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276 Rose Dew Rice

 "Then could you tell us what makes it so elegant?" asked Ya Ya with a look of curiosity.

"Well, I indeed know something about it," the man in the shirt took a look at Sister Wan and then said complacently.

"Tell us quickly about that." Ya Ya stared at him with her big eyes.

"Do you know anything particular about rice?" When he found Sister Wan was also a bit curious, the man said, trying to show off his knowledge.

"I know it. Rice possesses the neutral Qi of the heaven and earth and is the foundation of health preservation." Spoke Ya Ya like a book.

"This little girl really knows much." The man grounded his teeth. But when he saw Sister Wan still listening to him carefully, he continued saying.

"But it's not the main point. Of course, what you talked about can also count as one." The man first affirmed Ya Ya.

"I'm talking about the washing of the rice. Look, Boss Yuan's actions are fairly standard," he said affirmatively while pointing at Yuan Zhou.

"Don't people say all the nutrition is on the surface of the rice and that the rice shouldn't be washed harshly?" Sister Wan said hesitantly.

"It's not like that. While washing the rice, you should spare no efforts to rub it carefully with hands, like what Boss Yuan is doing now. Only when the water that has been sprinkled on the rice in the bamboo basket gets very clear is the rice considered ready." With the man's look of affirmation and Yuan Zhou being as the standard, the two ladies believed it soon.

It was of course because Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship enjoyed great popularity among the people.

"Is that the flower dew?" Sister Wan suddenly pointed to a crystal vase that was taken out by Yuan Zhou and asked.

"It appears to be so. The rose has a faint pink color." The man in the shirt revealed an expression of affirmation.

Meanwhile, Yuan Zhou was cooking in the kitchen earnestly. Of course, he would play cool conveniently while the man in the shirt was explaining.

It was all destiny arranged by the God to let him, an originally low-profile person, to be the center of attention.

Yuan Zhou thought that quietly in his mind.

Actually, Yuan Zhou didn't cook especially in accordance with the man's explanation. After all, the Rose Dew Rice was only delicious by cooking this way.

Just in a little while, the rice was steamed.

"Look, Boss Yuan is going to pour the flower dew," the man in the shirt pointed at Yuan Zhou and said excitedly.

"Great. It's definitely super fragrant." Girls had a congenital preference for such elegant food.

"Yes. My grandma said the fragrance would linger in the mouth after eating," the man said loudly.

"Since it is fragrant dew, it will certainly be fragrant." Sister Wan also agreed with a nod.

"Sister Wan, let me treat you to the meal, shall I?" Only then did the man in the shirt bring out his purpose.

"No need. Hi, please also get me one bowl of the Rose Dew Rice." With a faint smile, Sister Wan declined him and ordered one bowl by herself.

"Sister Wan, I don't mean anything," The face of the man flushed slightly, but he still said with a seemingly calm manner.

"Thank you for your kindness. I just felt like ordering one serving, so I won't bother you." Sister Wan was quite courteous. She refused him deftly.

"Alright." The man in the shirt had only to nod the head silently.

"Wait. Get me one bowl of the rice, too." Ya Ya covered her mouth and snickered. But when she found Sister Wan was looking at her helplessly, she stopped snickering and began to order her dishes.

As a matter of fact, the dish only required little dew, about one small cup. Pour the dew over the rice and stir them together evenly and then simmer them for a while. After that, the dish was ready.

Then, Yuan Zhou began to prepare the bowls and plates for the dish.

The bowls and plates were quite unique this time. The edge of the bowl was like that of lotus leaves, choppy and layered like the genuine lotus leaves.

The outside edge of the bowl was painted with green stalks. Inside it was the translucent rice grains with a hint of faint pink.

As if it were the bashful face of a young girl.

Even the matched spoon was in the shape of a miniature lotus leaf, which was lovable and tiny.

"It's so cute. Boss Yuan, we also want this kind of bowls, ok?" Ya Ya did well in playing cute.

"All the bowls and plates are the same," answered Yuan Zhou seriously.

