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274 Receiving Reward of the Side Mission

 All night long, Yuan Zhou was immersed in the nightmare of shaking his phone continuously. Only when he woke up and truly saw the number 1 appearing on the phone did he get relieved.

"Luckily I have truly got it. I thought it was merely the screen of my phone." Yuan Zhou wiped the perspiration and felt a little speechless.

Ever since he got the system, Yuan Zhou had even saved money by not buying an air-conditioner. Yet, it was the first time that he had sweated apart from jogging every morning.

"The number 1 seems to be a curse for me." Yuan Zhou changed into neat clothes and went out for jogging.

After jogging, he washed the perspiration away and stood in front of the mirror. The conspicuous outline of his abdominal muscles finally made him happy.

"I have a good-looking face, enough money, and craftsmanship as well as the abdominal muscles now," Yuan Zhou looked at himself in the mirror delightedly.

Following that, Yuan Zhou became slightly puzzled, "Since I'm so good, why don't I have a girlfriend?"

"Girls are too shy nowadays and definitely feel shy when they see such a nice person like me." Yuan Zhou thought for quite a while and then gave a definition.

He didn't think there was any problem with himself but just attributed his singleness to the reserved girls.

He checked the mission progress again and found the mission could soon be completed with a few more requests. The treat had to be postponed as the system hadn't provided him with the honey required by the dish of Honey Tremella. The most important thing for now was to complete the mission.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou moved the suggestion box out again in the early morning and prepared to take it out during the break time.

"Morning, boss." Zhou Jia greeted him upon entry into the restaurant.

"Morning." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Do we still need the suggestion box today?" Zhou Jia had a habit of confirming the whole day's work in the morning first and then did the work according to the schedule. Anything beyond the schedule would be included in the work plan of the following day.

"Yes, we do. The Honey Tremella is still 1 RMB per serving." While thinking, Yuan Zhou reminded her squarely this time.

"Ok, got it. Is it available for ordering now?" Zhou Jia was also eager to have a try.

Zhou Jia and Shen Min had a new wish after they came to work in Yuan Zhou's restaurant, that is, to eat each and every dish on the menu some day. Of course, it wasn't a practical target for them right now, but at least they knew what their goal was.

"No." Yuan Zhou shook the head.

Then, Zhou Jia had to swallow up other utterances dumbly and cross out her plan to publicize the dish of tremella. What a joke! If she publicized this dish now but the customers couldn't order it, she was sure that they would burst into anger

Currently, there were still many customers who couldn't eat the dishes, as the business time was really not long.

"Boss, have you collected any useful suggestions? Oh, sorry. Requests?" Zhou Jia recalled that Yuan Zhou liked to say request, hence corrected herself temporarily.

"Yes, a lot." Yuan Zhou answered contentedly.

"Then will you serve new dishes?" Zhou Jia remembered the matter of new dishes.

"Yes, in the recent few days." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Great. What's the new dish?" Asked Zhou Jia happily.

"I can't tell you now." The usual expression of solemnity appeared on Yuan Zhou's face again. He took a look at the price list and then said, "The breakfast for today is Duck Oil Sesame Seed Cakes."

"Alright. I'm going to do the cleaning, boss." Zhou Jia nodded the head and didn't show much curiosity.

She had intended to make a preliminary publicity for the new dish. After all, Yuan Zhou's restaurant likewise needed fame to grow more prosperous.

During the breakfast time, Ya Ya and Sister Wan, who had been here once, came again.

"Hoo. Lucky that we got up early today. I'm afraid they won't be able to catch up for the breakfast," said Ya Ya with a look of great luck.

"Thank you for waking me up. It worked pretty well." Sister Wan poked the chubby face of Ya Ya with a smile.

"Sister Wan, don't poke it. It's getting fatter and fatter." With a mournful look, Ya Ya couldn't help holding her fat face tight.

"It looks good. You appear quite lovable that way." Sister Wan entered the restaurant with Ya Ya smilingly.

"Sigh. If only we are shedding the fat rather than the tears when we are sad," Ya Ya stroked the fat at her waist and then said, indulging in fantasy.

