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265 Yuan Zhou’s Passive Acting-Cool Skills Part 2

 Seeing that, Li Fang calmed down and started to wait. In his opinion, he could soon see Zhou Jia and talk to her directly then.

If others knew his girlfriend was working as an attendant in an inferior tiny restaurant, how could he have the face to be the director? They would even think he was treating his girlfriend harshly.

Thinking of that, he got worried.

"Hi, bro. Could you let me in first? I have an emergency." Li Fang touched out a pack of cigarettes and then handed it over.

Unluckily, it was Ling Hong who waited in front of him. As he had nothing to do at noon today, he came here for lunch, but he was late and thus had to wait in line. At that moment, he was just in a bad mood.

"Huh, let you in first? What the hell do you think you are?" Ling Hong wasn't a good-tempered person. He talked as if he were a rascal.

"Well, bro. It's really rude of you to say swear." Li Fang frowned, but didn't take the cigarettes back.

"What? You aren't something?" Ling Hong asked with much curiosity.

"I don't mean that. I'm just asking." Li Fang didn't get annoyed this time. After all, when Ling Hong turned around to him, Li Fang found he was dressed decently and obviously was well off. Thinking of that, he moved the cigarettes closer to Ling Hong.

"No need. I don't want to affect my appetite." Ling Hong didn't smoke much, let alone it was only worth 20RMB per pack.

"So will you change the position with me?" Li Fang didn't believe a well-dressed person meant being better off, therefore he continued asking persistently.

"I came earlier than you. Why would I let you in first?" After saying that, Ling Hong revealed a manner of disdain to talk to him and then turned around, showing him the back side of his head.

"Low class." Only then did Li Fang get angry. He muttered vaguely in the mouth.

Customers in his hotel were either rich people or dignitaries while here in this place were nevertheless people of all walks.

"That woman, Zhou Jia, hadn't followed such bad examples, has she?" Suddenly, Li Fang felt shocked and thought with disapproval.

Thinking of that, Li Fang was more determined to let Zhou Jia go with him. Otherwise, he had to tell that to her father and let him come personally.

Luckily, it didn't take too long before he got his turn, leaving him no more time to make blind and disorderly conjectures.

Of course, that likewise happened after one hour. Not until then did he enter the restaurant.

"Such poor surroundings." Li Fang got seated with an expression of disapproval.

Yet he really had good luck, as his seat was just beside Zhou Jia.

"Jia Jia, so you are working here?" There was full of contempt in his tone. He just didn't speak that out directly in words.

"You'd better savor the taste first." Zhou Jia clenched her teeth, but still revealed a forced smile on the face.

"You might as well leave and come with me. We are still short of a kitchen helper in our cold dish department." Li Fang paid no attention to Zhou Jia's discontent.

"Can your hotel pay me 100 RMB and allow me to work for only six hours each day?" All her anger were gone when she saw Li Fang's look. Instead, she asked curiously.

"What are you talking about? Jia Jia, let me tell you. One shouldn't aim too high." Li Fang educated Zhou Jia seriously.

"Ho Ho." After the simple two words, Zhou Jia turned around and then went to do other work.

After all, she was fairly busy and so many customers were waiting for her to order dishes.

"She's really a woman that aims too high." When he looked at Zhou Jia and found she really left him there alone, Li Fang sat down with a discontented look.

Then, he found almost every customer that had just arrived were ordering the dishes eagerly.

"Dear me! Is he selling fast food?" Li Fang was a little surprised.

He turned the head and checked the surrounding of the restaurant again and then confirmed his speculation. Except for the sergestes wall, there was nothing attractive in the restaurant.

"Jia Jia, I'm going to order the dishes. Where's your menu?" Li Fang looked around in a circle and then shouted straightforwardly.

"Coming. The menu of our restaurant is on the wall behind you. You can choose by yourself," Zhou Jia maintained the most basic courtesy and professionalism and said mildly.

"Tsk. Don't you even have a menu?" Li Fang frowned and said discontentedly.

"You can order the dishes now." Zhou Jia just stood at the side and waited there.

Li Fang then had nothing to say. He turned the head quietly and looked at the price list. In less than 5 seconds, however, he was provoked immediately.

"What damn price is this! In such a tiny restaurant, some dishes are even more expensive than those in my hotel," Li Fang pointed at the prices and said unbelievably.

"I have already told you to bring some more money," Zhou Jia reminded him quietly at the side.

