jia appeared to be more anxious.

"The big boss is said to be very powerful. In that case, the government might approve his proposal." Zhou Jia majored in Economic Management and was very clear that there wasn't comparability between a small restaurant and a large one.

"Really?" Yuan Zhou didn't really know about that.

"In other words, the tax that you pay will never surpass that paid by the large restaurant. So..." Zhou Jia said euphemistically.

"If so, we don't need to worry about that now." Speaking of the tax, Yuan Zhou didn't worry anymore.

"Why?" Zhou Jia was a little puzzled.

"You'll know why when you stay longer," Yuan Zhou said mysteriously.

"Oh." Seeing Yuan Zhou behave so affirmative, Zhou Jia had only to nod the head. Meanwhile, the anxiety in her heart diminished.

Zhou Jia hadn't stayed here for long and had barely worked for one month in total, if including Yuan Zhou's rest time. It was normal that she didn't know that, but later she would understand it.

As for the tax, Yuan Zhou had a say in that. The rising amount of tax month by month could add no more heartache to Yuan Zhou. Regarding the amount of tax of a large restaurant, Yuan Zhou didn't actually think it would surpass what was paid by him, let alone that it was still increasing now.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou didn't worry about that at all.

"Go tidy up the restaurant." Yuan Zhou pointed to the interior of the restaurant and said.

"Alright." Zhou Jia looked at Yuan Zhou again and found he truly wasn't worried at all. Then, she went to work securely.

"Boss Yuan, we are coming." The loud voice of Wu Zhou arrive ahead of him.

"I'm the first," Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and said coldly at the side.

"Didn't you eat the dishes yesterday? Why are you still so bad-tempered?" Wu Zhou was startled by the indifferent expression on Wu Hai's face.

"It's none of your business." Wu Hai appeared to be quite unhappy.

"Were you beaten by your sister?" Wu Zhou was always unafraid to be beaten. Even Zhao Yingjun couldn't stop him from saying that. Wang Nan, who stood at the side and appeared to be anxious, likewise had only to worry in vain.

"You know too much." Wu Hai looked at Wu Zhou with cold eyes, which resembled Wu Lin's murderous look.

"Err... well, I will stop." Wu Zhou had an intuition of animals, the so-called the seventh sense of man, thus shut up immediately.

"Let's eat. Didn't you say you would treat? Let's go." At that time, Zhao Yingjun went up and said in time.

"Yeah, right. Wang Nan, the Egg Fried Rice served here tastes great. Let's order this dish." Wu Zhou said affirmatively.

"Ok. Egg Fried Rice, please. Thank you," Wang Nan said with a slight embarrassment.

"Never mind. You'll know the taste after you eat it. It well deserves the price." Zhao Yingjun also tilted his head and said to him.

"Humm." Wang Nan nodded the head.

Wu Hai still kept silent with his long face and Wang Nan had nothing in common to talk with Wu Zhou and Zhao Yingjun. The curved long table was then lost in silence.

Until Zhou Jia came to take orders, "What do you want to eat today, everybody?"

"Three servings of Egg Fried Rice." Wu Zhou said quickly and meanwhile stopped Zhao Yingjun who wanted to say something.

"Alright, one moment, please. What about you?" Zhou Jia asked Wu Hai.

"Dongpo Pig Knuckle, Translucent Beef Slices, Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork and Silk Twined Rabbit." Wu Hai ordered the dishes one by one.

"Ok. Please wait a moment, please." Zhou Jia turned around and prepared to walk away.

"That prawn is still alive?" With his sharp eyes, Wu Hai caught sight of the prawn that had been kept among the sergestes.

"Yes, it's alive and kicking." Zhou Jia answered earnestly.

"One prawn could live so well." Looking at the prawns that had just leaped up and the surrounding pink sergestes, Wu Hai said with a manner of dislike.

Zhou Jia nodded the head smilingly and then turned around to tell Yuan Zhou the dishes.

As a person who felt uncomfortable if he had nothing to do, Wu Zhou began to talk.

"Look at the people outside. Wasn't I right by saying to come earlier?" Wu Zhou pointed at the crowd lining up outside and said proudly.

"Humm. Why can't we order the take-out?" Having always lowered his head since entering the restaurant, Wang Nan was a little puzzled.

"You'll know why after you come twice more. The dishes here are all delicious, but much too expensive. Apart from that, the boss has lots of rules." Although Zhao Yingjun talked in a manner of dislike, his tone was full of satisfaction.

"Humm." With a nod, Wang Nan indicated that he was clear now. He was still slightly suspicious, but didn't ask anymore.

"Egg Fried Rice for you three." While they were talking, Zhou Jia carried the dishes to them.

"Hurry up to eat it. It's finally served." Wu Zhou picked up the spoon immediately and began to eat excitedly.

Beside him, Zhao Yingjun also started to eat straightforwardly as if he could wait no more for even a single minute. Wang Nan paused a little while and followed suit.

As soon as he swallowed up the mouthful of the rice, Wang Nan got stunned. Then he continued to eat it one spoonful after another quickly.

Although he ate after the other two persons, he finished the first. Then he took the spoon and stared blankly at the empty plate. Just in a little while, he surprisingly wept.

"Hey, you brat. Even if it's delicious, you don't need to cry." When Wu Hai saw that, he frowned and looked at Wang Nan, with an obscure expression.

"Are you talking to me?" Wang Nan wiped his face dry and asked.

"You can even cry because of a serving of Egg Fried Rice. Who else can it be?" Wu Hai answered with a manner of contempt.

Having barely finished the meal and got no time to savor the aftertaste, Wu Zhou and Zhao Yingjun both looked at Wang Nan with suspicion.

Yuan Zhou's dishes were top-notch delicacies recognized by all. But it might only exist in the movie and TV drama that one could cry because he had eaten the delicious foods. Therefore, Wu Hai was quite curious.

"Sorry. It's the first time I came to this city and this restaurant. I wasn't really accustomed to the surroundings." Wang Nan set down the spoon and explained.

"Main point, please. This explanation has nothing to do with you crying." Wu Hai was rather impatient. He didn't want to hear only the complaints.

"I wasn't crying for the wonderful taste... It's just that I feel so good to be able to eat tasty stuff in a new and strange city. The food enriches my stomach as if it enriches my whole body. It's really an excellent feeling. Thank you so much."

The passage wasn't uttered fluently. Apparently, Wang Nan was a little emotional, but he rarely smiled. In the end, he didn't know how to describe it anymore, hence just thanked them.

"A weird person." Looking at the smiling face in the tears of Wang Nan, Wu Hai said inexplicably.

Most of the time, it was neither the GDP nor the cultural atmosphere that made people identify with the city.

It might be a small stall at the wayside where he could eat a not-so-expensive beef noodles.

It also might be a Huangjiao Tree at the road side, or else, a dim street lamp in an alley...