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284 Thief of Delicious Foods

 "It turns out to be true that the back door is weaker." Every movement of the arrogant man was full of caution and his voice was likewise lowered especially.

The arrogant man looked at the lock to the back door carefully.

He took out a flashlight and turned it on after a sound of "Pa". Then, the light shined right into the keyhole. After that, the man moved closer and started to observe the shape inside very carefully.

It was a long time...

After a light sound of turning over the clothes, the arrogant man took out a clip that looked like girls' hair clip from the pocket. But it was only the shape that resembled the hair clip, as in the next second the man straightforwardly bent it into a shape of a key neatly.

"Aha. How deft my craftsmanship is!" While speaking of that, the man inserted the key-like clip into the keyhole.

After quite a while, he still didn't hear any clear sound of the door being unlocked from the keyhole.

"Interesting." Having taken out the clip, the man found that it didn't transform at all, which made him a little surprised.

He then inserted the key-like clip into the keyhole again, but still, there wasn't any reaction after a long while.

"So strange. Even if the door can't be unlocked, the clip isn't likely to keep its original shape." Taking the intact clip in his hand, the man got a little puzzled.

"Ta Ta Ta", he walked slowly around the door for a few circles.

"Is it a dummy lock?" He said suspiciously.

Meanwhile, he reached out his hand and prepared to twist the doorknob. After a sound of "Ka Ca", the doorknob revolved as expected, but still, the door wasn't opened.

"It's truly a dummy lock. I have become more expectant now." Instead of discouragement, the man revealed an expression of excitement on his face.

He was a thief, a thief of delicious foods. He liked stealing the tasty food ingredients most. As long as he was interested in any or had eaten any, he would inevitably go to steal it. Naturally, he took himself as an elegant thief.

In a martial arts novel of Gu Long, there was a role called Chu Liuxiang, who did very well in light feet and had successfully stolen numerous treasures. People called him the Fragrant Handsome Man. Nevertheless, he was a more tasteful person who stole only the rare, delicious and superb food ingredients.

Besides, it couldn't be called 'stealing' as he had paid money for that. The money was just placed on the azure stone countertop where the cook Yuan Zhou processed the food ingredients and was definitely worth of the value of the precious food ingredients.

So he especially came to savor the dishes out of genuine admiration and then implemented the deeds of theft.

However, he came across a little problem now. Of course, it wasn't a big problem for such an experienced man as him. He had even been to stars hotels for more than a few times.

"Since there's no lock, let me change another way." The man then took out a folded small shovel from the coat. The sharp end of the shovel gleamed the cold light.

"Up." The man lifted up the big blue flagstone in front of the back door.

Of course, it wasn't because he had infinite superhuman strength. He just made the preparations beforehand.

For example, he didn't try to get into the room from the front door as the dog Broth was guarding there. It was more difficult to cope with a smart dog than an obedient stone.

The blue flagstone was put on one side lightly and then the soil appeared. Only then did the man smile contentedly. He put on the leather gloves, took the shovel and began to dig the soil. Of course, he did that quietly.

Despite such a big event at the back door, Yuan Zhou was right sleeping soundly on the second floor and was even dreaming. Crowds of beauties were not on his concern right now. It was Yuan Zhou's current dream to unblock the system and become the master chef.

"It's truly soft. It seems that I can get into the room very quickly." The man had already noticed that the floor in Yuan Zhou's restaurant wasn't ceramic tiles, but the very simple blue flagstones, although they appeared to fit together perfectly.

But who was he? He was the thief of delicious foods that specially looked for the aperture and tried to get inside. As long as he could dig through the floor, he would have his target reached easily.

"Ding". As he dug closer to the back door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and prepared to dig forward again, there suddenly passed a sound of collision.

"Crushed stones." The man didn't really care about it. With his hands in gloves, he reached them out into the hole and wanted to take the stones out.

The moment he reached out his hands, however, the man got slightly dumbfounded.

