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256 Art of Speech

 The cab was running steadily all along and soon it arrived at the entrance to the college town.

"Let me accompany you inside. Come on, Min Min," Jiang Changxi got off the cab first and said with a smile.

"No need. Thanks, Sister Jiang. There are security guards inside. Thank you, Sister Jiang." Shen Min got off the cab after Jiang Changxi and answered earnestly.

"Ok. I'll watch you go inside." Jiang Changxi wasn't a wordy person. She directly waved her hand to the girl.

"Thank you so much, Sister Jiang." Shen Min thanked her gratefully and then ran into the college town quickly.

"This cute girl." Jiang Changxi shook her head smilingly. She only went back into the cab after she saw Shen Min enter the entrance safely.

"Miss Jiang is such a nice person," Master Bai said with a smile.

"It's not me. I still have to report to others." Jiang Changxi took the phone and shook it while ridiculing herself with a smile.

"Even so, you are still a nice person. Of course, so is that Boss Yuan." Master Bai awarded Yuan Zhou with a Nice Guy Card delightedly.

Naturally, Yuan Zhou himself didn't want to get the Nice Guy Card. If he got too many Nice Guy Cards, he'd probably find it difficult to look for a girlfriend.

The whole event happened back in Yuan Zhou's restaurant as follows. Jiang Changxi had barely finished drinking and hadn't gone far away in the cab when her phone rang at the side.

When she found it was a strange number, Jiang Changxi knitted her brows. It was an unknown number calling her late at night. After a short moment of hesitation, she answered the phone at last.

"Hello," said Jiang Changxi indifferently and concisely, without any hint of the coquettish manner when flirting with Yuan Zhou in normal times.

While taking the phone at the other end, Yuan Zhou looked at the screen and again at the name card in his hand. Only after the confirmation did he speak, "This is Yuan Zhou. Miss Jiang, I hope you could do me a favor."

Yuan Zhou had always been straightforward in asking for others' help, although his request was always implicit. For the past few months, Yuan Zhou's assets and craftsmanship had both increased by a lot, which was followed by an increase in confidence. The confidence came from nothing but his own assets, knowledge or family.

The way Yuan Zhou talked right now, however, was quite courteous.

"Dear me! Boss Yuan, it's surprisingly you. So what do you want by calling me so late?" Jiang Changxi raised her eyebrows in surprise and instantly the usually soft and coquettish manner in her tone resumed.

"Could I trouble you to come back to the bus stop outside the restaurant and pick one person?" Yuan Zhou felt comfortable only when he heard the familiar voice.

"To pick someone up? Is it your young lover?" Jiang Changxi signaled Master Bai to head back, but still teased at Yuan Zhou with words.

"No, it isn't. It's Shen Min. Please send her back to the college town." While talking with Jiang Changxi, Yuan Zhou knitted his brows tightly all along, fearing that she might say something that he couldn't answer.

What one feared usually came true, just as expected.

The next utterance of Jiang Changxi followed, "No problem. But, how will you reward me, Boss Yuan?

"What's your idea?" Yuan Zhou took the phone and looked at Shen Min at the bus stop with a frown.

"What do you say if I invite you to my home and try the new bed I have bought to see if it's comfortable?" The ending tone was suggestive, but on her face was a manner of glee.

"Never. Change another one." Yuan Zhou raised his brows and refused flatly.

"Haw-haw. Then you tell this elder sister what kind of girl you like most. I can endeavor toward that standard." On the face of Jiang Changxi was a naughty expression. Even Master Bai caught sight of the conspicuous teasing from her while driving.

"No. Please hurry up." Looking at Shen Min who almost cried, Yuan Zhou urged her.

"Then the last condition. You must look into my eyes when I talk to you next time." After Jiang Changxi said that, Yuan Zhou saw the familiar cab.

"Ok. Sorry to bother you." Yuan Zhou agreed immediately.

