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263 Warm-hearted Yuan Zhou

 While Whiskers was drinking the watermelon juice, he savored every sip very carefully. After drinking it up unhurriedly, he suddenly took his travel bag and walked away immediately.

From beginning to end, he didn't say a single word to Yuan Zhou and of course, he didn't turn his head back, either.

"A weird person." Sun Ming sighed.

"And moreover an eccentric of principle." KFC followed.

"Ok. Let's leave now. We have affected my brother doing business," Sun Ming waved his hand and said to KFC.

"Got it. Let's go." KFC nodded and stood up.

"Compass, we are leaving. Let's get together next time." Sun Ming shouted to Yuan Zhou.

"Sure. Bye." Yuan Zhou set the plates down and then answered earnestly after he turned the head to them.

After that, Sun Ming enjoyed the benefits of a celebrity. Almost all the customers looked at him as Yuan Zhou seldom spoke during the business time.

Nevertheless, Sun Ming walked out of Yuan Zhou's restaurant swaggeringly along with KFC.

"This guy is Boss Yuan's friend?" The new customers were all curious.

"Yes, he is. He's the boss's brother." From behind them came a soft loli voice. Of course, it was Mu Xiaoyun with her twin-tailed hair.

"Wow, it's Xiaoyun! I haven't seen you for a long time." The acquaintances greeted her immediately with a smile.

"Humm. School started, so I am in the school recently." Mu Xiaoyun entered the restaurant together with her brother Mu Xiaojie. When she heard that, she nodded the head seriously.

"Did your studies get worse?" Basically, all the regular customers took Mu Xiaoyun as their niece or someone similar; therefore, they asked naturally.

"Nope. I come to accompany my brother for dinner today," Mu Xiaoyun said briskly.

"Alright. I happened to finish my dinner. You can take my seat." An acquaintance dragged his friend away from the seats and said smilingly.

"Thank you, uncle." Mu Xiaoyun thanked the person together with her brother.

"Not at all. I'm leaving." The customer and his friend then got out of the restaurant.

The customer who had originally asked questions became more dumbfounded.

"I worked here for two months during the summer vacation," Mu Xiaoyun explained.

Only then did that customer understand why so many people said hi to this little girl.

Obviously, Zhou Jia didn't mind at all. She went straight up and greeted them courteously.

"What do you two want to eat?"

"Brother, you first," Mu Xiaoyun said to her elder brother Mu Xiaojie.

"I would like the Egg Fried Rice. What about you?" Mu Xiaojie roughly estimated the money he brought privately and said conservatively.

"I want to eat noodles." Having considered for a while, Mu Xiaoyun asked tentatively.

"No problem. I'll treat you to that." Mu Xiaojie let out a sigh of relief. Luckily, the money was just enough.

"Elder sister, get us a serving of Egg Fried Rice and Clear Broth Noodle Soup. That's it." Mu Xiaoyun ordered the dishes deftly.

"Ok. One moment, please." Zhou Jia answered with a smile and then reported the dishes to Yuan Zhou.

It was likewise a coincidence that Mu Xiaoyun and Mu Xiaojie came to eat together today. Their mother would go on a business trip and thus sent Mu Xiaoyun to her father's home before she left. Coincidentally, their father happened to work overtime. Therefore, he could only give the two kids money and let them come here to eat.

The crafty brother, Mu Xiaojie, embezzled some small money to play online games, which was naturally unknown to Mu Xiaoyun.

"Brother, did dad give us enough money? If not, I can use mine." Mu Xiaoyun was a little worried, hence asked.

"Don't worry. If it's not enough, I can use my money. I won't use yours," said Mu Xiaojie generously.

"Thank you, brother." Mu Xiaoyun smiled sweetly.

"Humm." Mu Xiaoyun straightened his back happily as if he had really used his own money.

In a little moment, Yuan Zhou carried their dishes to them personally.

"Here are the dishes for you two." Yuan Zhou didn't leave immediately after he set down the dishes.