"It costs as high as 188 RMB for one serving of Egg Fried Rice and extra 100 RMB for the set meal. Oh my goodness. The same dish is served in our hotel at only 128 RMB. Is your Egg Fried Rice gold?" Li Fang sneered at Zhou Jia.

"Whether you eat or not, it's up to you," Zhou Jia couldn't help but say that.

Other customers such as Ling Hong didn't say anything at the side. It was true that many people were suspicious about the price at first. However, those who really wanted to eat it would naturally know about the fantastic taste. As for those who didn't, Ling Hong would say it was really great as there would be one less person who snatched the meals.

"Of course I will eat. Don't you think I can afford a serving of Egg Fried Rice?" Li Fang was most familiar with Egg Fried Rice. And it seemed the cheapest main meal was likewise this dish.

Li Fang was clear that the Egg Fried Rice served in his hotel was cooked with the everlasting tribute rice, Wuchang Rice. The taste was incomparably fragrant and sweet and was very popular among the customers. And of course he had once tasted it, which indeed deserved the title of everlasting tribute rice.

"Payment first, please. It's totally 208 RMB." Zhou Jia reached out her hands with a smile, indicating eating only came after payment.

"It's so complicated in a tiny restaurant as to pay first. But where does the 20 RMB come from?" Li Fang frowned.

"It's the seat charge, 20 RMB for each," Zhou Jia explained with a standard smile.

"Here you are." Li Fang took out the right amount of 208 RMB and handed them directly to her.

"Thank you. Your dish will soon be served." Zhou Jia received the money and directly put them into a plate inside the countertop after she counted.

Yuan Zhou would naturally take the money and pour it into the cash box when it was convenient for him.

One serving of Egg Fried Rice was quite an easy work to Yuan Zhou. Therefore, Zhou Jia carried it out very soon. It only took about 3 minutes max.

"Anyway, the dish is served quickly." Li Fang muttered before he lowered his head.

Then, he felt that he should change his name to Three Surprises in One Single Day.

As the head chef of the cold dish department, he knew quite well about the technical content of Golden Fried Rice. And the one in front of him right now was apparently that very dish.

He raised the head and took a look at Yuan Zhou in surprise before he started to scoop it up into his mouth.

The fragrance of Egg Fried Rice filled his mouth instantly as if all fragrance was locked up in the rice and only exploded when it entered the mouth. The egg was fragrant and sweet without any underlying bad smell while the rice grains were moderately hard with a hint of chewiness. Moreover, it wasn't so sticky to the teeth as Wuchang Rice.

"Peng", it was the sound of the spoon touching the bottom of the plate. Li Fang pushed the fried rice on top aside excitedly and found there was indeed not any oil on the plate, which was still as clean as a new one.

"It's surprisingly the Golden Fried Rice."

As far as Li Fang knew, there were two major characteristics of the Golden Fried Rice. One was that every rice grain had to be perfectly wrapped by the egg liquid and the other was that there can't be any oil over the bottom of the plate. Only by maintaining the cleanliness of the bottom of the pate could the fried rice taste incomparably refreshing.

"It's even tastier than Wuchang Rice." Unwilling to believe that, Li Fang took another mouthful of the rice and then couldn't help eating one more bite. Just like that, a plate of fried rice was eaten up in no more than 7 or 8 minutes.

"Why is it so little?" Having eaten up the dish, Li Fang complained subconsciously.

Once the word was spoke, he found he had been conquered by the top-notch dish.

"Boss, you really have superb culinary skills. I'm convinced now." Having sat there for a while, Li Fang suddenly stood up and said that loudly.

Only then did he draw the attention of the customers beside him. They turned the head and looked toward him one after another.

After saying that, however, Li Fang walked out of the restaurant in big strides without turning his head back, like a warrior.

The customers at the side became dumbfounded and so did Zhou Jia. Only Yuan Zhou was staring at Li Fang's back with a serious manner.

"Do you know him? Is he here to challenge you?" asked Ling Hong curiously.

"Well...." Yuan Zhou thought for a while very carefully and then said, "What's his name?"

"..." Ling Hong suddenly felt he had nothing to respond to him. Others came to challenge you, how would he know his name?

What's more, Yuan Zhou appeared so serious although he didn't know the man. Ling Hong had thought he missed a good play and it was almost the collective complaint of every customer.

After the astonishment, Zhou Jia let out a sigh of relief. She knew Li Fang had very strong self-respect as well as male chauvinism and therefore, he presumably wouldn't ask her to change the job anymore. After all, Yuan Zhou's culinary skills were far better than his.

No. They were absolutely not of a same level.