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266 Incipient Tendency for Mission Completion

 "Everybody, do you have any request for this tiny restaurant?" Yuan Zhou suddenly asked on his own initiative.

"Request? Boss Yuan, I'm not blaming you, but your Chinese is much too poor." Hearing Yuan Zhou's word, Ling Hong said with a tone of contempt.

"Yes, it's indeed a request. Do you have any?" Yuan Zhou asked seriously.

"I don't have requests. But can I make a suggestion?" Ling Hong covered his forehead and said with a helpless look.

"A request is a request and a suggestion is a suggestion," Yuan Zhou explained primly.

"Ho Ho. Of course I know that and that's exactly why I want you to say advice instead of request." Ling Hong suddenly felt that Yuan Zhou might as well cook only. Communication seemed to be way too difficult for him to learn.

"Everybody, please tell me directly if you have any request." Yuan Zhou straightforwardly neglected the annoying guy, Ling Hong, this time.

What a joke. It was the best occasion that he thought of for collecting requests of opening branch restaurants. Of course he had likewise organized the utterance by himself.

Ling Hong then choked. Other customers at the side had already been used to similar scenes and some even snickered while covering the mouth.

Every time somebody choked due to Yuan Zhou, they would have a weird pleasant sensation with the precondition that it wasn't himself.

"Could you provide a little more amount for each dish?" Asked a customer naively.

"This restaurant is equally honest with aged and child customers. And the amount has no difference from that served by other restaurants," said Yuan Zhou seriously in response to this question.

"Yeah, of course, we know. It is because Boss Yuan cooks so well and we feel the amount is too little." The customers were likewise quite skilled in praising others. Once the words were uttered, Yuan Zhou felt rather happy.

"Thank you for your compliments. What you just said indeed makes sense, but the amount will be maintained unchanged." Yuan Zhou first expressed his gratitude and then refused the request of the customers.

"Boss Yuan, you are so proficient in the practice of getting moved and then refusing others." The customer appeared fairly speechless.

"Humm, you are welcome," said Yuan Zhou naturally.

"I think it's better to make some requests that are easier to reach. Of course, Boss Yuan, you have to tell us first if you will close the door after you collect them." Ling Hong made a constructive suggestion this time while stroking the chin.

"No, I won't. I'm just collecting the requests from you." There was no other expression on Yuan Zhou's solemn face.

"You sure?" Ling Hong didn't have much confidence in Yuan Zhou concerning his moral integrity.

"Yes." Yuan Zhou nodded the head and anticipated very much that he could collect some requests.

Then he checked the progress status of the mission completion conveniently. ----

[Main Mission] To become a regional gourmet representative (uncompleted)

(Mission tips: Being a minor celebrity can no longer satisfy your wild ambition. You must become a regional representative within one calendar month. Young man, I have faith in you.)

[Mission reward] To get promoted by one level up; one chance to draw lottery; an upgrade reward.

(Reward tips: for such a great reward, young man, go and endeavor to get it.)

"I'm afraid this mission can only be completed after the side mission," thought Yuan Zhou silently.

As for the side mission, it was smoother. He had completed parts of the mission by then.

[Side Mission] To collect 100 requests to open branch restaurants (uncompleted)

(Mission tips: one couldn't be regarded as a master chef if no one applies for a branch restaurant.)

[Mission status] 28/100

[Mission Reward] A recipe of Dongpo Pig Knuckle

(Reward tips: a main course of Sichuan Cuisines, a must-have dish for a master chef.)

Seeing the reward, Yuan Zhou suddenly had a feeling of being moved. Men were all carnivores. For example, what Yuan Zhou often ate recently was the dish of Translucent Beef Slices.

"You can tell me your requests now." Yuan Zhou revealed an earnest expression, indicating that he would listen to them carefully.

"You guys speak and I will listen," Yuan Zhou supplemented while processing the food materials.

Then, he received a succession of weird requests.

