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271 Side Mission Completed

 It was clearly recorded in the folder that Huang Ling had a younger brother. Due to a home invasion robbery about one year ago, their parents were both killed by the gangster.

This case took place at somewhere in this jurisdiction area of the countryside of Chengdu and once caused a great sensation. When the policemen went to confront the gangster at that time, however, the extremely ferocious gangster murdered one of them.

At the end of the vicious case, the gangster was shot dead on the spot and the younger brother of Huang Ling was injured in the leg. He was originally a municipal level sportsman, but after his hamstring was wounded, he couldn't walk normally like before, let alone participating in the sports.

Rumor had it that the boy quit school eventually and his elder sister Huang Ling moved out of that place with him.

Seeing the family background, other people could naturally understand why the three people were so surprised.

"Time to make preparations." Lin Cong reminded and awakened Boss Zhao.

"Humm. You make some preparations, too. That snake is rather tricky." Boss Zhao adjusted his depressed mood and instructed the other two guys to prepare for the move as well as reminding them of great care.

He must lay other matters aside temporarily as work mattered the most.

At the other side, the people who came especially also got their turn in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"It's such a long line. Almost one hour has passed." Ya Ya felt she was nearly scorched due to the bright sun.

The sun in September of Chengdu was not that gentle.

"Exactly. My face also turned red from the sun." Sister Wan complained, too.

"Here. I have wet wipes for you pretty girls." The man who was dressed in a short-sleeve shirt handed a package of well-sealed wet wipes smilingly.

"Thanks, but I have mine." Sister Wan refused with a smile and then took out her own facial tissue.

At the side, Ya Ya didn't care much about that. She was so hot that her medium-long hair was pasted on the neck.

"Hi, there. You can enter the restaurant and have the meal now." While they were wiping the perspiration, Zhou Jia greeted with a smile.

"Alright." Sister Wan dragged Ya Ya into the restaurant after the perspiration was wiped.

Normally, people would quiver in the cold air when they suddenly got into the air-con room from a hot place. If there was perspiration on the face, they would probably have a headache. Therefore, Sister Wan dragged Ya Ya and entered the restaurant with her after the perspiration was gone.

It was like two different worlds in and out the door. The three people who had barely entered the restaurant deeply experienced the meaning of the sentence.

"What kind of cold air is it? It's not only very cool, but also feels so comfortable." The man in the shirt was fairly surprised.

"Indeed. It's surprisingly neither hot nor cold. How miraculous!" Ya Ya turned the head and looked around.

"This small place is contrarily like Kun Ming where the climate is mild," Sister Wan said with a smile.

"You are right. Normally, we are supposed to feel cold in the air-conditioned room before feeling cool. But it's pleasantly cool in this small restaurant. I just feel comfortable now." Ya Ya got seated contentedly.

"Just for the sake of the air-conditioner, it's worth a visit." The man in the shirt also sighed with emotion.

"What do you three want to eat? The dishes are all written on the wall behind you," Zhou Jia only uttered after they finished sighing.

Customers who came for the first time were always like that. They were quite curious about the air-conditioner in Yuan Zhou's restaurant, but soon they would get attracted by the foods. That was the charm of Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship.

The three people turned their heads at the same time. Even if they had mentally prepared, they were still startled by the price. However, a serving of Clear Broth Noodle Soup could be somewhat afforded. Naturally, the rules on the wall were likewise like that described on the forum. Then, they became more confident in the taste of the dishes.

After all, they were so expensive and yet, so many people were waiting in line for them. The taste would be definitely very nice.

"One serving of Egg Fried Rice Set, plus a dish of Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork." Ya Ya ordered two dishes unreservedly.

"Clear Broth Noodle Soup and Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork." Sister Wan appeared more restrained. She felt it would be just good for her to match the spicy dish with a not spicy one.

She had heard the Egg Fried Rice was all flavored with chili in this city, like the dumplings they had eaten the day before. Hence, she chose two safe dishes.

