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264 Yuan Zhou’s Passive Acting-Cool Skills Part 1

 Seeing that Shen Ming was a little embarrassed, Mu Xiaoyun let her brother, Mu Xiaojie, leave first and then started to talk with Shen Min.

"Elder sister, Boss Yuan's meaning is that you can take a cab when you leave at night. And if there's not enough time, you can also leave first."

After saying that, Mu Xiaoyun blinked naughtily.

"Really?" Shen Min was suspicious about that.

"I'm serious. I worked here for two months during the summer vacation." Said Mu Xiaoyun affirmatively.

Only then did Shen Min believe in her. She looked at Yuan Zhou with uncertainty and again at Mu Xiaoyun.

"I'm leaving. Elder sister, bye." When Mu Xiaoyun found Shen Min wasn't that depressed anymore, she ran out of the restaurant and went to meet her brother.

Even if she wasn't quite sure about that, Shen Min found it inappropriate to ask. After all, Yuan Zhou had said that just now. What else could she ask? She could only work more diligently.

While Yuan Zhou was orderly preparing for the business time at night, Zhou Jia, which had just got off work, nevertheless became unhappy.

Zhou Jia just boarded the bus and was preparing to go to the night school when her phone rang.

On the screen were the two words of Li Fang, which appeared quite conspicuous.

"Why is this person calling me?" With a frown, Zhou Jia only answered the phone after it rang quite a while.

"Jia Jia, why did you answer the phone so slowly?" As soon as the phone was put through, a male voice with slight impatience passed.

The voice sounded good, being loud and clear. The content was nevertheless not as good as the voice.

"What's the matter?" Zhou Jia usually looked comely. Yet now, her thin eyebrows were frowning as she said indifferently.

"Couldn't I call you if there are no matters? How's your studying in the evening college?" said the man deservedly with a tone of amusement.

"Couldn't be better. I'm going to class." While speaking of that, Zhou Jia prepared to hang off the phone.

"Hold on. I'm just asking if you want to come to my department to work. I have just been promoted to the director of the cold dish department." With an unapparent sense of superiority in his tone, the man said quite affirmatively.

"No need. I have got a job. It's also in a restaurant," Zhou Jia refused immediately.

"What kind of good job can you find? The duration won't be long. Besides, you should know I'm working in a four-star hotel." While speaking, the man revealed obvious arrogance in his tone.

However, that only made Zhou Jia dislike him more.

"So what? My boss cooks much better than the chefs in your hotel," after a scornful laugh, Zhou Jia said with a fairly affirmative tone.

"Jia Jia, you can't say like that. The head chef of my hotel is a first-class cook. How could a boss of a tiny restaurant compare with our head chef on culinary skills?" A look of disdain could apparently be imagined out from the way he talked.

"You don't believe me? Just come and have a taste on your own. Of course, it only works if you are able to afford the dishes," said Zhou Jia with full of confidence.

"Haw-haw. How expensive could dishes in a tiny restaurant be? I will go to visit you tomorrow," answered the man with a fairly deserved manner.

"Don't blame me for not reminding you when you find you can't afford it. I'm going to class now." When Zhou Jia was arriving at the right bus stop, she hung up the phone immediately.

"Send the address to my phone..." Even before the male voice ended, Zhou Jia had hung up the phone.

Taking the phone in her hand, Zhou Jia thought for quite a while before sending the address of Yuan Zhou's restaurant to the man.

It might not be a bad idea to deal this arrogant man a blow. Zhou Jia disliked him very much.

This man was Li Fang, who once had a blind date with Zhou Jia. At that time, Zhou Jia just made some polite greetings with a very conspicuous sense of refusal. But the guy Li Fang had taken a fancy to Zhou Jia and moreover considered himself to be her boyfriend every time.

It was a tradition in Zhou Jia's hometown that at the first meeting of a blind date, if the lady didn't reject on the spot or even if she just agreed to make regular friends to start with, the man would think the lady had admitted their relationship. Naturally, Zhou Jia only got to know that after the meeting.

