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270 Family Background of Huang Ling

 In a short moment, Huang Ling changed into her house clothes and came to the narrow kitchen before carrying the gruel out from the oven.

"Come and have breakfast, Xiao Li." Huang Ling said and then carried a small plate of pickled vegetables.

"Ok. Don't we have cowpea?" The boy looked at the radishes on the plate and revealed a manner of dislike.

"We still have to wait another day to eat the cowpea and can only eat it tomorrow. If you don't like the radishes, you can eat some preserved vegetables." Huang Ling took out half a package of preserved vegetables.

"Never mind. Let's eat the radishes." Xiao Li sat down, but he didn't eat the preserved vegetables.

"Ok. I will cook the egg flower soup with preserved vegetables for lunch." Huang Ling put away the preserved vegetables and comforted him.

"Great. Thank you, sister." On the pale and emaciated face of Xiao Li revealed a smile.

"You are welcome. I will take a nap in the moment. You can go out and walk around. It's quite a sunny day today." Huang Ling was eating and saying while she was looking at the expression of Xiao Li with care.

"Sure, I will." Xiao Li ceased to smile and answered with a low voice.

"Let's get down to eating." Huang Ling heaved a sigh in the heart. Without showing her feelings, she said mildly.

The atmosphere at the dining table was warm and quiet. The sister and brother behaved very well at the dining table, not making any sounds while eating.

After the meal, they chatted for a while. Seeing Xiao Li have a good mood, Huang Ling then went to rest reassuringly. The overnight labor made her fall asleep very quickly and just in a little while her even breaths were heard.

Only then did Xiao Li bring out the phone and play an online game in the badly lighted room. The long fringes covered his face, making him appear gloomier. With the light of the phone shining on his face, even his fine hair was clearly seen, which made him appear to be thinner and weaker.

The nap lasted until midday. Having an exact biological clock, Huang Ling woke up by herself. After she got up and cleared her head for a moment, she began to put on her clothes and clean the room before preparing to cook lunch.

It was a small flat with two bedrooms, without the living room. The kitchen and bathroom were all neat and the two bedrooms were of different sizes. Having failed in persuading her brother to change the room, Huang Ling lived in the larger room. Luckily, there was a big window in the smaller room and hence it appeared to have the most luminous beam.

"Zhi Ya", Huang Ling opened the door and saw Xiao Li doing the leg exercises alone there. She revealed a smile on the face and went to the kitchen after closing the door lightly.

She took out some thawed meat from the preservation box of the fridge and then an egg and some chives. These were to be the dishes for lunch.

While Huang Ling was cooking the lunch, Yuan Zhou had likewise started his business hours at noon after he had mastered the new skills and completed the mission.

When it was bustling at the front door due to the long line, a crowd of 20 or 30 young people, men and women, headed directly for Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

From a distance, their words were clearly heard.

"What did I say? We can definitely find the place according to the gourmet map. See, here we are. The one having the most people waiting in line is definitely the restaurant," a lively girl said happily.

"Ya Ya, you are awesome. Great at finding the way." Following the lively girl, a mature woman praised her.

"Thanks, Sister Wan. It's a pretty nice place. With the quiet surrounding, it's indeed like one that has a talented master beyond the noisy world." The girl called Ya Ya said delightedly while she was looking at Yuan Zhou's restaurant from a distance.

"I heard the dishes are too damn expensive. We just don't know if the taste is as good as is described." This was a person who was worried about the dishes.

"Yeah, you are right. The dumplings we ate yesterday in another restaurant tasted way too bad." Another complaint followed closely.

"It supposedly won't happen to this one. Those restaurants have developed into brand chain restaurants, so of course the taste of the dishes changed," a young person who seemed to know this industry said directly.

"Look at the long line. I'm pretty sure now they are delicious." Looking at the long line at the entrance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, the woman called Sister Wan said faintly. She wore denim shorts and a white shirt with her hair tied, seeming to be a mature woman.

"Damn it. We have to line up again." Some other person began to complain.

Luckily that they had all reviewed the forum and gourmet map and hence had sufficient patience.

As a result, the line got much longer immediately and formed into three rows.

The three people of the police station were so tired that they immediately took a nap at the table. Since they were unable to go back home at this time of day, they had only to make do with their sleepiness.

"I feel better now. What shall we eat for lunch?" Lin Cong woke up first and straightway woke the other two persons.

"Whatever." With a look of solemnity, Boss Zhao seemed to have gotten up on the dark side of the bed.

"What about that restaurant?" Zheng Xing became excited.

"Ok." "No." Lin Cong and Boss Zhao said with one voice, but the words were contrary to each other.

"Why?" Zheng Xing and Lin Cong spoke with one voice this time.

"Our target is not far away. We'll probably expose ourselves if we go there too frequently, so we should reduce the frequency of appearing there," Boss Zhao considered for a while and then said seriously.

"I think our Boss is just stingy." Out of the working hours, Lin Cong always showed no sufficient respect to his seniors.

"Humm. Boss Zhao, I will believe that you aren't stingy if you offer a triumphal feast there later." Zheng Xing revealed a big smile of honesty.

"As a policeman, how can we get involved in corruption? So let's go to the usual place, our mess room, for lunch." Boss Zhao made the final decision.

"But..." Lin Cong still wanted to say something, but was stopped by Boss Zhao directly.

"Speaking of which, I always feel the name of Huang Ling is so familiar. Do you guys have the same feeling?" Boss Zhao changed the subject primly.

"Yes, I have a little memory of that. I wanted to tell you in the morning, but I forgot." Speaking of that, Lin Cong also felt the same and hence chimed in.

"It might be a case that we have dealt with before?" said Zheng Xing with uncertainty.

"When you check the folder about this case in a little while, you can trace that name and try to get some useful information," Boss Zhao instructed.

"Yes, sir. I'm going right now, otherwise we'll lose time again," Zheng Xing answered with a nod.

For vaguely familiar names, Zheng Xing had a fairly good memory despite his plain look. He approximately remembered it was a case about one year ago, therefore he mostly looked up the materials of the latest one year while checking the folder.

No long after, Zheng Xing took the folder and went back to the office.

"What's wrong? Look at your depressed look." Asked Lin Cong curiously.

The case in the folder was basically known to them. What was it that made the smiling tiger (symbolizing an outwardly kind but inwardly cruel person), Zheng Xing, so serious?

"Boss, look at this." Zheng Xing took out some thin pages of the folder and handed them to Boss Zhao directly.

"Alright. Let me have a look." Boss Zhao was looking at the deployment diagram. When he heard Lin Cong shout, he received the folder and put it aside first.

"Let me check." Lin Cong then took the several pages in his hands.

The several pages were truly not much, thus Lin Cong likewise finished quickly. Then, he straightway shouted in surprise, "So it is this case. That's way too weird."

Only then did Boss Zhao, who was immersed in details of the deployment diagram, got awakened by their talk.

"What's the matter with you guys?" Boss Zhao was quite puzzled.

"Boss, you'll know that after you check the pages." Lin Cong handed the folder to him solemnly.

5 minutes later, Boss Zhao heaved a sigh, "It turns out to be this girl. She seems to be having a better time now."

"But the behavior in the morning today was way too strange," answered Zheng Xing softly.

"Indeed. Let's draw the net in tonight and go to visit her tomorrow. Then, everything will be clear," Boss Zhao also said with a depressed voice.

Actually, the folder only recorded the family background of Huang Ling. But her background and her deeds in the morning were nevertheless not in harmony...