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260 Sweet Osmanthus Sandwiched Yuanxiao

 KFC was eating the dumplings quite carefully. There was a small plate of vinegar for everyone. Habitually, he bit an opening in the dumpling and directly dipped the fillings inside in the vinegar. It was tastier to eat that way.

However, KFC had never expected the dumpling was surprisingly like a hidden weapon. It seemed not to have gravy at all in the seemingly perfectly-round and well-stacked dumpling which the beautiful fillings inside could be clearly seen.

However, KFC suddenly inhaled continuously with a sound of "Si Si" while still managing to eat it.

It was only then that the heat came out of the dumplings. Along with it was the appetizing and fresh gravy. He could obviously see the oil droplets rolling inside. Meanwhile, the fragrance also stimulated his taste buds following the heat.

The skin of the dumplings or wonton was usually free from any taste. But KFC found the skin of Yuan Zhou's dumplings not only had a taste, but also tasted chewy.

"Ba Ji, Ba Ji", along with chewing, the chewy and salty dumpling skin as well as the saline gravy with a hint of sweetness that he had just sipped into his mouth were instantly blended together and formed a wonderful taste.

KFC only had time to look at the dumplings after he hurriedly finished gulping down the gravy. After being sucked, the formerly white and plump dumplings had the fillings wrapped tightly by the skin .

"Now the gravy is gone." KFC appeared rather complacent about his way of eating without leaking any drops of gravy just now.

Then he dipped the dumpling into the vinegar lightly. While picking the dumpling with the brown chopsticks, he rotated his wrist and dipped lightly in the vinegar with the part where he bit an opening.

"As expected, there is no more gravy." With a complacent smile, KFC put the remaining dumpling into his mouth unhurriedly.

"Ouch. Si. It's soooooo hot." KFC emphasized on the word of "hot" heavily with a lisp.

It was truly scalding. After a full mouthful of the gravy was drunk, there was supposedly no more gravy in the dumpling, thus letting the skin tightly wrap the fillings. When KFC put the entire remaining dumpling into his mouth; however, the situation was not like imagined.

Having bitten through the dumpling, the gravy contained in the fillings then burst out. With the thin and chewy dumpling skin and the abundant gravy as well as the salty texture with a hint of sweetness, the taste was extremely fresh and tasty. The ultimate combination of meat and wheat.

Even if it was so hot, KFC was reluctant to open his mouth. He had only to try his best to make his mouth big and roll the stuff in his mouth. Consequently, his mouth was now full of the fresh and delicious taste of the thin-skinned dumplings. It was scalding, but he still didn't want to drop it.

On the face of KFC revealed a hesitant expression. Luckily the temperature gradually went down and the dumpling was suitable for being swallowed. KFC chewed it carefully and then gulped down.

"It's way too delicate and also too scalding." KFC looked at the dumplings contentedly.

"The dishes we ate last time truly could not represent your genuine craftsmanship," thinking of the words of Sun Ming, KFC sighed and said.

"Humm, Humm." Sun Ming was still eating happily at the side. He only chimed in with a nod.

It appeared that he couldn't speak at all with the full mouthful of the delicious dumplings.

"Because the ingredients are quite different. But I had indeed used all my skills last time." Yuan Zhou was rather straightforward to his brothers.

His craftsmanship at that time was not as good as right now. Despite the same ingredients, his craftsmanship had improved by two levels thus, of course, the dishes tasted better than before.

"I know, I know," seeing Yuan Zhou speak so earnestly, Sun Ming answered vaguely with a full mouthful of the food.

When Yuan Zhou found the two persons were satisfied with the dumplings, he began to make the Sweet Osmanthus Sandwiched Yuanxiao.

The method of making Yuanxiao was quite different from that of Tangyuan, therefore Yuan Zhou prepared a large bamboo basket to make them.

After a sound of "Peng", Yuan Zhou set down a white-jade-like board on which there were many cubes wrapped by a transparent jelly-like thing. Inside of the cubes were sesame seeds and some types of dry fruits, such as finely divided sunflower seeds that were clearly seen.

