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269 Yuan Zhou’s Petty Trick

 When breakfast time almost ended, Yuan Zhou let Zhou Jia bring out a box. Even before the box was set down, the customers couldn't wait to ask.

"Boss Yuan, are you prepared to provide a new kind of liquor?" a customer craned his neck and asked.

"I think so, too. What liquor is it this time and how much will you provide at a time?" This customer cared more about the amount of the liquor.

"The box is apparently used for drawing lottery. And there are definitely only three pots every day," a man dressed in sportswear said affirmatively.

"That indeed makes sense. Then what's the liquor this time?" Everything that was newly served in Yuan Zhou 's restaurant drew much attention.

"It's not liquor, but actually a suggestion box," Yuan Zhou pointed to the three big characters written on the box quietly and then said earnestly.

"I know that. Boss Yuan has been collecting suggestions these few days. Does he want us to write the suggestions down and put it inside?" said Sportswear naturally as if the previous guess were not made by him.

"Everybody could tell me about your suggestions during the non-business hours. For those who have written it down, please also tell me first before you put it inside. And those who don't want to write it can tell me directly." It was rare for Yuan Zhou to utter such a long sentence.

"Since we can directly tell you, why do we write it down?" The customers were all puzzled.

"Your choice will be fully respected that way," Yuan Zhou thought for a while and then said earnestly.

"Well...." The customers instantly became speechless.

Now that you have respected our choice, why would we have to tell you first before we put the suggestion inside? If so, it likewise meant that we had only one choice. Looking at the suggestion box, the customers all became speechless.

"Business hours have ended. You may start now." Yuan Zhou was very expectant in the heart as it was the best idea that he could think of.

With the specific purpose, coherent logic and speaking before suggesting, he could collect the required requests more quickly. Yuan Zhou made a thumbs-up gesture to himself quietly in the heart.

The crowd was lost in silence for a while. Then, a young girl asked, "Boss Yuan, does the suggestion of opening branch restaurants count?"

"Yes, sure. Please tell me." The corner of his mouth inconspicuously went up by 1cm.

"I wish your business can get much better in future so that you can open many branch restaurants." The girl didn't give her suggestion in an ordinary manner.

"Thank you," Yuan Zhou fell silent doubtfully for a while and the said seriously.

"You are welcome." Not knowing any of Yuan Zhou's slight sorrow, the young girl left cheerfully.

Yuan Zhou felt he needed to check if the blessing counted as a request. After all, a blessing wasn't a genuine request.

[Side Mission] To collect 100 requests to open branch restaurants (uncompleted)

(Mission tips: one couldn't be regarded as a master chef if no one applies for a branch restaurant.)

[Mission status] 28/100

[Mission Reward] A recipe of Dongpo Pig Knuckle

(Reward tips: a main course of Sichuan Cuisines, a must-have dish for a master chef.)

Just as was expected, the system didn't let him down. The progress of the mission still didn't change at all.

While stroking his forehead, Yuan Zhou thought very carefully if it would have an effect to summon her back now. After all, if he could collect another request successfully, he could then be nearer to the reward dish of Dongpo Pig Knuckle.

Just in a short moment, however, Yuan Zhou gave up the alluring idea of summoning her back, as the young girl had walked farther from them. Of course, it wasn't because of the matter of his reputation.

"Boss Yuan, I think you should try to improve your restaurant's popularity," a man who was dressed in a well-tailored suit suggested earnestly.

"Don't listen to him bullshitting. I think you are doing very well right now." Not long after the man had barely said that, his voice was overwhelmed by that of other customers.

The several customers were divided into two groups. One told Yuan Zhou that the popularity of the restaurant was great while the other just dragged the man in suit away and went to educate him.

"Be cautious about your words, man. What a bad suggestion that is! If there are more people, do you think you can still get a seat soon?" said Sportswear bitterly.

"Boss Yuan opens the restaurant for only 9 hours every day, 1 hour for breakfast, 2 hours for lunch, 3 hours for dinner and 3 hours for the pub. For the breakfast, he only provides 100 soup dumplings including 4 for himself to eat, hence usually there are 96 left for us. When the people increase, where do you think your seat and meal will be?" Another customer reported Yuan Zhou's detailed business time very carefully.

After he said that, the man in suit suddenly reacted, "Stop. I know now. I will make another suggestion."

"Boss Yuan, I think you should lengthen the business time." Having been reminded of the time over and over, the man then said conveniently.

"Not for now," Yuan Zhou answered seriously.

"Then you can open a branch restaurant and also make the business time 9 hours." The man in suit then suggested.

"Sir, there are only 24 hours per day." Looking at the updated mission progress contentedly, Yuan Zhou didn't forget to remind him.

"Well, that's right. Please serve some more dishes." The man in suit then proposed another seemingly reliable idea.

"Sure, I will." Only then did Yuan Zhou nod the head affirmatively.

"Is the dish of Honey Tremella still to be served at 1 RMB next time?" This was Ma Zhida who stuck to the dishes that he hadn't savored.

"That depends." Yuan Zhou was prepared to shake the phone again to decide the price next time, thus he wasn't sure which number he could get, either.

"Why?" asked Ma Zhida with curiosity.

"You'll know that when the dish is provided," answered Yuan Zhou with affirmation.

Having answered Ma Zhida, Yuan Zhou continued waiting for the next person. Everyone had a possibility of helping him complete the mission, therefore Yuan Zhou paid special attention to their wording very carefully. He would also carry out his eliciting policy when it was necessary.

While Yuan Zhou was endeavoring to complete the mission over here, Boss Zhao was nevertheless bringing Zheng Xing and Lin Cong back to the police station in another car.

"We are finally back. It's been a tiring night. Boss, when exactly can we finish this case?" Lin Cong threw himself into the chair immediately.

"It won't be long. The snake is coming out of its hideout very soon," said Boss Zhao earnestly. Back in the police station, he wasn't joking with them anymore.

"When?" Zheng Xing also asked seriously.

"The earliest time will be tonight," looking at the two persons, Boss Zhao said with a solemnity in his tone.

"That's wonderful. This tricky venomous snake is eventually to be caught." Lin Cong straightened himself and revealed an expression of relief. The previous manner of a novice was replaced with shrewdness.

"Yes, finally. Anyway, it's worth shadowing him for so long time." Zheng Xing also appeared very happy.

They turned out to be the policemen of the police station. No wonder they were so cautious in the morning yesterday and didn't give up tracing who treated them to the meal until they expelled the threat from Huang Ling. However, the granny's wish failed. The three of them didn't seem prepared to talk about Huang Ling.

Having returned home early, Huang Ling nevertheless knew nothing about that. She poured the soaked rice into the boiler habitually and then began to cook gruel.

"Elder sister, you just wash up and eat your meal. I have got breakfast prepared already." A person's silhouette staggered out from an inner room. Only when he walked nearer was he found to be a boy with too long hair.

"You got up so early. Why didn't you sleep longer?" Huang Ling took off the hat and wiped the perspiration on her forehead before showing a faint smile.

"I got up early today to do some exercises." The boy was still young and was just in the period of voice changing, so he sounded like a duck.

"Humm. Don't be too tired. This sister can support you now." After saying that, Huang Ling walked into the narrow and small bathroom and started to wash up.

Not until the sound of the flowing water passed did the silent boy say, "Thank you."