"Thank you, boss." Mu Xiaoyun was very happy when she saw Yuan Zhou again. After all, she had been taken good care of by Yuan Zhou when she was working here.

"You are welcome. Long time no see." Yuan Zhou asked primly.

"Yeah, exactly. I haven't smelled your delicacies for long, so I come here with my brother to have a taste." Mu Xiaoyun was fairly happy.

"Welcome. How are your studies?" Like other ordinary elders, Yuan Zhou asked about her studies.

"Don't worry, boss. I have very good scores." Mu Xiaoyun nodded her head earnestly with her twin-tail hair swaying along with the head at the same time. She looked extraordinarily lovable.

"That's great. Then get down to your dishes." Yuan Zhou returned to his position to work after he got the satisfactory answer from Mu Xiaoyun.

"Boss Yuan does not look quite bad-tempered." Mu Xiaojie was then relieved.

"Of course, he isn't bad-tempered at all. He is contrarily very nice." Mu Xiaoyun said immediately, trying to defend Yuan Zhou.

"I know. But it's the first time that Boss Yuan said so much." Mu Xiaojie indicated that he was quite surprised with that.

"That's not true. Boss is actually a very nice person. Besides, he is fairly scrupulous," said Mu Xiaoyun affirmatively. She recalled the previous experiences of working in Yuan Zhou's restaurant and revealed a smile on her face.

"It's mainly because he appears rather cold. I just thought he had a bad temper." Mu Xiaoyun only saw Yuan Zhou carefully once when he applied for the job, therefore he knew little about him.

"I feel my boss is just not good at communicating with others." Thinking of some occasions when Yuan Zhou gave irrelevant answers in a serious manner, Mu Xiaoyun covered her mouth and began to snicker.

"Now let's stop talking about him and start to eat. I'm going to starve." While smelling the fragrance of the dishes, Mu Xiaojie lost interest in other things. He took the chopsticks and urged his sister.

"Ok." After a nod, Mu Xiaoyun also started to eat.

When there were only 10 minutes left before the dinner time ended, Shen Min entered the restaurant.

"Why are you so early today?" Zhou Jia asked in surprise.

"Yes, there aren't many classes." Shen Min nodded the head and answered.

"Shall we work together?" Zhou Jia inquired.

"Ok, sure." Shen Min agreed squarely.

With both attendants working there, the hectic restaurant was arranged in good order. In just a little while, 10 minutes passed.

As usual, Yuan Zhou brought out the closing words by himself. When all the customers were basically gone except Mu Xiaoyun and Mu Xiaojie, Zhou Jia and Shen Min began to do the shift change.

"Haven't you finished your meal?" With a frown, Yuan Zhou went up and asked.

"I have finished. I just want to sit here for a while," said Mu Xiaoyun with a mischievous look.

"Ok, but don't stay here for too long." Yuan Zhou nodded the head and then looked at Mu Xiaojie who was about to finish his dishes.

After Zhou Jia left, the restaurant quieted down shortly. Yuan Zhou was clearing the kitchen away lightly at the side, emitting a slight sound of "Ping Pang".

Having hesitated for quite a while, Shen Min went up and asked, "Boss, did you tell Sister Jiang to come and pick me up last night?"

As soon as Shen Min arrived at her dormitory last night, she got the matter clear, therefore she came here a little earlier today to say thanks.

"Yes, I did. I don't provide pick-up services, so the fare will be deducted from your salary." Yuan Zhou nodded the head and then reminded her after thinking for an instant.

"Thank you, boss." Shen Min wasn't quite accustomed to the way Yuan Zhou talked. She had thought she caused trouble and thus felt a little embarrassed.

After that, the restaurant quieted down again. At that time, Mu Xiaojie finally ate up the last rice grain in the plate.

"Boss, we are leaving now." Mu Xiaoyun waved her hand to Yuan Zhou with one hand while taking her brother's hand with the other.

"Take care." Yuan Zhou stood in the kitchen and didn't intend to accompany them out.

While Yuan Zhou was turning around in the kitchen, Mu Xiaoyun said to Shen Min secretly, "..."