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285 How to Wittily Play Cute

 "System, there's no problem with our defensive measures, right?" Having gotten along with the system for so long, Yuan Zhou also became tricky, which naturally indicated that the several books concerning the art of speaking indeed worked.

So he bound the system with himself using the word 'our' this time.

The system displayed, "This request is in compliance with the regulation."

"That's good. This work is given to you then," Yuan Zhou said with quite a relieved look.

After that, Yuan Zhou immediately went to wash up quickly as he had prepared to go out and check the situation outside.

"Dong Dong Dong", Yuan Zhou walked downstairs hurriedly.

"Zhi Ya", he opened the back door.

With Yuan Zhou's sharp eyes, he could easily find out there were many flaws on the ground that seemed to be same as original, even if the system didn't show him the video.

Both the exposure of the inner soil and the changed blue flagstone proved his speculations.

"How surprising! This guy dug out a tunnel. Did he watch too many marmots doing so?" Looking at the ground, Yuan Zhou couldn't help grumbling.

He checked it carefully again and then became convinced. It was tidied really cleanly. If not for his sharp eyes, the tiny flaws were truly likely to be concealed. However, he still wanted to grumble.

"He probably didn't think a small restaurant would have the security guard. Ho Ho." He looked at the keyhole that had no traces at all.

After a sound of "Peng", Yuan Zhou shut the door. Habitually, he went out to jog. No matter what happened, morning exercises couldn't be dropped.

It was the key stage to become a prince charming.

Of course, Yuan Zhou went specifically to the dog, Broth, when he walked to the entrance.

"Hey, don't eat anything given by others casually," Yuan Zhou jogged on the spot at the entrance of his restaurant and said to Broth at the same time.

"..." Broth just lay on the ground dumbly and didn't respond to him.

"Listen. Don't eat anything casually," Yuan Zhou said again to it.

Then Broth seemed to take a look at Yuan Zhou with its dark eyes.

"It's good that you heard me." Yuan Zhou felt the dog could definitely understand him. After all, this little thing was sometimes as smart as humans.

In the process of jogging, he recalled Broth's performance that he had seen last time.

It was in the morning. Yuan Zhou went out to buy the radishes and prepared to sculpt them, as usual. When he pulled the small cart and walked not far, he saw Broth playing cute over there.

Naturally, he stopped to watch the scene.

From where he stood, he could clearly see the dog Broth in the side street.

He first saw two girls walking nearer from a distance while talking and laughing. At that time, Broth went up and squatted down in front of them.

It raised its hairy head and rolled its black eyes and occasionally made a sound of "Wu Wu", looking to be extraordinarily lovable.

"Wow, so cute. It's surprisingly a Maltese dog." Immediately, the two girls were attracted. They directly crouched and beckoned Broth to them.

Broth ran a few steps forward at once and let out a barking sound of "woof woof" when it approached the girls. Then, it stood up and wagged its tail.

"Li Li, do you still have anything to eat?" While a girl was stroking the obedient dog excitedly, she asked the other girl who's also stroking it happily.

"Yes. Let's feed it." The other one immediately answered. She unzipped the handbag and took out some food and then started to feed Broth.

As was always the case, it might be humans' natural instincts to feed cute animals whenever they saw one.

In the same way, the dog Broth cheated some foods from several passers-by. Of course, Broth only aimed at young girls or girls that were accompanied by their boyfriends.

Girls were emotional creatures. Under such circumstances, they wouldn't think of anything else but just fed the dog.

In a little while, however, it no longer ate the food offered by a girl and even let out a continuous sound of "woof woof". It just refused to eat the ham sausage sent to its mouth.

"Let's leave. See, it doesn't like eating anymore," said the young man beside her impatiently.

"How is it possible? All dogs like eating the ham sausage." The girl insisted on feeding it.

"The dog might be already full." The young man made up a reason casually.

"No, that's impossible. If it's full, why does it lick my hand? You go to buy something else and let me try to feed it." Having been licked on her palm, the girl felt an itch and couldn't help giggling.

"A mere dog is even fastidious about food," the young man said discontentedly.

"Hurry up. How cute the dog is! What about we raising it?" the girl proposed on a whim.

"Do you think there's more space in our house to raise a dog?" The man rolled his eyes and almost got mad.

At least, Yuan Zhou had seen him roll his eyes more than once when the girl stroked the dog.

"Then why don't you hurry up to buy something?" The girl was a little upset, but was soon amused by Broth. Then she began to urge her boyfriend.

"What should I buy? It doesn't even eat the ham sausage. I think this dog is going against nature," said the man roughly.

"You can buy some water and some other food. Hurry, please." The girl then told him what to buy.

Only then did the man go to buy them helplessly. After a while, he truly returned with the mineral water and some bread.

"The bread is for you and the water is for the dog." The young man instructed.

However, the girl paid no attention to that. She directly unpacked the bread and tried to feed the dog. Not until she moved the water to its mouth did it appear to be interested. Yet as the dog was unable to drink water from the bottle directly, the girl went to borrow the paper cup personally and then fed Broth.

"It's surprisingly asking for water." Yuan Zhou likewise supported his forehead, "It's simply not a dog and even smarter than humans."

Broth never fawned on males. It only targeted at girls and asked for food by playing cute, rolling on the ground and behaving in a spoiled manner. It was good at that kind of trick.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou believed that Broth could comprehend human's word and specially went to instruct it this time. It was a dog that could almost challenge humans on wits.

Having returned after jogging, Yuan Zhou began to prepare the breakfast. The breakfast today was a new dish that had been tested by Sun Ming, the Sweet Osmanthus Sandwiched Yuanxiao.

He made some Yuanxiao beforehand, which could be eaten directly after boiling. It was convenient and quick. For the time being, however, the most important thing was to fill the belly.

Once the restaurant was opened later today, Wu Hai would be the first customer for sure.

"Morning, one serving of breakfast, please," Wu Hai walked into the restaurant leisurely and said with a relieved look.

"One serving for me, too." In the wake of Wu Hai was an unexpected person, the arrogant man. Just three hours ago, Yuan Zhou saw him in the video provided by the system. He merely changed a set of clothes and still looked arrogant.

"Ok. One moment, please. We are serving the Sweet Osmanthus Sandwiched Yuanxiao this morning." Zhuo Jia had started to introduce the breakfast before Yuan Zhou reacted.

"It's surprisingly a new dish. I'm so lucky in the early morning." Wu Hai was very happy. He stroked his small mustaches and then sat down, waiting for the dish.

The arrogant man nevertheless didn't change at all. He got seated and waited to eat his dish swaggeringly, without any embarrassment for being a thief last night.

In a little while, Yuan Zhou got the two servings of Yuanxiao prepared. He carried up one serving to the arrogant man personally.

"Here's your Sweet Osmanthus Sandwiched Yuanxiao. Please enjoy." Yuan Zhou set down the dish and signaled he could eat now.

"Thank you." The arrogant man nodded the head calmly and naturally. Then he took the spoon and prepared to eat.

"The sewer pipe is actually on the left. You just dug to the discharge trough," Yuan Zhou suddenly said solemnly.

"Alright, I got it. It won't happen next time." Without pausing for one second, the arrogant man straightforwardly answered.

"Humm." After a nod, Yuan Zhou turned around and went back to the kitchen and then continued to prepare the dish.

The arrogant man likewise started to taste the delicious dish without any embarrassment.

The two persons were virtually the strangest restaurant owner and thief...