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272 Thank You, Even If the Result Isn’t Satisfactory

 The granny's home was not difficult to find. The three people of Boss Zhao soon arrived at the outside of her house. As Zheng Xing looked like a nice goody-goody, he went up to knock the door with a carton of milk in his hand.

"Hello. Granny, are you home?" Zheng Xing asked mildly.

"Who's that?" The granny answered at the other side of the thin door.

"It's us, granny. We want to ask you about something," Zheng Xing said softly.

"Have we met before?" The granny opened a crack and looked outside.

"Yes, we have. Did you forget?" With a faint smile, Zheng Xing pointed to himself and the other two persons.

Seeing the granny still appeared puzzled, Lin Cong said hurriedly, "Oops. Over there at the entrance of the restaurant, we asked you about something. Do you remember now?"

"Oh, yes. We met at the little boss's restaurant." The granny was suddenly enlightened and only then did she open the door following a sound of "Zhi Ya".

"Yes, right over there." Zheng Xing nodded the head repeatedly right away.

"What can I do for you?" The granny came straight to the point.

Since the several young men were neither relatives nor friends and besides brought her gifts, they definitely had something to ask. So the granny asked directly.

"Last time you told us it was a girl who treated us to the meal, right?" Zheng Xing asked tentatively.

After all, he wasn't sure if the granny still had that in her memory.

"Oh, yes. It's that girl, Huang Ling. The girl works earnestly and diligently and is also a warm-hearted person." Speaking of Huang Ling, the granny revealed a kind smile.

"Do you know if Huang Ling has a younger brother that is disabled in the leg?" asked Lin Cong hurriedly.

"Do you even know that?" The granny was first surprised and then explained to herself, "That makes sense. Since she treated you guys to the meal, you definitely know each other."

"Did they move here from Liujia Town and now live at the end of the Taoxi Road?" Boss Zhao considered for a while and asked about their address.

"Do you know the girl or not?" The granny then became a little suspicious and hence didn't answer Boss Zhao's question directly.

"Yes. She has a younger brother called Huang Li. We indeed know her," Boss Zhao said in a low voice.

"Yes, you are right. What's the matter?" The granny was fairly warm-hearted.

"Are you sure what she wanted to treat was to we three people?" Zheng Xing pointed themselves and asked with an incredible tone.

"Who else could it be? The girl even stopped the little boss specially and talked a long time with him," the granny said with an affirmative tone.

"That little boss is likewise a person of principles. He first said reservation wasn't available. But after Huang Ling said something, he finally agreed. Luckily you went there earlier, otherwise you would have broken his rules." The granny was partial to Huang Ling and Yuan Zhou.

"Thank you. Please accept our gift. We are leaving." Zheng Xing was slightly absent-minded. He lowered the head and then saw the milk was still in his hand. Only then did he carry the carton up and say to the granny.

"You are welcome. It was merely several words." The granny didn't even have time to decline the gift before they left together.

Looking at the back of the three people and then the milk, she muttered to herself, "It's supposed to be something good."

After leaving, the three people kept silent all the way. Only after some distance, Lin Cong asked, "Boss, so...?"

"Let's go to visit her." Boss Zhao made the decision.

"Ok. You decide." Zheng Xing echoed.

"Is it really true?" Lin Cong could still remember the appalling scene of the case, therefore he felt it rather incredible.

They experienced the similar encounters for more than one time under the same condition. Whenever they failed in a rescue operation, the family members of the victim would give them no good word although they didn't argue and quarrel with the police like the scene on TV shows or go to strike them. As for treating them to meals, it was absolutely impossible.

"Don't guess anymore. We'll know that after we get there." Boss Zhao frowned. Obviously, he couldn't get it clear, either.

It truly made people curious. It wasn't that they liked being mistreated, but that they had encountered this situation far too many times and thus didn't dare to believe it happened to them to be contrarily entertained.

The distance wasn't really far. Besides, they were anxious to get there and hence walked quickly. Just in a little while, they got to the residential building where Huang Ling's home was. After checking the folder, they knew the sister and brother were living on the second floor right now.

