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273 Moral Quality and Luck

 "When will we go to eat the soup dumplings again?" Lin Cong suddenly felt the soup dumplings that he had eaten that day were the best that he had ever tasted, naturally, apart from the dishes that his wife cooked.

"Our boss will stand treat?" Zheng Xing said smilingly suddenly.

"No problem. But only soup dumplings," Boss Zhao agreed readily.

"Our boss finally becomes generous this time," said Lin Cong with a faint smile.

"Yeah. I heard the bonus will be as high as 100 thousand RMB and will be soon distributed to us," Boss Zhao suddenly spoke about the bonus of the mission that they had just finished this time.

"You decide how to allocate that money, boss," said Zheng Xing straightforwardly.

"It doesn't matter for me, either. My wife treats me very well and fully respects my opinion." Lin Cong smiled in a free and easy way.

"Ok. I'm planning to put the bonus and the subsidies together. Coincidentally, the subsidies haven't been given to us, either," Boss Zhao looked at the other two and said while smiling.

"No problem. Please stop talking about anything else," Zheng Xing especially instructed.

"Since we have reached an agreement on what to do next, I nevertheless feel this is pretty good." Lin Cong touched out the red rope from the pocket and attached it to his wrist.

"I also feel it's good." With a smile, Boss Zhao followed suit.

Nevertheless, Zheng Xing just shrugged and then showed to them his left wrist with the red rope on, indicating he had already worn it.

The bright red rope and the bronze-colored arm formed a sharp contrast, yet appeared to be well-matched.

"You did it quickly." Lin Cong took a glimpse at Zheng Xing roughly.

"Of course, I'm faster than you," said Zheng Xing proudly.

"Shall we stand treat and invite the girl to have a meal?" Boss Zhao proposed.

"No problem. We will pay the money together," the other two people said in one voice this time.

"Great. Let's go." Boss Zhao directly made a turn and headed for Yuan Zhou's restaurant with them.

Luckily, it was the time of break today. After all, they had stayed up all night long for two days continuously and hence needed one day off to have a good rest.

When they got to Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Yuan Zhou happened to be sitting at the door and waiting for the last few requests. With the suggestion box beside him, he nevertheless wasn't idle at all. Instead, he was busy with sculpting the radishes.

"Boss Yuan, I hope you can do us a favor." Boss Zhao uttered first.

"One moment, please." After that, Yuan Zhou continued his work.

He was carefully sculpting the broad-leaved epiphyllum out of the radish. Along with the swing of the kitchen knife, the beautiful lineament of the jade white petals gradually came into being.

"One of Boss Yuan's rules is not speaking while sculpting the flowers." Zheng Xing stopped Zheng Xing who wanted to say something.

"So many weird rules!" Lin Cong muttered in a low voice and then waited there obediently while standing.

"Shua Shua Shua", there was only the sound of Yuan Zhou waving the kitchen knife left in the quiet street.

A kitchen knife was used naturally and deftly by Yuan Zhou as if it were one of his fingers. The broad-leaved epiphyllum in his hands likewise revealed the genuinely tender lineament.

"What a damn miracle. Even the kitchen knife can be used to sculpt flowers?" said Lin Cong surprisedly.

"He's playing with the knife so well." Zheng Xing also sighed with emotion. There was a huge difference between reading the description on the internet and seeing the process on site.

"Luckily, he's only using the knife for sculpting." Boss Zhao really wanted to wipe the perspiration on his forehead.

Judging from the proficiency of him playing with the knife and the reflected light of the incisive blade in the sun, it was definitely an extremely sharp knife.

The way Yuan Zhou played with the knife reminded them of the equally swift and fierce manner of the Tartar waiter who spoke the Lanzhou dialect in the martial arts film of New Dragon Gate Inn.

However, Boss Yuan looked more handsome than that guy.

"Done. What's up?" Yuan Zhou put away the kitchen knife carefully and put the broad-leaved epiphyllum in the bouquet on the flower rack. After that, he stood up and asked.

"There has surprisingly already been a bunch of the sculpted flowers!" Lin Cong looked at the bunch of broad-leaved epiphyllum with a mass of blossoms on the flower rack in surprise. The verdant leaves were vivid while the lily flowers were elegant. Every flower had its own distinctive shape as if it were real.

"We want you to do us a favor." Boss Zhao diverted his attention away from the sculpted flowers and then asked Yuan Zhou while looking at him.

"I might not be able to help," said Yuan Zhou conservatively.