Therefore, she was entangled by him since then. It didn't work even if Zhou Jia refused him in a euphemistic but explicit way. Li Fang just insisted that they should try to get on together.

Of course, his job in the cold dish department of the four-star hotel made Li Fang feel proud, along with his craftsmanship.

In the past half a month, Zhou Jia had gotten to know her boss quite well. He was the person who defeated the head chef at World Foodie Hotel. The very high price, the customers lining up for meals every day, and the very poor dining atmosphere were the best evidence of Yuan Zhou's superb culinary skills.

Zhou Jia felt that Boss Yuan would definitely teach him how to behave humbly as long as Li Fang dared to come tomorrow.

Then, Zhou Jia went to class with confidence.

The sun and moon changed shifts every day. On the next early morning, Yuan Zhou got out of the bed and went out to jog before opening the restaurant for business. Everything went as usual during the breakfast time and nothing special happened.

Yuan Zhou was only thinking about how to improve his speaking skills in order to complete the mission. Never had he expected that somebody would go to his restaurant to have a meal with a purpose of challenging him.

Customers were still as many as usual. Yuan Zhou was also busy with cooking in the kitchen.

"Boss Yuan, one serving of Egg Fried Rice."

"Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork plus one serving of 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine."

"Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork and one serving of 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine, Boss Yuan."

The sound of ordering dishes rose one after another and the restaurant also became lively due to the crowd of customers.

To Li Fang, he was quite happy to go and help Zhou Jia judge the tiny restaurant since she made the appointment. That's right. He thought Zhou Jia was actually asking him to help her evaluate the craftsmanship of her boss.

After all, he was the director of the cold dish department of a four-star hotel. It was pretty easy for him to do such work.

Noontime on Tuesday was usually not busy, therefore he went out of the hotel unhurriedly. Dressed in a casual suit, he directly headed for Taoxi Road.

Frankly speaking, Li Fang indeed had a good-looking face. He was 175cm tall and had an average weight, appearing rather clean and neat. The only problem was that he was an absolute chauvinist.

Having had slight contact with him, Zhou Jia couldn't bear him at all. He was a conceited man and always acted his own way. Even before Zhou Jia agreed him to be his girlfriend, he requested that she move to his house and live together.

The excuse was fairly funny. He said she could save the rent that way. Besides, he didn't pay much respect to Zhou Jia and believed his feelings toward her was noble. That made Zhou Jia quite puzzled. She had never encountered such a man as him.

"Taoxi Road Stop. Here I am." Li Fang got off the bus unhurriedly and checked the address on his phone carefully.

After that, he walked toward the side street.

"This woman didn't even tell me the exact address but only told me it was the one with most customers. Was she expecting him to count the people in every restaurant one by one?" Li Fang was much discontented while reading the message.

In his opinion, however many customers there were, the restaurant couldn't match with his hotel. All these tiny restaurants were easily filled up with only three or five people. There was no one that had many customers.

The next moment, however, he was slapped on the face. He appeared as if he had heard the sound of slapping "Pa Pa".

The long line of dozens of people in front of him was so obvious. They were indeed not less.

"Is it this one?" Li Fang didn't believe that. He went up and took a look.

As was expected, he saw Zhou Jia greeting the customers enthusiastically inside. Just when he wanted to cut the line, he was stopped.

"Hey, young man. You are new, right? Go to wait in the line." It was the tall and slim man who stopped him.

"I don't think such a tiny restaurant deserves waiting in line." Li Fang seemed to be fairly unwilling to obey.

"If you don't wait in sequence, then you leave," the tall and slim man also said flatly.

He stood there and got stunned for an instant. Looking at Zhou Jia and then at the long line, Li Fang took a deep breath and then went to the end of the line.

The tall and slim man nevertheless continued patrolling around and warned those who didn't line up like that.

"A tiny restaurant surprisingly has so many customers!" Li Fang murmured discontentedly.

When he saw people come out from the restaurant soon, however, his confidence then resumed. The dishes definitely tasted bad, otherwise they wouldn't come out so quickly. After all, it took one or two hours to have a meal in his hotel frequently. But here in this restaurant, customers went inside and came out within only ten minutes.