"Terrific. Thank you, Boss Yuan," Ya Ya said delightedly.

"You are welcome." After a nod, Yuan Zhou went back and continued cooking dishes.

"Sister Wan, I will eat first," the man in the shirt still didn't give up and asked her tentatively.

"Go ahead, please," Sister Wan said smilingly.

"Humm." The man then lowered his head disappointedly and prepared to eat.

On lowering the head, he smelled the abundant rice fragrance, from which the strong rose fragrance was likewise smelt.

"It's truly fragrant." The man in the shirt signed. Seeing Sister Wan just turn her head and talk to Ya Ya, he started to eat attentively.

As soon as the rice entered his mouth, the man remembered that he hadn't ordered any dish yet, but only the rice.

With the rice in his mouth, however, the man totally forgot the matter of dishes. As for other matters, he naturally forgot them, either.

The moment the rice entered the mouth, the refreshing fragrance of roses rushed into his throat along with that of the rice.

Having slightly chewed it, he felt the rice grain was moderate in hardness and there was a hint of sweetness inside.

It was sweet and delicious with some intrinsic fragrance and moreover tasted like the uppermost layer of rice in the cooker that he ate secretly when he was hungry at his childhood.

The Rose Dew Rice was exactly the same to that described by his grandma, being soft and sticky. Besides, it could increase one's appetite and relieve the depressed mood. While the remaining rice was getting less and less, the man in the shirt nevertheless became happier.

For such a kind of delicious food, he could directly eat up a big bowl of it without even any dish, not to mention that it was only a small bowl.

"Ba Ji Ba Ji". The more the man chewed the rice, the tastier he felt.

At last, the bowl became quite clean after he finished the meal one gulp after another. There wasn't any steam in the bowl, but only the shining oil gloss on the surface of the bowl due to the rice oil. It looked so beautiful like the lotus leaves after a rain, seeming an emerald green, as if water could fall in at any time.

"It's so yummy. I only get to know now why my grandma could eat up this particular food despite her bad appetite. I can also eat another three bowls of this rice," the man heaved a sigh and said earnestly.

"It's fragrant, isn't it?" Ya Ya couldn't wait to ask.

"Indeed. Boss Yuan is really so awesome," the man said admiringly.

"Boss Yuan's craftsmanship is originally very good." Ya Ya was quite proud as if she were very familiar with Yuan Zhou.

"I have never expected that Boss Yuan could even cook private home cuisines of former times." The man knew this Fragrant Dew Rice was the craftsmanship that only the people of his grandma's decade mastered.

At least, only Yuan Zhou was capable to cook it after he traveled to so many places.

"I'm looking forward to it." The expectations on Ya Ya's face could hardly be concealed anymore.

"The dishes are to be served right away," said Sister Wan reassuringly.

"Humm, humm." Ya Ya nodded the head.

Ya Ya's eyes gleamed in infinite expectation as Yuan Zhou carried the Fragrance Dew Rice to them.

"The Rose Dew Rice for you two. Please enjoy," said Yuan Zhou courteously.

"Thank you. Fantastic, I can finally eat it now," Ya Ya received the food immediately and said happily.

"You are welcome." After saying that, Yuan Zhou prepared to go back to the kitchen.

"Wait. Boss Yuan, I want to do business with you. Can we talk?" A man wearing a cap straightway stopped Yuan Zhou and said.

"No, not during business hours," Yuan Zhou said lightly.

"It's about the matter of your shop sign," the man said anxiously.

"Zhou Jia, you handle this matter." Yuan Zhou didn't want to get involved in this matter.

"Ok, boss." Zhou Jia answered immediately.

"I'm sorry, sir. My boss is very busy. If you have anything to talk to him, you can come one hour later," Zhou Jia said to the man politely.

"I'm talking about the shop sigh that's free of charge." The man still said loudly to Yuan Zhou alone.

"Free of charge?" Yuan Zhou got a little interested then... But still, the man had to wait for an hour before talking about that.