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283 The Arrogant Man

 "You say I don't have money?" Ling Hong felt it rather ridiculous. As a so-called the rich second-generation, did Wu Hai think he was short of money?

It was a little funny.

"I'll start to eat now." Wu Hai said simply and didn't answer Ling Hong anymore.

"Alright. You must have died from hunger in your previous existence. I'm leaving now. The envious sight of those people almost killed me." Ling Hong shrugged. Customers waiting outside had indeed waited for too long.

While Yuan Zhou's restaurant was bustling due to the new dishes, Wu Zhou was likewise doing publicity for Yuan Zhou free of charge at the other side.

"Wang Nan, shall we go to eat together?" Wu Zhou tilted his head and said to the person beside him.

The IT company where Wu Zhou worked belonged to a very large company and the office here was only a branch. The person beside him wore a short-sleeve checkered shirt and had a crew cut. His complexion appeared to be that of a typical programmer, being pale and weak.

This person had just joined in the company and was arranged to work under Wu Zhou by chance.

"Humm?" Wang Nan raised his head with a slower pace.

"Even if we are working overtime, we have to eat first. Man can't work without eating food. Let's go for the meal. I'm taking you to that small restaurant today and I'm sure you will be reluctant to leave." Wu Hai patted on his chest confidently.

"Huh, are you treating?" Zhao Yingjun raised the head and asked at the other side.

"Of course. Wang Nan is new here and naturally I will treat," Wu Zhou answered squarely.

However, he still felt a little heartache. The pocket money given by his girlfriend was going to become less again.

"You are really not a nice guy. You don't even treat this brother of yours." Zhao Yingjun said with an evil laugh.

"Go away. I'm asking Wang Nan now." Wu Hai waved his hand with a manner of contempt.

"Well, sorry. Thanks so much, but I don't want to go." On Wang Nan's pale face appeared a flush. He seemed to have made great efforts to refuse Wu Zhou.

"No need to hold back. This guy Wu was rarely so generous. Go now," Zhao Yingjun also tried to persuade him.

"Sorry." Wang Nan apologized numbly, not looking at the other person at all, with his head lowered.

"Huh, never mind. It's not a big event. You decide. Then we'll go to eat. Let's get together next time." Having caught sight of Wang Nan's decisive manner, Wu Zhou stopped persuading him and then said smilingly.

"I'm leaving. Don't you want to eat? Come on." Wu Zhou signaled Zhao Yingjun to follow him quickly.

Zhao Yingjun nodded the head and cleared away the stuff before he stood up and walked out of the company with Wu Hai.

"Hooo. Sigh..." Seeing them leave, Wang Nan let out a sigh of relief and then sighed.

Having been here in the company for a week, he nevertheless only talked with Wu Zhou who was teaching him and Zhao Yingjun who's seated closer to him as well as with his senior leader.

"God knows if I can go back later," Wang Nan looked at the surroundings and said with a low voice.

After they walked out of the company, Zhao Yingjun was nevertheless a little dissatisfied, "This guy is too ... You know it, right?"

"Easy. He's only a little reserved." Wu Zhou answered, appearing to know him very much.

"Do you think so?" Zhao Yingjun was a little suspicious.

After all, Wang Nan seldom talked in normal times and he really didn't know about his character.

Wu Zhou recalled the occasion when Wang Nan wanted to go to the bathroom last time. As he had just gave him a repair task, Wang Nan straightforwardly worked until the afternoon without telling him anything. If not that Wu Zhou saw him look not good and hence asked him, he would have never known about that.

Speaking of the reason, it was quite simple. He was too shy to say that, hence forced it back until the last minute. He seldom got along with other colleagues in normal times and thus knew only a few people even after one week, which was all seen by Wu Zhou.

"He does a good job and has a first-class ability. It's just that he's much too reserved and doesn't tell others when he has something in the heart. Probably, he hasn't got used to the new surroundings yet. He's said to be from the branch company of Lingnan district," Wu Zhou said to the point.