"Wow, you agreed? Boss Yuan, you are really a responsible boss and a warm-hearted man." Jiang Changxi knew that Yuan Zhou didn't like such kinds of teasing, therefore he ignored her every time.

But now, Yuan Zhou surprisingly agreed to the joking request. It could be seen that he was a really gentle man inwardly.

Seeing that, Jiang Changxi became more desirous to flirt with him.

As for Yuan Zhou, he was relieved when he saw Shen Min picked up by Jiang Changxi. Then, he drew the curtain and went to the bathroom to wash up.

When he came back again, there were a missed call and message.

He checked them and found they were all from Jiang Changxi.

The anterior part of the message was simple, saying Shen Min had arrived at the college town while the latter part reminded Yuan Zhou of his promise, with a smiling face.

"Sigh. This woman." Yuan Zhou shook his head and can't help laughing.

Even if he didn't like getting along with others and thus was a little autistic, he was nevertheless not foolish. He could recognize that Jiang Changxi just said that for fun. She was not actually interested in him.

However, these cunning people always wanted to cheat for his money. Yuan Zhou had originally thought Jiang Changxi would ask for more of the liquor.

"Thank you." Replied Yuan Zhou, who subsequently turned off the phone after thinking for a while. Only then did he lay down to sleep securely.

On the next morning, the customers suddenly found in surprise that Yuan Zhou spoke more than usual today.

"Morning. Do you think our restaurant is crowded?" Yuan Zhou was quite serious while asking that as if he had been collecting some information.

Those who came for breakfast were basically all regular customers. As soon as they saw Yuan Zhou's expression plus his question, they all felt nervous, "Does Boss Yuan intend to enlarge the restaurant? Then he will probably close the restaurant for quite a few days."

On thinking of that, the customers immediately became alert.

"I feel the restaurant is fairly good. It's true, Boss Yuan," said a customer quite sincerely.

"Thank you for your compliments." Yuan Zhou remained as usual with his expression unchanged. But in the heart, he nevertheless murmured, "This guy was absolutely lying just now. Did I ask in an inconspicuous way?"

"You are welcome, really. Get me one serving of Clear Broth Noodle Soup, please." Seeing Yuan Zhou not speak of anything else, the customers then got seated and ordered their dishes.

"Hold on." Yuan Zhou nodded and prepared to change a target.

"May I ask if you feel the restaurant is too small?" Yuan Zhou brought out the word "small" directly this time. He had taken it for granted to get the anticipated answer so that he could collect one request.

As a sophisticated regular customer, however, this person suddenly understood Yuan Zhou's reason. Just like the previous customer who said no problem repeatedly, he directly said that there was no need for it to be expanded at all.

He must be joking. If he implemented the expansion, how long would they wait until they could eat the dishes again?

Although they didn't come to eat every day, it was pleasant to see it just open.

For the next several customers, Yuan Zhou tried again but, without any exception, failed. Frankly speaking, Yuan Zhou really had a striking persistence. At noon, a customer brought out the request finally.

Although the person almost choked to death.

"The restaurant is small, isn't it?" With his sharp eyes and ears, Yuan Zhou heard the man complain a little bit and then went up to answer him.

"Yeah, it is. Boss, why couldn't you find a larger place?" It was a young man. On hearing Yuan Zhou's words, he said immediately.

"It definitely won't work to enlarge the restaurant. But a branch restaurant....." At that time, Yuan Zhou recalled the conclusion of the book that he read in the morning and intentionally kept half unspoken.

"Yeah, yeah, right. If it can't be enlarged, you might as well open a branch restaurant," The young man continued saying that along with Yuan Zhou's words.

"It's likewise impossible to open branch restaurants." Only then did Yuan Zhou finish his words unhurriedly.

"Damn it. Boss Yuan, you are toying with me, aren't you?" The young man was rather speechless.

"No. I'm just investigating the customers' satisfaction," said Yuan Zhou primly with an inconspicuous smile.