For example, "Boss Yuan, could you build a toilet? We wait for so long every day." There were three physical needs that people couldn't evade. The customer indicated that it was likewise very important.

"This restaurant is small, so I am unable to provide the toilet temporarily," answered him again.

"Boss Yuan, can you treat me to a meal?" a young girl asked boldly.

"No." Yuan Zhou stared at her and refused bluntly. These cunning guys turned out to take this opportunity to

cheat his money

"..." The girl then became silent.

"Tsk-tsk. No wonder you have no girlfriend," said Ling Hong, being delightful in the misfortunes of others.

"You should think this way. If Boss Yuan has a girlfriend, she will naturally stroll around the streets and go shopping with him. What shall we do then?" another customer said lightly at Ling Hong's ears.

"Damn it. That's absolutely true. Boss Yuan, it's good for you to be single. It's healthy and environmental-friendly," immediately, another customer chimed in.

"I can provide toilet paper."

"Two rolls."

"I think Boss Yuan won't find a girlfriend so easily in a short time. So don't worry about that." while stroking his chin, Ling Hong considered for a while and then said.

All the dialogues were heard by Yuan Zhou, but he didn't take them seriously. He always believed that his EQ, craftsmanship and income were all very high. And so was his appearance when he wasn't smiling. He was definitely the ideal Mr. Right for girls.

The father of modern psychology, Adler, once said that someone that praised himself everyday would become a perfect person.

Alright. This sentence was also made up by Yuan Zhou himself. However, he was quite faithful to that.

For the whole night, Yuan Zhou had collected only one weird request, not as satisfactory as he imagined.

However, at a place that Yuan Zhou had no idea of, some people were getting together and preparing to savor the dishes in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. After all, the dishes were said to be awfully miraculous on the internet.

These people came to this city for both tours and delicacies.

They totally conformed to Yuan Zhou's requirements. First, they came from other places; then, they loved delicacies. However, Yuan Zhou had no idea of that at that moment. What attracted him then was at the door.

"Good evening, Boss Yuan." A young girl dressed in an orange-yellow sanitation worker's uniform greeted at Yuan Zhou.

"Hi. You are early today." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

It was break time before the pub was to be opened. Standing at the door, Yuan Zhou was seen and greeted.

"Yes, I volunteered to help others do the cleaning today so that I can earn some more money." On the tan face of the girl revealed obvious delight.

"Ok. How are the Chinese knots that I troubled you to weave?" Yuan Zhou knew that the girl was also selling handicrafts as her part-time job while doing the cleaning.

"Don't worry, Boss Yuan. They'll be finished soon." while collecting the trash carefully, the girl answered.

"Sorry to bother you." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"I should thank you for ordering so many products." Hearing Yuan Zhou's word, the girl straightened herself and thanked him earnestly.

"They are to be gifts. Take your time. It's no hurry," said Yuan Zhou without blinking.

"Boss Yuan, your cooking is so good. Now, people on the street are becoming more and more. And even our boss knows our work is becoming more burdensome, hence increased our salary by 50 RMB." With her eyes looking like a crescent moon, the girl seemed happier when she talked about her salary.

"Humm." Yuan Zhou nodded his head lightly.

After only a few words, the girl left while collecting and sweeping the trash.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou saw her stop at the corner of the street.

Apart from an inconspicuous black Volkswagen parking there, there was nothing else. Yuan Zhou suddenly remembered that the car had been there for two days. In a little while, however, the girl continued to sweep the trash as if nothing had happened. Yet, it seemed that she worked even more carefully and earnestly.

Yuan Zhou turned around and went back into his restaurant. The girl was Huang Ling. She had once been invited by Yuan Zhou to work as an attendant in his restaurant, but she refused him. Only after that did Yuan Zhou order a batch of big and small Chinese knots. As for the reason, he would send them out as welfare.

As it was known to all that his business was booming, Huang Ling took the order earnestly.