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261 Attraction of Sweet Yuanxiao

 "Whatever you say, I don't eat sweet things." Sun Ming crossed his arms over his chest and revealed an indifferent manner.

"It looks quite delicious," said KFC primly.

"Here's your Sweet Osmanthus Sandwiched Yuanxiao. Sun, do you want to have a taste?" Yuan Zhou carried the dish onto the table and then asked directly.

"I don't want it." Sun Ming refused flatly.

"Are you sure?" KFC took a deep breath of the sweet aroma and then said.

"Yes, I'm sure." Sun Ming still nodded affirmatively.

"Then what else do you want to eat?" Asked Yuan Zhou while pointing at the menu.

"Of course the most expensive dish." Sun Ming said unreservedly.

"The tea egg?" Yuan Zhou took a glance at Sun Ming curiously.

"How could only one tea egg fill up my stomach?" Sun Ming looked at Yuan Zhou snappily.

"The most expensive dish was the tea egg." Yuan Zhou shrugged, indicating there was only that temporarily.

"An egg and a serving of Egg Fried Rice Set, please." Since his brother Yuan Zhou stood treat, Sun Ming did quite well in generosity.

"One moment, please." Yuan Zhou was always generous to his brothers.

Then Yuan Zhou went away to cook other dishes while KFC likewise began to eat the Sweet Osmanthus Sandwiched Yuanxiao.

"It's really like pearls falling into a jade plate. So beautiful." KFC heaved a sigh of admiration.

"It should be pigs falling into a jade plate. (The pronunciation of pig is same to that of pearl in Chinese.)" Sun Ming craned his neck and had a look at the dish, for which he had no preference.

"You really don't have good taste. Look, the appearance is just perfect," KFC said affirmatively.

"Just eat your Yuanxiao." Sun Ming still remained unmoved.

"Don't ever ask for it from me in a moment." KFC liked the small white jade-like Yuanxiao in the bowl very much.

"Don't worry about that." Sun Ming responded with a tone of contempt.

KFC indeed didn't speak with him anymore. He scooped one piece up with the spoon and put it into his mouth immediately.

At that moment, he was in a state of great expectation, mainly because this bowl of Yuanxiao looked extraordinarily beautiful.

Every small Yuanxiao was rising and falling in the bowl as clear as water. With slight stirring, the cherry-sized Yuanxiao began to roll over, revealing the sweet osmanthus inside.

The light yellow sweet osmanthus appeared extraordinarily fresh and was charmingly embedded in the satiny Yuanxiao. Along with the rolling of Yuanxiao, it showed its good-looking appearance.

"Awwoo", KFC swallowed one at one gulp.

As expected, the taste didn't let him down.

As soon as it entered the mouth, he felt the delicate fragrance of the glutinous rice flour with strong rice taste first. Having been bitten, the seemingly soft and sticky Yuanxiao had a slightly chewy taste. More importantly, it wasn't sticky to the teeth at all.

"Hiss.... It's so hot." KFC couldn't help opening his mouth and then let out a hiss.

The moment it was bitten open, the fillings inside instantly flowed out and a jet of strong fragrance rushed direct into his nose.

When he realized the fragrance was coming out of the mouth, KFC closed his mouth again immediately.

"Yum-yum. How fragrant!" KFC couldn't help murmuring in a low voice.

Only after the fillings weren't that scalding did KFC start to chew. The combination of the fragrance of sweet osmanthus, walnut, and other various dried fruits directly whetted his appetite.

The soft and sticky Yuanxiao, fillings full of gravy, and small particles of dried fruits plus the slight fragrance of the sweet osmanthus all contributed to the excellent delicacy of the Sweet Osmanthus Sandwiched Yuanxiao.

Although a small Yuanxiao was only as large as a cherry, the fillings inside were nevertheless extraordinarily plentiful. The fragrance of the dried fruits and sweet osmanthus blended with that of the glutinous rice flour made KFC have no time to do anything else at all.