"What's this?" After his hands reached into the hole, he found it was a flat surface inside and still remained the same no matter he moved upward or downward.

"What kind of stone can be so big?" The man was reluctant to believe in the heresy. He carefully excavated the soil around the hole.

"Damn it!" Having excavated the soil and saw the truth, the man finally couldn't help talking dirty.

What appeared in front of him was surprisingly a wall. If it was merely an ordinary wall, he could explain the foundation was well built. But the truth was that the wall in front of him was metallic and moreover, it sounded "Peng Peng" when being knocked.

"Hua Hua Hua", he felt stunned for a while. Then, he suddenly took the shovel and continue digging the soil while he was grumbling with a low voice, "Let me check if it's all like that."

Then he turned to the left, reaching the wall where Yuan Zhou's restaurant continued to the neighboring store and the wall of Yuan Zhou's pub on the other side. However, he found he was way too naive.

"These are all damn metal walls. I'm merely one that steals food ingredients from this small restaurant by the street. I'm not stealing gold bars." Looking at the bright metal in sight, the man felt rather speechless. He wouldn't be curious if this kind of thing appeared in JP Morgan in New York.

But now... It wasn't a matter of curiosity anymore.

Who exactly would build metal under the walls of his house up to a few meters deep? Judging from the sound, he felt the thickness would be no less than 20cm. What exactly was it? It wasn't actually defending against the theft.

"It must be built for defending against the missiles." The man threw the shovel and became speechless.

His arrogant face was slightly twitching. Having reached so many places, he bumped into such a small restaurant for the first time.

He could only make a wry smile.

However, he didn't know that ten or twenty meters down into the ground were all chromium titanium alloy as thick as 20cm. The hardness of the chromium was 9 while the titanium had the best ductility and was most unlikely to be damaged.

Such metals wrapped everywhere around Yuan Zhou's restaurant. In order words, even the walls and roof of Yuan Zhou's restaurant were protected by such metals. Except the White House, no other places presumably had better protective measures. It was just that Yuan Zhou's restaurant had no weapons.

Since everything was provided by the system, Yuan Zhou was never afraid of the noise from outside. After all, the sound-proof materials added into the walls by the system were just excellent.

Therefore, the system would only tell him to quit the attempt under such circumstances even if the man wanted to dig a hole into the restaurant.

"It seems that I have only to cope with the dog." Having patted the dust off his clothes, the man didn't really give up.

"I almost made a trench." With a smile of self-mockery, the man began to make Yuan Zhou's back door back to what it had been.

This work was nevertheless done deftly by him.

At about 3:30 a.m., everything was back to normal. The man tidied up his stuff and confirmed everything was packed before he left.

As for Yuan Zhou, he woke up at the regular time. He had formed a good biological clock.

As soon as he woke up, there was a big news waiting for him.

The system displayed, "Host, somebody tried to get into the restaurant from the back door and steal things."

"Pardon? What happened so early in the morning?" Yuan Zhou became dumbfounded.

What kind of theft did the system notice? Was it for money? This was way too audacious. Since the lunar New Year hadn't yet arrived, did the thief want to steal for the holiday?

The system displayed, "Host, please be cautious of the safety."

"Err... Am I in danger?" Speaking of safety, Yuan Zhou trembled.

The system displayed, "There's a thief of delicious foods. He specially steals the top-notch food ingredients."

Then, the system showed him the information of the thief of delicious foods and the video of the situation outside of the back door last night. It was as clear as in daytime. After watching the video, Yuan Zhou became speechless.

"It's surprisingly this guy. System, did you stop him?" Suddenly, Yuan Zhou thought of the problem.

The system displayed, "The updated sound-proof wall could prevent thieves from getting inside effectively."

"Sound-proof?" Yuan Zhou was a little puzzled.

However, Yuan Zhou was more worried about the dog Broth now. After all, that man had said that he wouldn't give up.