"He is working under you now. You naturally know him better than others do." Zhao Yingjun had essentially grumbled about the new staff for the sake of Wu Zhou. Anyway, it was good since the guy wasn't that kind of person.

"That guy is just too reserved. I'll definitely bring him to eat together next time. Men are easy to get along with during a meal," said Wu Zhou smilingly. With his easy-going temperament, Wu Zhou was very easy to get on.

"There's no problem for me as long as you stand treat. I heard a new dish has been served," Zhao Yingjun said with his usual shrewd look.

"Never think about it. My wife didn't give me too much pocket money." Whenever Wu Zhou spoke of Zhuang Xinmu, he appeared rather sweet and proud.

"You are so disgusting. I'm going now." As a single man for more than 20 years, he hated Wu Zhou who was always showing off his intimate relationship with his girlfriend most.

A single man required the care and protection of the whole society. People should also pay more attention to that currently, especially when it was almost the end of the year.

They talked while walking ahead. Wang Nan, nevertheless, took out a piece of bread and then ate it together with the yogurt and some dried beef for lunch. It seemed that he didn't intend to go out to have lunch. And even his expression showed that he was too lazy to go out of the company.


When it went to the midnight, Yuan Zhou watched out from the window of his own bedroom and saw Shen Min barely make the last bus. Only after that did he return to the desk and sit down.

Then he started to calculate the turnover that day and found it surprisingly higher than that in normal times by 30%.

"The guy Wu Hai is really a rich man and eats so much." Taking the extra money, Yuan Zhou inevitably thought of Wu Hai.

Nevertheless, the corner of his mouth slightly twitched, because this guy persisted to stay in his restaurant until the closing time of the pub and managed to scrounge some liquor from Chenwei.

Having calculated the money, Yuan Zhou heaved a sigh contentedly.

"It seems that I need to buy a house now." Yuan Zhou looked at the familiar surroundings around and suddenly sighed with emotion.

"Xi Xi Suo Suo". After searching for a while, Yuan Zhou took out a debit card. It was in gold color and said to be the Golden Card.

Of course, the reason why Yuan Zhou applied for this card was quite pure. With this card, he wouldn't be charged with the handling fee when he withdrew the money from a different bank. As for other additional services, he wasn't really clear about them.

"I can finally have my dream realized with this thing." Yuan Zhou smiled happily, not revealing any usually aloof manner.

After all, what Yuan Zhou had dreamed of was merely an ordinary life.

Open a small restaurant in the countryside.

Serve some delicious dishes of Egg Fried Rice, Clear Broth Noodle Soup, Translucent Beef Slices and Dongpo Pig Knuckle, which were all his favorite.

As long as they were cooked by himself, he wasn't picky at all. Besides, there must be a complete variety of different dishes.

Even if the business was booming, he would also shut the door at the designated time.

Then, drive his Ferrari back to the villa 500m downtown.

Enjoy the ordinary life without saying any single word.

"Humm, I'm always so low profile." Taking the debit card in his hand, Yuan Zhou said dumbly.

Buying a house was a great event. After making the plan for a while in silence, he then washed up and went to bed.

It had been a little cold by Mid-September. The dog, Broth, had likewise enjoyed the warmth of a woolen blanket. At its special rest place outside Yuan Zhou's restaurant, a clean woolen blanket was right under Broth.

It wasn't bought by Yuan Zhou, of course. Broth had obtained it though its difficult interactions with others.

A dark shadow, with a rapid speed, flashed into the back alley of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Lying prone to the ground, Broth didn't bark.

"I'm followed by the dark night and accompanied by the moon. What an elegant scene!" A clear sound broke the silence of the quiet night.

There in the darkness appeared a big and tall man whose short hair was all standing upright. Wearing neat sportswear, he strode forward quickly yet without any sound. In the moonlight, he was found to be the man who acted cool in Yuan Zhou's restaurant at daytime.

The arrogant man had a clear-cut target. He walked straight to the back door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and stopped there, remaining still.

He was apparently preparing to do something evil!