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262 A Traveler That Never Returns

 The utterance of the person was easily heard by Sun Ming at the side when he was drinking the seaweed soup. As soon as he gulped down the soup, he said.

"The craftsmanship of this brother of mine is impeccable. You are definitely lucky to eat the dishes at the mentioned price."

Sun Ming spoke quite earnestly with certainty.

"He's your brother?" What Whiskers cared about was nevertheless the trifles rather than the taste of the dishes.

"Of course. Look, the person who was cooking like a god is exactly my brother," Sun Ming said with an expression of pride while pointing at Yuan Zhou, who was cooking the set meal in the kitchen,

"Oh, really? He seems to be good at cooking, indeed." Whiskers appeared to be a foodie, too.

"Yeah, of course. Others would inevitably make things out of the pan while cooking. But as you can see, not even a rice grain comes out from the pan while my brother is cooking. This is the genuine craftsmanship." Sun Ming pointed to the surrounding area of the pan.

Those who stayed close and sat at the long curved table all could see the neighboring areas of Yuan Zhou's pan were very clean, unlike other chefs whose dishes could even be told from a distance with the help of the ingredients dropping out of the pan.

"He's indeed awesome." Whiskers cooked for himself occasionally, anyhow. And naturally, he knew how good the craftsmanship was.

"You are here for the first time? What brings you here?" Sun Ming recalled the word of the person just now and asked conveniently.

"I checked the introductions in the gourmet map first and then logged in the forum for suggestions. When I saw all the people recommending this place, I came," Whiskers explained earnestly.

"So that's why. The one mentioned in the gourmet map is indeed my brother. You just wait and eat, but be cautious about your tongue." Said Sun Ming smilingly.

"Oh?" Whiskers got confused.

"Don't swallow it up," after a burst of laughter, Sun Ming said proudly.

"No, no." Whiskers also smiled and then shook his head.

He had been to so many places and eaten a variety of delicacies. Even if it indeed had a booming business, how could he possibly swallow his tongue up in such a small restaurant? Whiskers was quite confident about this point.

"You'll know what I mean after you eat it." Sun Ming didn't argue with him at all and directly answered.

Yuan Zhou cooked more and more quickly. Sometimes, customers who watched him cooking even felt there was an afterimage left by his hands.

Therefore, the dishes ordered by Whiskers were soon ready and carried to him by Zhou Jia as usual.

"Here are your dishes. Help yourself, please," Zhou Jia said with a smile after she carried all the dishes ordered to him.

"Ok. Thank you." Whiskers thanked her politely.

Then Zhou Jia started to greet the next person.

"Now you can begin to savor your dishes. I'm going to leave you alone while eating," said Sun Ming with a smile on his face.

"Ok." Whiskers likewise answered with a nod. After that, he began to eat his dishes.

As for Sun Ming, he continued to protect his own dishes for another round. After all, KFC was glaring like a tiger eyeing its prey and preparing to launch a sneak attack.

Having barely eaten the dishes, Whiskers finally understood what Sun Ming meant by saying not to swallow up the tongue.

After eating up the spicy hot, fresh and fragrant beef, even his tongue emitted such a taste. If it wasn't because there was one piece left, Whiskers would have already drawn his tongue out and cleaned up the taste over it.

Meanwhile, the fragrant and tender rabbit meat made him experience the attraction of the multi-flavored meat. It turned out that the rabbit meat wasn't actually so rigid, but was fragrant and tender, moderately salty and fresh as well as yummy and appetizing.

"So there's really the dish of Ants Climbing A Tree (a figurative name of Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork, with ants representing the minced pork and tree representing the vermicelli)?" Whiskers picked some vermicelli up with the chopsticks and said in surprise.

For other dishes like Translucent Beef Slices, he didn't feel anything special due to its intrinsic taste. Nevertheless, this Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork required excellent craftsmanship.

The vermicelli and spicy minced pork were moderately soft and fragrant, with the pork being chewy and vermicelli smooth. The slight spiciness stimulated the tongue, telling it to eat more. Whiskers couldn't attend to other things anymore, but just stuffed the dish into his mouth. He just felt every dish was so delicious and was a top-notch delicacy.

"The tofu is also very nice. Not only the appearance, but also the taste," said Whiskers admiringly.

Then he gulped down all dishes that he had ordered like the wind puffing the clouds away. After that, the plates became so clean and shining that they appeared as if to be washed.

"How do you like it? Are they delicious?" At that time, Sun Ming asked at the side with a big smile on his face.

He had heartily expected to hear the praise in a flood of words. However, he only heard a sigh.

"Sigh." Having heard Sun Ming's question, Whispers got dumbfounded for a while and then let out a sigh.

"What? You don't like the taste?" Sun Ming didn't look good on his face.

It was absolutely unacceptable to belittle his brother. Sun Ming intended to reason things out directly with him.

"I don't mean that. Whiskers denied immediately. The expression on his face covered with the whiskers appeared to be entangled.

"Then what do you mean?" Sun Ming tried to get to the bottom of things.

"Little girl, get me a glass of watermelon juice," Whiskers shook the empty glass and said to Zhou Jia beside him first.

"Bank transfer. Yeah, I know," Just when Zhou Jia wanted to say something, Whiskers said directly ahead of her.

Only after that did Whiskers begin to answer Sun Ming, "I won't be able to eat such delicacies anymore in future. That really makes me upset."

"It's not a big deal. You can come to eat again." Sun Ming revealed a manner of "so easy".

"I'm here for tour." Whiskers shook his head.

"Then travel here for several more times again. Many tourists come every year to this city." Sun Ming felt it was not a big problem in the highly developed society.

"I'm a man of principle. One of the principles that I adhere to is that I never go to a place for the second time." While speaking of his principles, Whiskers became much more solemn.

Looking at the person named Compass and then the other with a solemn look beside him, Sun Ming slightly choked. Both had their own principles.

"You can eat them when Boss Yuan opens a branch restaurant." KFC chimed in timely at the side.

"Oh, yeah. Branch restaurant." Whiskers suddenly reacted and cheered up.

"Boss, will you open a branch restaurant in Guangzhou?" Whiskers asked him about one city that he hadn't yet been to.

"Are you asking me for opening a branch restaurant?" Yuan Zhou asked without turning a hair.

"Yes, yeah. You can open a branch restaurant, better in Guangzhou or Lanzhou. Either is ok." Whiskers said following Yuan Zhou's word.

"Sorry. I am not preparing to open a branch restaurant." Yuan Zhou refused with an earnest expression.

"Er..." Whiskers was a little speechless.

Having wittily collected another request, Yuan Zhou went back to the kitchen and continued to prepare other dishes. In his heart, naturally, he had given himself a thumbs-up for his intelligent speaking skills.

"Since my brother cooks so well and besides, you like it so much, you can come whenever you are free. Some principles are not necessarily to be followed." Sun Ming suggested him at the side.

"No, nothing can let me go to a place for the second time," said Whiskers solemnly.

"A strange principle." Actually, Sun Ming wanted to say "eccentric" more.

After all, it was he himself who stood the loss and couldn't eat the delicious dishes. Just as expected, Whiskers had started to feel disconsolate by then. He would rather adhere to his principles and feel depressed than come to tour again.

"Sigh. Delicacies are hard to come by." Whiskers heaved a sigh and then drank a mouthful of the watermelon juice.

"Indeed. Are you sure not to come again?" Sun Ming really couldn't understand what Whiskers adhered to that principle for.

"No, I won't come." Whiskers nodded the head.

Sun Ming and KFC looked at each other and no longer tried to persuade him.

Every person had his own principles even if some appeared rather strange. However, they just existed.