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278 Precautions of Dongpo Pig Knuckle

 "Boss Yuan, if you have any requirement for the shop sigh, we can talk about that." The man wearing a cap didn't believe that Yuan Zhou would refuse him so bluntly.

"It's very late. Bye." Instead of answering his question, Yuan Zhou nevertheless uttered to drive him away.

"Actually, I can offer you the newest product that requires the least power. It's convenient and can save power." The man wearing a cap offered more benefits continuously. Judging from that, Yuan Zhou's business was extraordinarily good.

"Thank you, but I don't need it." With an indifferent look, Yuan Zhou walked to the door, as if to send him away.

If the man still stayed there, Yuan Zhou almost couldn't control the primitive force inside of his body.

"All right. If you change your mind, feel free to call me." Seeing Yuan Zhou's determined attitude, the man wearing a cap could only leave. However, he still left his name card there.

"Good bye." Yuan Zhou said at last, but he didn't take the name card.

When the man wearing a cap found he wasn't going to make it, he left Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Hooo, so many temptations on the way to a Master Chef. I refused another one just now," Yuan Zhou comforted himself primly.

Nevertheless, Man Man and Zhou Jia got a little speechless.

"Boss Yuan, I really feel it is necessary for you to make a shop sigh." Said Man Man earnestly.

"I will have one when it's the right time." Yuan Zhou revealed a mysterious look.

"Since the restaurant has been opened for so long time, are you still prepared to specifically select one day to hang the shop sigh?" Man Man couldn't help ridiculing.

"You are right." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"...." Man Man had nothing to say instantly. Only after quite a while did she say,

"All right. I'm going back."

"Humm." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"Boss, I'm going back, too." As his employee, Zhou Jia found it inappropriate for her to say anything about the shop sigh.

"Take care on the way." This time, Yuan Zhou spoke a few more words.

It could be clearly seen that he wasn't in a good mood. That indeed made sense. Whoever declined a benefit would inevitably feel upset.

Not to mention that Yuan Zhou was a person who liked money. Therefore, such a situation was really understandable.

Once the man left, Yuan Zhou got seated in the chair following a sound of "Peng" and after quite a while he tapped open the mission directly and received the new dish.

[Side Mission] To collect 100 requests to open branch restaurants (completed)

(Mission tips: one couldn't be regarded as a master chef if no one applies for a branch restaurant.)

[Mission status] 100/100

[Mission Reward] A recipe of Dongpo Pig Knuckle (received)

(Reward tips: a main course of Sichuan Cuisines, a must-have dish for a master chef.)

"Only a meat dish can comfort my wounded heart." Yuan Zhou checked the cooking method of Dongpo Pig Knuckle dumbly.

There was not only the cooking method, but also the eating method of the dish as well as a long succession of precautions.

"Awesome, my system." Looking at the long succession of precautions, Yuan Zhou couldn't help but said.

The system displayed, "Thanks for your compliments."

"... You are welcome." Yuan Zhou really wanted to say it wasn't a compliment, but he didn't after some consideration. After all, he was truly grateful to the system.

This time, Yuan Zhou cooked two servings of Dongpo Pig Knuckle at a go due to the eating method. Therefore, he straightforwardly took out two pork hocks from the cabinet provided by the system.

"Are they fresh?" Yuan Zhou took up two pork hock with the same size and asked conveniently.

The system displayed, "Yes. The pork hock is taken from purebred Lantang Pig, also known as Hibiscus Pig. It has existed for quite a long time. Its history could be traced back as early as the period of Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties. And the fat and lean meat are evenly distributed, therefore it's totally different from the current lean-meat pork."

"The taste of the Lantang Pig is rather well-stacked. With its moderately distributed fat and lean meat, it's the best option for Dongpo Pig Knuckle."

"The origin of Lantang Pig, Zijin County, is dominated by mountainous and hilly areas with the average height above sea level no less than 300m. The Tropic of Cancer traverses the central section of the county. It is the subtropical monsoon climate and thus has a warm climate. The frost-free season reaches up to 300 days and the annual precipitation is about 1760mm. It's suitable for the growth of various crops including rice, peanut, soybean, sugarcane, silkworm and mulberry, etc."

