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286 Most Anticipated Tiny Restauran

 Breakfast time soon passed. Sitting in the restaurant alone, Yuan Zhou was thinking about how to complete the mission. Concerning level-ups, he was rather proactive.

Leveling up meant the mastery of new cooking techniques, the increase of his income, and the unlocking of tables and chairs. The benefits were self-evident.

[How to become the landmark restaurant in the gourmet map?] Yuan Zhou took out his phone and typed a long succession of characters.

As soon as the word was inputted, a bunch of answers popped up on the web page. However, they were all unrelated answers.

Only one of them could be considered to be reliable.

[That depends on the customer flow and the popularity.], from Comrade Lei Hong.

"There should be no problem with the customer flow of my restaurant. Yet, the popularity isn't as much as the customer flow." Yuan Zhou considered carefully.

As the system didn't allow him to publicize by himself, the popularity was only confined to this district or worse, in the neighboring areas. It wouldn't be so good in farther areas, not even so good as World Foodie Hotel which was about half an hour drive away.

"Publicity by word of mouth is slow, but has firm effects." Yuan Zhou seemed lost in thought.

"Ling Ling Ling, Ling Ling Ling". Just as Yuan Zhou was thinking about this matter, the phone suddenly rang.

"Sun Ming?" Yuan Zhou picked the phone up and found it was his brother that he had just contacted last night.

"What's wrong?" Yuan Zhou asked straightforwardly.

"I think you, Pi, have to treat me to a meal again." Once the phone was put through, Sun Ming's voice passed through with excitement from the other end.

"Sorry, I won't," Yuan Zhou refused bluntly.

"You won't say so after you hear this news from me," said Sun Ming with certainty.

"Really?" Yuan Zhou knew that Sun Ming wanted to tantalize him by not telling him directly. However, he wouldn't be fooled.

"Aren't you curious?" Although Sun Ming knew that Yuan Zhou didn't like guessing, he still couldn't help teasing him.

"No, I am not." While holding the phone with one hand, he tidied up the azure stone countertop with the other.

"You are really uninteresting. No wonder you have no girlfriend." Sun Ming grumbled.

"No. It's just because the girls are too reserved nowadays and they are nervous on seeing such a perfect prince charming like me," Yuan Zhou retorted seriously.

"Ho Ho. Pi, do you know your nickname?" Sun Ming felt it really necessary for him to make his brother clear-headed.

"Of course. Are you not feeling well today?" Yuan Zhou expressed his dislike for Sun Ming's low IQ in a euphemistic manner.

Was there anybody else that asked another person's nickname while calling it by himself?

"Forget it. It's not bad if you think that way. Otherwise, you wouldn't be in a mood to run the restaurant," Sun Ming said with deep empathy.

"What the matter?" Yuan Zhou had almost finished tidying up the kitchen, but Sun Ming still hadn't spoke his point.

"Good news. Seem like you are to be awarded." Sun Ming was reminded of his purpose suddenly.

"Awarded? I have never taken part in any competition," Yuan Zhou frowned and said with puzzlement.

"This one is absolutely unusual. They don't actually invite people to take part in, but just decide on the awards by themselves and then their chief signs before the final result is released." Sun Ming explained roughly.

However, Yuan Zhou still didn't get it.

"What does that mean?"

"The Most Anticipated Restaurant. The award is yours for this quarter of the year." Speaking of that, Sun Ming revealed full of pride in his tone.

This award was really not easy to get, but his brother made it. Only thinking of that made him feel excited.

"Where is the result released?" Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

"On their website, of course. Besides, they don't notify the victor specifically." With a mysterious look, Sun Ming revealed a tone of "Hurry up. Come to ask me."

"Humm. How do you know?" Sometimes, Yuan Zhou was very good at the interpersonal communications. Just like this time, he offered Sun Ming an opportunity to act cool.

"Of course I inquired about that with my strong social connections. It's still in process and will be released soon. You can enjoy many benefits after you get it." The apparent pride in his tone could be clearly captured at the other end of the phone.

"Can I be the regional landmark restaurant with that award? You know, it's the one in gourmet map." Hit by an inspiration, Yuan Zhou asked immediately.

"No problem, naturally. This one is more important than that one. They just don't enjoy the same circles, but we foodies all hold this one in esteem." Sun Ming felt he should be proud to be a tasteful foodie.