Meanwhile, he roughly estimated his own strengths in the heart. The several people in front of him were policemen, more specifically, plainclothesman, which was already known by him. If they came to him for help, it was definitely not an easy job.

"Boss Yuan, don't think too much. It's just a matter of a meal." Not knowing why, Boss Zhao suddenly discovered Yuan Zhou's thoughts easily and instantly said helplessly.

"No problem. But the rule concerning take-outs can't be violated." Yuan Zhou emphasized on his own rules.

"I know, I know. It's like this. We pay you the money and you help us to invite Huang Ling and her brother to come and have a meal. You can just make up any reason." Boss Zhao was unable to think of any good reason in an instant.

"Food tasting. I can invite them to taste my new dishes," Yuan Zhou supplemented with a low voice.

"You are right. Food tasting is a good reason," Boss Zhao agreed immediately.

"What would you like to order? This restaurant is open for 9 hours, of which 3 hours is the time for the pub at night. Besides, no dishes are provided during the pub time." Yuan Zhou didn't ask them why they would stand treat.

"Are those pastries for sale?" Pointing at the Colored Small Pastry, Boss Zhao asked.

"Yes, sure. Everyone could only order one pastry each time with the taste offered randomly." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Ok. Two pastries, two bowls of Smoked Fish Silver Thread Noodles, one serving of Silk Twined Rabbit and Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork. That's all." Boss Zhao didn't order too many dishes.

One serving of staple food, meat dish, vegetable dish and some snacks. It was more or less good in quantity. If he ordered more, it wouldn't appear to be real.

"Plus two servings of Honey Tremella," Zheng Xing suddenly supplemented.

"No problem," Yuan Zhou answered with a nod.

"It's totally 1924 RMB. Plus the Honey Tremella of 2 RMB, it's 1926 RMB. Right?" Zheng Xing calculated the total price first.

"Is the Honey Tremella worth only 1 RMB each?" Asked Boss Zhao with curiosity.

For the price of this dish, Yuan Zhou had originally intended to make it different every time. No matter what number he got from shaking the phone, he would sell the dish at a price of particular numbers. The wild royal jelly matched with the best tremella deserved a higher price.

"Yes. 1 RMB." Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou didn't refute Boss Zhao this time. Instead, he confirmed the price with a nod.

"It's so surprising. Boss Yuan even has such a cheap dish." Boss Zhao heaved a sigh with emotion.

"Absolutely. Those who have eaten it all say it's genuine royal jelly." Zheng Xing supplemented at the side.

"That's great. Here's the money. Please arrange it." Boss Zhao brought out 2000 RMB and handed to Yuan Zhou.

It was basically the salary of half a month, however, Boss Yuan didn't show any look of reluctance this time.

"Don't worry. Here's the change." After a nod, Yuan Zhou took out the change from the countertop and gave it back.

"It's done. We can finally feel at ease now." Boss Yuan brought the other two people out of the restaurant and then heaved a sigh.

They saw a glimmer of admiration in Huang Ling's words of praise about Yuan Zhou's dishes. The conspicuous mood was clearly captured by the three policemen, but they didn't bring it out. They just straightforwardly made the decision to stand treat and offer the sister and brother a meal in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

At the other side, Yuan Zhou put away the miracle kitchen knife, took out his phone and started to shake it. The price of the dish of honey tremella was set randomly, like last time when he shook the phone and got a number for price with the App.

"1000?" Yuan Zhou took a look at the new number and continued to shake expressionlessly.

A promise is a promise. Since it was he himself who promised the price of 1 RMB, he had to endeavor to get the very number.

At the sight of Ling Hong in the evening, Yuan Zhou asked, "What's the probability to shake the number of 1 in that App?"

"1 is the smallest number and is very difficult to get." With a puzzled look, Ling Hong answered Yuan Zhou.

Then, it seemed as if he were cursed. After shaking the number 2 for several times, he was still unable to get the number 1 even once.

Luckily, God finally showed concern and solicitude for him. There appeared on the phone a conspicuous number 1 at 2:00 a.m. in the morning.

Yuan Zhou's first reaction was to rub his eyes. When he looked at it again, he found it was really the number 1.

"Finally, I got the number. Terrific." Yuan Zhou held the phone and revealed a look of gratitude. If the number still didn't come out, he almost wanted to smash the phone.

The phone might have felt the threat, hence gave him the expected number.

The trouble was then perfectly solved. It seemed to be destined that the dish of Honey Tremella was served at 1 RMB. After that, Yuan Zhou set down the phone and fell asleep securely.

Regarding that he still shook the phone in his dream, it was not necessary to be mentioned...