"The abundant crops have provided the good and stable feeding atmosphere. Having been improved by the system, the proportion of the fat and lean meat reaches 5:5 perfectly.

"The plants for feeding the pig during the feeding period are herbage, including some medicinal plants that the pig likes the most. The daily sports time is arranged according to the weight, age and physical state of every pig. The pig itself doesn't have any smell of urine. Instead, it even has some fragrance."

"The pork hock selected this time are the front hoofs, including that piece of most delicious part, 'See No Sky'."

"Every time, you surprise me. What's wrong with you?" Yuan Zhou took the bamboo stick and ridiculed expressionlessly.

However, the system that had just turned up disappeared again. Yuan Zhou could do nothing but sigh and continue to verify the quality of the food material.

The quality of the pork hock was actually very easy to distinguish. Take a smooth bamboo stick and thrust it into the meat quickly, vigorously and precisely. After that, wash and smell it. If there was fragrance from it, it was superior material. But if there was the smell of urine, it was inferior.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou was prepared to do that.

Having frequently practiced sculpting, Yuan Zhou already had very stable hands. After thrusting the bamboo stick into the pork hock and leaving a tiny but deep hole, he smelled a bland and aromatic smell as described by the system, devoid of even the common blood smell.

"The system seems to have a skilled craftsmanship. There's surprisingly not even a little blood. It should have been drained away." Yuan Zhou spoke highly of the system silently. However, the system still didn't turn up and answer him.

"The skill of removing hair is not so good though." Yuan Zhou took up the pork hock and found several pig hairs on it. But this problem was very easy to handle.

He took out the hair tweezers and cleaned the two pork hock up neatly and quickly.

Normally, people would cut open the pig skin and flesh and take the bones out from inside. Yuan Zhou nevertheless did to the contrary. After all, he had to stuff a very important food material inside the flesh.

Yuan Zhou picked up an extremely narrow sharp knife and thrust it into the flesh quickly along the anadesma with his right hand. After that, he rotated the knife conveniently and then took the entire bone out. The anadesma inside was still attached to the flesh.

"It seems that I am not far from cooking the Wu Chicken." Yuan Zhou looked at the intact cut and sighed with emotion.

Just while Yuan Zhou was busy cooking in the kitchen and preparing to reward himself with a feast, Wu Hai was finally going to get off the plain.

"Sir, our plane will land half an hour later. Do you have any needs?" A pretty airline stewardess said to Wu Hai who was sitting in the spacious first-class cabin.

"A cup of ice water," looking at the empty tray table, Wu Hai said lightly.

"Ok, sir. One moment, please," The stewardess slightly bowed to him and said smilingly.

"Humm." Wu Hai answered while lowering his head and looking at the phone.

What a joke! Wu Hai was watching the gourmet backup group constantly and he just wanted to know what Yuan Zhou's new dishes were.

However, no one said anything even after the noon passed.

Wu Hai couldn't help sending a message to ask about that and then got to know Yuan Zhou hadn't served any new dish.

"Fortunately, I can catch up with the new dish." When Wu Hai saw the messages replying him with a 'no', he felt relieved and then said.

"Sir, your ice water." At that time, the stewardess served him a cup of water.

"No lemon, please. Change one for me," when Wu Hai raised the head and found a slice of lemon was put in the water for decoration, he frowned and said straightway.

"Sorry, sir. I will change another cup of water for you at once," the stewardess apologized immediately.

"Humm. Don't put anything inside." Wu Hai specifically emphasized.

Wu Hai wasn't interested in such inferior lemons, even if it was provided in the first-class cabin. They were all from the greenhouse in the market. What good taste would it have even if the fragrance wasn't pure? It had no other functions but to destroy the taste of the water.

"Sure. Don't worry, sir." The stewardess was still smiling.

With his picky mouth, Wu Hai could only live on Yuan Zhou now...