"I will treat you to a meal," Yuan Zhou suddenly said.

"See? I told you at the beginning you would treat me to a meal." Sun Ming got more complacent now.

"Ok, no problem. That's it, bye." Yuan Zhou behaved as if to burn the bridge after crossing it.

"You brat!" Sun Ming was still saying something when the busy signal of "Du Du Du" passed from the other end of the phone.

"Indeed, it's 59 seconds. Damn obsessive compulsive disorder!!!" Sun Ming's indignation couldn't be expressed with just three exclamation symbols.

According to his habit, Yuan Zhou usually hung off the phone at the last second of one minute, namely the 59th second when he called others. Likewise, he basically hung off the phone at the 59th second after the proper business was said when he answered the phone. He explained euphemistically that he wouldn't give China Mobile the opportunity to earn more money.

Smart as Sun Ming was, however, he had already seen through him. It was merely an excuse to describe his obsessive compulsive disorder. Of course, Yuan Zhou might really do that to save money. After all, Yuan Zhou loved money very much, but meanwhile he was trustworthy to his friends.

Having hung off the telephone, Yuan Zhou revealed a smile, "System, could the mission be considered to be completed now?"

The system displayed, "The gourmet map of next month is the only standard of the mission completion."

"It's so inflexible. Even if you are the powerful system, you have to be flexible," Yuan Zhou said earnestly.

The system displayed, "Host, since you have done very well since the first mission, I hereby awarded you a special reward."

"Gee? Wow, there's reward. When do you become so generous?" With a suspicious expression, Yuan Zhou began to think deeply about the system's word.

Every time the system offered any reward on its own initiative, there was basically no good thing. Therefore, Yuan Zhou had got used to making the best of his wisdom and preparing to see through the trick of the system at that time.

There was no exception either this time. Soon, he found that the system was surprisingly sneering at him for being square. After all, many rules of the restaurant was set by himself. But luckily, it was Yuan Zhou himself who stimulated the system. It was likewise great if there was really any reward.

"Is there really a reward?" Yuan Zhou asked suspiciously.

The system displayed," The royal jelly can be received every five days."

"Can I receive it today?" asked Yuan Zhou directly.

The system displayed, "Yes, you can."

Only then did Yuan Zhou reveal a smile. Now he could finally invite Huang Ling and her younger brother to come for meal.

Yuan Zhou felt quite happy as he could keep his word at once. At the other side, Huang Ling was also very happy. She had been notified last night that somebody would send the subsidy to her on the following day personally.

"Dong Dong Dong". Speak of the devil. When the knock sounded, Huang Ling immediately opened the door.

Outside the door was really a young man dressed in uniforms. Neither she nor her brother had seen him before. He appeared rather bright and carried a warm smile. He asked courteously, "Are you Miss Huang Ling?"

"Yes. Are you Police Officer Zhang?" Huang Ling also asked.

"Yes. This is your subsidy. Please sign for it." Police Officer Zhang handed to her a thick leather envelope.

"Thank you so much. Please come in for a rest." Huang Ling received the envelope quite happily and then made way to let the person in.

"No need. I'm here on official business. Bye, Miss Huang Ling." Police Officer Zhang said smilingly. After that, he turned around and left squarely.

As soon as Police Officer Zhang walked farther, Huang Li got excited. He went up and asked immediately, "Sister, let's check how much it is now."

"Ok. Let's check together." Huang Ling took out the leather envelope and put it on the table.

After unpacking the envelope, there appeared several thick stacks of money. All were brand-new 100 RMB notes.

"Why is there so much money?" Huang Ling was a little suspicious.

"Is it much? This is exchanged with the cost of our parents' life." Huang Li was originally very excited, but as soon as he remembered his parents and himself, he said bitterly.

"Yeah. We can finally send you to the hospital to cure your legs. This time, they can definitely get cured." Huang Ling said decisively.

How come the genuine subsidy reached as high as more than 100,000 RMB? It was actually only tens of thousands of RMB. The extra 100,000 RMB was matter-of-factly the reward for Boss Zhao and his men catching the criminal wanted by the law. They sent the money to the sister and brother in the name of subsidy.

People did crazy things for money like what birds would do for food. In this society, money was truly the best thing, but some fools would still like to spend more than 100,000 RMB on a meal.