Of course, the most conspicuous thing in the small cubes was still the sweet osmanthus, which appeared to be fresh. The petals of each flower were clearly seen and brought out the best of each other with the dry fruits inside.

"What's this?" while inhaling due to the hot dumplings, KFC asked with curiosity.

"Sandwiched sweet osmanthus." After saying that, Yuan Zhou continued grinding the well dried glutinous rice with the stone mill.

"Beautiful. Are you going to make Tangyuan?" Having eaten up the dumplings, Sun Ming asked curiously.

"No. It's the Sweet Osmanthus Sandwiched Yuanxiao." Yuan Zhou told him again the name.

"Whatever. But you have to get another serving of the dumplings. There's truly nothing more delicious than the dumplings." Sun Ming heaved a sigh contentedly with the smile on his face.

"No. Only one serving is available for each person," Yuan Zhou said earnestly.

"You are really a Compass. Do you still remember that I'm your brother?" said Sun Ming with an awfully discontented tone.

He must be kidding. With only eight dumplings for one serving, how could one possibly eat his fill? People who couldn't eat their fill were the most dreadful.

"Humm. That's why I am treating," Yuan Zhou answered with a nod and said naturally.

"..., I'm convinced now." Sun Ming got speechless instantly.

"Don't worry. You can order a bowl of Yuanxiao later and eat your fill." KFC had likewise finished eating the dumplings by then. He said that after enjoying the aftertaste for quite a while.

"I don't eat sweet food. It tastes so terrible." Sun Ming waved his hands continually.

"The fillings really look nice. It's crystal clear and beautiful," said KFC earnestly.

"I don't eat anything that's sweet." Sun Ming was rather determined on this point.

At that time, Yuan Zhou happened to grind the glutinous rice well. Only after grinding thrice did the rice flour become fine and smooth and available to be used.

Different from other Tangyuan, this Sweet Osmanthus Sandwiched Yuanxiao had formerly been called Wuguizi in Jinling City, therefore the way of making it was also quite special.

Yuan Zhou first put the milled glutinous rice flour into a spun silk bamboo sieve and sieved it into fine rice flour.

"It is really elegant to use the cloth screen," Sun Ming said in surprise while pointing at the white spun silk bamboo sieve held in Yuan Zhou's hand.

"The taste can be better that way." When Yuan Zhou was working, his eyes that exposed from the face mask were extraordinarily solemn.

Yuan Zhou first brushed the Jianghua water over the bottom of the large bamboo basket and then poured the sandwiched sweet osmanthus into the basket directly.

He then began to shake the large bamboo basket with one hand and meanwhile scattered the rice flour and water with the other. After shaking the basket continually for a while, the white and cute Yuanxiao as large as cherries came into being.

"Marvelous work," KFC looked at the small Yuanxiao that were the same size carefully and said admiringly.

"Indeed. So it is done?" Sun Ming likewise revealed a surprised look.

They had never seen such a way to make Tangyuan. In their eyes, whatever had fillings inside were all Tangyuan. But actually, there was a significant difference between Yuanxiao and Tangyuan.

"Yes. Now they can be boiled." With a nod, Yuan Zhou indicated that it was done now.

"I'd taste them carefully. I have never savored such a kind of Tangyuan. The fillings won't leak out, will they?" KFC asked curiously.

"Definitely not. The craftsmanship of this brother of mine is terrific." Sun Ming didn't feel comfortable to hear others doubt his brother.

"I'm just asking casually. But couldn't we eat more dumplings?" Speaking of the superb craftsmanship, KFC instantly recalled the dumplings that he had eaten just now. The nice taste was still lingering in his mouth.

"I'd say it's too difficult. Even I couldn't eat one more," Sun Ming said deservedly.

"I'll come to try my fortune next time. Anyway, the Tangyuan① will be served soon. I can definitely eat my fill." Said KFC with a complacent expression.

Sun Ming, "..."

① Tangyuan is a kind of glutinous rice balls, looking similar to Yuanxiao.