"Haw-haw. You must be in a daydream, little girl." Sister Wan was made to laugh instantly.

"Forget it. Let me go to check what delicious food is served today." Ya Ya was a little embarrassed, thus she turned to check the breakfast to be served today.

Ya Ya shouted again before long, "Is it Duck Oil Sesame Seed Cake today? It's just wonderful. People on the gourmet forum all say this cake is rather tasty. Sister Wan, have you ever tried it before?"

"Yes. I just don't know how much more delicious is the sesame seed cake cooked by Boss Yuan?" Sister Wan made a reserved smile to Yuan Zhou and then said.

"It's definitely far more delicious," said Ya Ya happily.

"You won't know that until you eat it. Please, get us two Duck Oil Sesame Seed Cakes." Sister Wan was a person of action. She straightforwardly order their dishes.

"Alright. It'll be served in no time." Zhou Jia received the money and immediately carried it out.

Once the yellowish brown and crisp Duck Oil Sesame Seed Cake was served, they attracted the two girls' attention.

"A sesame seed cake that looks beautiful," Ya Ya praised happily. After that, she lowered the head and smelled again and then continued to say, "How fragrant it is!"

"Eat it, little girl. Others are still waiting for your seat." Sister Wan signaled to her the people waiting in line behind them.

"Look at your greedy eyes, guys. I'm going to eat now." Ya Ya turned the head and found almost all customers in line waited eagerly for their turn with their eyes widely open.

After all, there were only 100 sesame seed cakes for breakfast including some for Yuan Zhou, naturally. Hence., it would be strange if the customers did not feel anxious.

"Awwoo". After a bite into the sesame seed cake, Ya Ya found although the cake was crisp, it wasn't fragmented at all. Beside, it was quite fragrant and tasty. The sesame seeds over the cake were sharply distinguished while the filling inside was soft and layered, totally unlike other flour products that would become messed up after entering the mouth.

The texture of the sesame seed cake was distinct while the layering fragrance was extraordinarily delicate. Ya Ya couldn't help saying, "Boss Yuan, you can go to my hometown to open a branch restaurant. There are so many foodies over there."

It was really a tough job for her to enunciate clearly with a full mouth of sesame seed cake.

"No. There's only one Yuan Zhou," Yuan Zhou said with solemnity.

Then he checked the mission progress dumbly and found that one person really could only request once. The second request didn't work anymore.

He had already guessed that, yet was only sure about that now.

The 90 Duck Oil Sesame Seed Cake or so were sold out very soon. As was expected by Ya Ya, other customers who came along with her didn't manage to eat it.

"I don't believe it. I will keep waiting here until the noon." This was the man in short-sleeve shirt yesterday. He brought many new tourists here today.

"Yeah. I didn't even manage to eat the sesame seed cake." A girl began to act cottequishly to her boyfriend.

"Let's also ask the boss if he will open branch restaurants, shall we?" As her boyfriend was really unable to find any words to coax her, he was suddenly hit by the inspiration and then said.

"Yeah, you are right. Let's ask about that, too." The proposition instantly reminded other tourists.

Of course, the tourists cared about the matter of the branch restaurants. That way, they could eat the delicacies in their hometown. What an attractive thing it was!

"Boss Yuan, what do you think? Do you intend to open a branch restaurant? There happens to be one person that is offering a shop for sale near my home," a young man who had a look of pride said directly.

"Exactly. It does good to everyone if you can open branch restaurants," another person suggested smilingly.

"Boss Yuan, please. Please open branch restaurants."

The succession of the requests were far sufficient to complete the mission, even if some were repetitive. Then, Yuan Zhou saw the information of the system.

The system displayed, "Side mission completed and the reward is available now to be received."

"Sorry. I'm the only head chef in my restaurant and don't plan to open any restaurants," Yuan Zhou refused them flatly. Having thought for an instant, he added, "A new dish will be developed in a few days."

It could be considered as goodwill. When the tourists heard that, however, they became even sadder...