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279 Wu Hai and Ling Hong

 Two servings of Dongpo Pig Knuckle were immediately eaten up by Yuan Zhou alone after they were done.

"Burp. It's definitely not because I eat a lot but because my craftsmanship is way too good," Yuan Zhou looked at the clean plates and said solemnly.

The gravy inside of the plate was, naturally, eaten clean by Yuan Zhou together with a bowl of plain white rice.

"I'm too full and should do some exercises," touching his belly dumbly, Yuan Zhou stood up and said.

"Ping Ling Pang Lang". Having tidied up the used kitchenware, Yuan Zhou carried them to the dishwasher provided by the system to wash.

After that, he started to deal with the pork hock. He had prepared to serve this dish of Dongpo Pig Knuckle that evening.

As for publicity? Well, Yuan Zhou indicated that his superb craftsmanship was the best publicity.

He was now making the preliminary preparations first so that he could make it more quickly once someone ordered the dish. That way, the dish could be fresh, delicious and thoroughly cooked.

Su Dongpo, one of the greatest literator, painter-calligrapher and gourmet in the Northern Song Dynasty once made a poetic work of poetry Eating Pork, reading, "The superior pork in Huang Zhou region is as cheap as the soil. The rich don't like eating it while the poor don't know how to cook it properly. It should cooked with slow fire and less water. When the time is sufficient, it'll naturally become delicious. Eating a bowl of the pork every morning prevents people from being hungry."

Therefore, the heat control of the pig knuckle was quite important. Of course, there was also the particular time to eat the dish cooked by Yuan Zhou.

While Yuan Zhou was making preparations for the meal in the evening, Wu Hai just got off the plane.

The fastest way to go back was naturally to take a taxi, which was convenient and could save time and effort.

"Hi, Taoxi Road, please," as soon as he got on the taxi, Wu Hai said straightforwardly.

"Alright. We'll be there very soon," the taxi-driver smiled and said happily.

This place was fairly far from here, which meant more fare, thus the taxi-driver was quite delighted.

At the other side, a person who had been attracted here by Yuan Zhou's fame was also on the way to Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

As a result, it seemed to be just the right time for Yuan Zhou to serve the dish of Dongpo Pig Knuckle. Wu Hai came back and besides, another person who admired Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship was also on the way here.


"Good evening, boss." Zhou Jia greeted Yuan Zhou with a well-behaved manner.

"Humm. We'll serve a new dish tonight," Yuan Zhou said straightway.

This time, Yuan Zhou told her about the new dish directly. Due to the matter of Honey Tremella last time, he had been attacked for a long time by the continuous grudges of Zhou Jia and Shen Min. Therefore, Yuan Zhou told her about that beforehand.

"Ok, boss. Please tell me the price." Zhou Jia was both happy and worried.

"Is it really good for the boss to be so capricious? Every time he serves new dishes, he neither gives notice nor publicizes. With his craftsmanship and popularity, the business will definitely boom after the publicity." While waiting for Yuan Zhou to answer her, Zhou Jia ridiculed him helplessly in the heart.

"The price is on the menu." Yuan Zhou signaled her to look at the menu.

Then, Zhou Jia turned to look at the wall behind her obediently.

As expected, there appeared another blank space on the price list, where the dish of Dongpo Pig Knuckle and its price were written.

"Hiss.. So expensive," Zhou Jia couldn't help saying in a low voice.

"However, the dish is a main course. The boss's craftsmanship definitely deserves the price," Thinking of Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship, Zhou Jia said as if it were obvious.

Yuan Zhou, nevertheless, turned around and continued to busy working in the kitchen.

"Boss, can I go to do some advertising?" Zhou Jia looked at the crowd waiting in line outside and then asked after a short consideration.

Because Zhou Jia had never seen Yuan Zhou publicize for himself, she was a little hesitant when she asked that. It wouldn't be good if her boss didn't like her to do that.

"Humm," Yuan Zhou answered vaguely.

Then he observed the system and saw nothing special happen.

As was expected, the publicity from others had nothing to do with Yuan Zhou himself.

"It seems to be wonderful to have such a smart girl as Zhou Jia working here." Yuan Zhou thought dumbly in the heart. He obviously wouldn't show any dislike to more money.