"Translucent Beef Slices. What's this 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine?" Asked the man in the shirt with curiosity.

"It stands for 100 cooking ways of the rice that you know about, for example, the Soy Sauce Fried Rice. The dish had to be cooked with the rice as the main ingredient and other flavorings as the accessory ingredient only. It's available for one order every time," Zhou Jia explained in details carefully.

"Then, get me the plain white rice and translucent beef slices." The man in the shirt was fairly conservative. He chose the plain white rice that had no changes.

"Ok. Please pay first." Zhou Jia calculated the price respectively and reported to them one by one.

Since they all ordered the dishes as per the thickness of their wallets, the three people paid the money with readiness.

While carrying the dishes out to others, Yuan Zhou got to know immediately that they were new customers. Judging from the gentle and soft Mandarin Chinese that they spoke, he knew they were from the south.

"For a visit here, more specifically, for delicacies." The sentence suddenly flashed in Yuan Zhou's mind.

"Boss, the dishes of the three people are..." Zhou Jia repeated once carefully to Yuan Zhou.

"Humm. One moment, please." Yuan Zhou answered with a nod.

"The boss, as described, truly reveals a manner of good-uncle and moreover looks elegant," Ya Ya supported her face and then said happily.

"The face is only average, but his aura is really nice." Sister Wan evaluated Yuan Zhou positively.

"He's not as handsome as me," The man in suit concluded bluntly.

Yuan Zhou saw the opportunity to complete the mission at the sight of the three people. Therefore, he specially confirmed his speculation when he carried the dishes to them.

"You are from southern regions and don't eat spicy foods. So I didn't put any chili in the dish." As a nice boss, he would naturally bring his considerate deeds out. If not, who would know that? So Yuan Zhou set down the dishes ordered by Sister Wan personally.

"Boss, how do you know that? I just wanted to ask if the dish of Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork has chili inside." Sister Wan looked at the two dishes in front of her in surprise.

Normally, Clear Broth Noodle Soup definitely had no chili. Even if the Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork was spicy, she could eat it with the bland noodles. As for the Jinling dishes on the menu, wouldn't it be strange to eat her hometown dishes in other places?

"Because I'm the chef," said Yuan Zhou seriously.

"Boss, you are so lovable." Sister Wan didn't like teasing others. But when she heard the prim answer from Yuan Zhou, she couldn't help but smile and then said.

"Yes. He is not only lovable, but also cooks pretty good dishes." With a full mouth of the Egg Fried Rice, Ya Ya also couldn't help praising him verbally, with a lisp.

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou just waited there for the next utterance silently.

Everything comes to him who waits. As expected, Ya Ya finally came out with the words that Yuan Zhou had been longing for. And naturally, Sister Wan and the man in the short-sleeve shirt at the side likewise chimed in her.

Yuan Zhou nodded the head in mind and affirmed his scheme, "His idea truly works well."

In the evening, Yuan Zhou smoothly received many more tourists that didn't come in the daytime and thus the mission was almost finished. Meanwhile, Boss Zhao and his fellows likewise took actions smoothly and completed the roundup operation.

Everybody had a sound sleep that night.

Early on the next morning, however, the three people of Boss Zhao gathered together.

"I believe the granny must have seen the wrong person. Anyway, it's not likely to be that girl." While walking, Lin Cong gave his opinion.

"So let's go to ask the granny first." Boss Zhao rolled his eyes to Lin Cong for his superfluous words.

"We should. Under such circumstances, it would be great if she doesn't hate us. How is it possible that she treated us to the meal?" Zheng Xing revealed a look of disbelief, too.

"It's truly not possible. After all, the meal wasn't cheap at all." Thinking of the price, Boss Zhao likewise started to doubt if the girl had treated them by mistake

He had reasons to doubt that. As the police, they had seen such things a lot. The victims always had to find something to vent their anger in similar tragedies and the policemen who took charge of the very case were believed to be the best option for them to do so.