"Here we are, Boss." Zheng Xing reminded.

"Let's go upstairs." Boss Zhao took the lead in going upstairs.

"Da Da Da", the footsteps of the three people were precisely the same.

When they arrived at the door, Lin Cong sighed silently and then said, "Let me knock the door."

"Is there anybody in?" he straightway knocked the door lightly and asked politely.

"Who?" A low and husky male voice passed to them. The man sounded to be young.

"Is it Huang Li? I'm Officer Lin." Lin Cong didn't conceal his identity. After a slight hesitation, he said directly.

"Hua La", the door was opened straightforwardly. At the door stood the young boy.

He wasn't tall. The gloomy aura passed from all over his body and the overlong hair almost covered his eyes, with his face snowy white. He didn't seem to be friendly while looking at them.

"What's the matter?" Asked Huang Li straightforwardly, not intending to invite them into the house to take a seat.

"Is your elder sister at home?" Boss Zhao went up and asked. He had been quite used to such treatment, which should have been the mildest kind.

He had also encountered many occasions when people come up and beat the policemen bluntly. After all, the family members of the victim were all severely wounded.

"Yes, she is. What's the matter?' Huang Li nodded the head and continued asking persistently.

The three people then got stuck and didn't know what to say. Luckily, there passed a soft female voice from inside of the room at that time, "Huang Li, who are there?"

"Three police officers." Huang Li knew his sister's character and hence stepped aside and let them in.

"Officer Zhou, Zheng and Lin, why are you all here?" Huang Ling went up and looked at them in surprise.

"Yes. How is your life?" The three people had never received such a placid greeting, thus they didn't know what to say for an instant. Lucky that Boss Zhao was an experienced policeman and hence asked to relieve the embarrassment.

"You look around by yourself." Huang Li sneered at them.

The sentence of "How is your life?" was usually used as an opening remark. But the living environment of the sister and brother were not very bad, yet not good, either. It was a small apartment with two bedrooms. There was neither living room nor dining room. They had meals in the kitchen. At a corner of the room were many red ropes while on the right side hung lots of Chinese knots with different sizes.

"Brother, could you go to check the gruel?" Huang Ling sent her brother away.

Seeing Huang Li shamble away, the three people were lost in silence again.

"Officers, what do you come to me for today?" Compared with her brother, Huang Ling was less cynical. She asked mildly.

"Why did you treat us to that meal?" asked Lin Cong with a look of solemnity.

"I just wanted to thank you. I knew you had just stayed up for a whole night that day." With a mild tone, Huang Ling didn't say anything else.

"Don't you hate us?" Zheng Xing kept silent for a while and then asked.

"Of course not. I should thank you for what you did for us. Really, thank you. Even if it isn't a satisfactory result for me, it's not the good reason not to be grateful. I hate the gangster." Speaking of the gangster, Huang Ling revealed a flash of hatred in the eyes. Looking at the three police officers in front of her, however, she just smiled peacefully.

Even if the result wasn't satisfactory to her, she was still grateful, because the police really did their best. Hearing that, Boss Zhao and the other two stood there stiffly as if they had been hit by the thunderbolt.

"Thank you for the soup dumplings that you bought for us. They are just very delicious," with a complex expression, Boss Zhao stood up and said earnestly at last.

"That's because Boss Yuan cooks well. Those customers all say so." Huang Ling appeared quite happy. She only heard of the impressive taste from others, as she had never eaten any of them. After all, the price of even the cheapest dish was fairly high for them.

"Can you give us some red knots?" Zheng Xin looked at the red knots behind her and then asked.

"Of course. Each of you can take one as my gift." Huang Ling turned the head and saw the red knots that were for sale.

"Thank you." The three people received the red knots with care and put them into their pockets with one accord. After that, they left.

"Take care, officers." Huang Ling stood at the door and waved her hands to them. Thank you, even if the result wasn't so satisfactory.

The three people nodded the head and then turned around and left...