"Ok. I'm going now." Zhou Jia revealed a smile.

She first took up the phone and began to send messages in the gourmet group.

[Boss Yuan's menu is updated. Good news to meat-eaters. The dish of Dongpo Pig Knuckle is hereby developed. It'll be officially served tonight.], from Jia Jia.

Ignoring the more-than-99 replies from the group, Zhou Jia put down the phone and went outside the door.

"Everybody, we are serving a new dish, Dongpo Pig Knuckle, in Yuan Zhou's restaurant today. Everyone is welcomed to savor it," Zhou Jia revealed a sweet smile and said loudly and clearly.

Instantly, the crowd became excited and the scene got noisy. Only then did Zhou Jia see the former regular customer, Wu Hai, ahead of the line.

At that time, many people who knew Wu Hai started to congratulate him.

"It's really a wise decision to come back, Wu Hai. See? You can eat the new dish now," Ling Hong first congratulated Wu Hai smilingly. Yet in the next breath, he continued saying with a tone full of teasing.

"It's just that you didn't manage to eat the sweet and delicious Honey Tremella and scalding and tasty Smoked Fish Silver Thread Noodles. Sigh. Boss Yuan is way too capricious."

Ling Hong was apparently provoking the anger of Wu Hai. As a result, Wu Hai directly fought back.

"It's true that I didn't manage to eat the very first serving, but I will eat them for every meal and every day." While stroking the mustaches, Wu Hai looked with disdain at Ling Hong, who was sometimes too busy to come, and showed off his advantages brazenly.

"I have money." Ling Hong tossed his hair and then added, "Moreover, I'm tall and handsome."

Ling Hong had never lacked confidence.

"Ho Ho." With the manner of literary youth, Wu Hai showed much contempt.

After all, he was the renowned painter and had seen many rich second-generations such as Ling Hong.

"Haw-haw. I have been quite free these days and thus often come here. So many new dishes. What a happy life!" Ling Hong continued to stimulate Wu Hai.

He knew much about the degree of Wu Hai being picky about foods.

However, Wu Hai didn't answer him anymore. Instead, he just waited there silently and prepared to order all the new dishes one by one. After all, he felt that he was so hungry that he could eat up a whole cattle.

In the middle of the line was a man who was dressed up strikingly. He was wearing well-fitting casual clothes and kept a towering spiky hair, with each and every one of them standing upright vigorously. With his big eyes and bushy eyebrows, he appeared rather handsome and manly.

Standing there motionlessly, he emitted sense of self-confidence from all over his body, appearing quite arrogant.

"How surprising! I encountered a new dish today. I'm really lucky." Once he smiled, he became more handsome.

Of all the people in the line, some cared about the taste while some others cared about the price. For the meat-eaters, however, they agreed that the new dish was terrific.

"It's surprisingly Dongpo Pig Knuckle. Look, how clever I am. This is the pure meat dish. I don't even need the plain rice to eat up a whole plate of the dish," a thin middle-aged man said confidently.

"Are you sure? It's so greasy." Girls didn't show much interest in this pure meat dish.

"Of course. I almost drool on thinking of the sweet, tasty, soft, sticky and appetizing texture of the dish," the thin man said happily with his teeth visible to others.

"I still feel that Boss Yuan's Jinling Grass tastes great. Of course, the Braised Pork with Soy Sauce made of rice is also excellent." When the girls recalled the bland Jinling Grass and the yummy Braised Pork with Soy Sauce, they instantly felt that they were going to drool.

"After evolving for so many decades, humans aren't living just for vegetables," the slim middle-aged man said primly.

"Haw-haw. Yeah, that's true." As soon as the slim middle-aged man said that, many people including girls chimed in with him.

"Well, all right. We'll see if we want a try. But I'm afraid that I wouldn't finish it. If so, I will get blacklisted." The girl was slightly persuaded. However, she wasn't really confident that she could eat up one entire pork hock.

"Don't worry. We can help you," instantly, the crowd said in one voice.

It was really a cozy and friendly scene. Humans were truly creatures of unity, which meant strength.

Foodies were loving. Did anybody have inexhaustible money? Let me help you eat it up, for free. FREE OF CHARGE.