He put the Yuanxiao into his mouth one after another. Every time he bit open a Yuanxiao, he hissed due to the scalding fillings. The hiss sounded frequently, but KFC still enjoyed doing that without stop.

Because it was exactly the deliciousness of the scalding fillings of the Yuanxiao.

Meanwhile, every time KFC opened his mouth, some fragrance leaked out. Seated beside him, Sun Ming could smell it very easily.

"Hey, are you eating flowers? It's so fragrant." Sun Ming would never admit that he had wanted to swallow the abundant saliva just now.

"Yum-yum. So delicious." KFC answered vaguely and then continued to eat.

"It's no more than a bowl of sweet dish. I don't think it's so tasty." Sun Ming glimpsed at the small Yuanxiao alike to the white jade. Then he said naturally after gulping down the saliva in his mouth.

Luckily, Yuan Zhou carried other dishes ordered by Sun Ming to him at that time.

"Wow, it's still the tea egg that smells better," Sun Ming poked the tea egg and said contentedly.

"Eat it. Thank you," suddenly, Yuan Zhou said.

"No need for thanks. You are welcome." Sun Ming revealed a manner of understanding him.

"Ok." Yuan Zhou also nodded the head, indicating he had known that.

Only KFC, who had eaten up all Yuanxiao including even the broth, didn't quite understand. However, it didn't hinder him grabbing the dishes from Sun Ming.

The treat seemed to take some time, but actually it was no more than 10 minutes. Nevertheless, the customers had already waited in line outside the restaurant, which indicated that the dinner time started.

Zhou Jia had likewise already started to help to greet the customers.

"Peng", a person who was carrying a travel bag got seated beside Sun Ming.

"Little girl, take my order." With the whiskers all over his face, the man was wearing camouflage pants and a vest as well as a pair of sunglasses. He appeared to be a traveler.

"Coming. What would you like to eat, sir?" Zhou Jia walked to him quickly and then began to greet.

"Don't you have a menu?" Whiskers asked affirmatively.

"Sorry, the menu and price list of all our dishes are all written on the wall behind you. You can choose by yourself," Zhou Jia said courteously while pointing at the wall behind him.

"Ok." The person then turned his head and looked toward the wall after answering her.

"The price is really not good and isn't mentioned on the gourmet map," Whiskers muttered.

Standing at the side, Zhou Jia just kept smiling and didn't say anything.

"Then get me all the dishes, one serving for each, please." It could be speculated that Whiskers indeed had a very big stomach.

With the muscular arms, camouflage pants and resolute and steadfast face, the man was even bigger than Chen Wei. Despite that, it was absolutely not a good reason for him to be able to eat up all the dishes.

"I'm sorry, sir. But according to our rules, anybody that cannot finish their dishes will be blacklisted and won't be entertained forever." Zhou Jia was rather proud while speaking of that.

After all, Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship was so excellent that he didn't worry that someone would make trouble because of that. Even so, the people that waited in line for meals wouldn't let that happen first.

"Oh? You even have rules here! Then cut half of them and get me each of the remaining dishes one by one." Whiskers was apparently a person who followed the rules.

"Sir, the uppermost dishes are for breakfast. Are you sure you want all of these dishes? Because some are repeated ones." Zhou Jia felt the man possibly came here to make trouble, but she still reminded courteously.

"This girl made it so complicated. One serving of Egg Fried Rice Set, and besides, get these dishes for me." While speaking, Whiskers pointed to several dishes.

Translucent Beef Slices, Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork, Silk Twined Rabbit, Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork. All these were Sichuan dishes. That did make sense. Since he was now in Chengdu, what else could he eat?

"Alright. It's totally 2190 RMB only. You can either pay by bank transfer or cash. May I ask which one you prefer?" Zhou Jia said courteously.

"It's truly fairly expensive." Whiskers whispered and then answered, "I'll make the bank transfer."

After that, he began to make the bank transfer into the bank account provided.

After Zhou Jia confirmed receipt of the money, she reported to Yuan Zhou to prepare the dishes.

"What exactly are the dishes served in this restaurant like?" From his words, Whiskers apparently came prepared.