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255 Is Boss Yuan Nice?

 Yuan Zhou carefully checked the evaluations and public praise of his restaurant on the internet that were quite good. As for other small problems such as no bathroom, narrow space and no parking lot, Yuan Zhou indicated that they were not a big deal.

"Just as expected, the reputation is really not bad." Looking at the replies basically saying they wanted or were prepared to come, Yuan Zhou was quite satisfied.

After that, he searched for the gourmet map through the internet. In the updated gourmet map, Yuan Zhou's restaurant was on the list, yet not as conspicuous as those famous restaurants. Even the World Foodie Hotel was listed ahead of him. Both the location and the size outclassed that of his restaurant.

It could be seen that this was the representative cuisines of the district. Having seen the difference, Yuan Zhou became more confident.

What came next was the most important thing, the necessary conditions to complete the side mission.

Yuan Zhou tapped open the online shopping website and started to purchase things. He required very careful distinction and bought only those that were in the same city and could be sent to his hands on the same day. After spending approximately 500 RMB, Yuan Zhou closed the website.

Seeing the forum, Yuan Zhou likewise recalled his friend that had helped him. Then, he found the number and made a call.

"Sun, do you have time tomorrow?" Once the call was put through, Yuan Zhou directly said.

"Hey, you call me so late. Are you going to buy me some liquor?" Sun Ming was having a late-night snack. After Yuan Zhou finished talking, he stopped the chopsticks and said that.

"Yes, my treat. Be my guest," Yuan Zhou said with readiness.

"The moon today is so big. There's definitely something deceitful waiting for me. Tell me directly." Sun Ming instantly became alert.

What a joke. This guy had a nickname of pi formerly. If one asked him to stand treat, he can come up with more reasons than why the pi was 3.1415926 and then asked you why he should stand treat. Sun Ming was really scared of that.

Taking the phone, Yuan Zhou kept silent for a while and then said, "I'm going to develop a new dish and hope you can help to taste it."

The silence of Yuan Zhou naturally wasn't the introspection. Instead, he just felt this guy Sun Ming was too wordy.

"Now that's the way to be friends. I will bring some friends including KFC to you." Sun Ming let out a sigh of relief. He totally forgot the fact that Yuan Zhou had once treated them together.

Dish tasting usually meant that he had to act as the guinea pig. With the current craftsmanship of Yuan Zhou, however, even the opportunity to be the guinea pig had to be seized by fortune.

"Humm. Come over in the evening tomorrow. Earlier, please. If you come late, you'll have no seats available." Yuan Zhou instructed him carefully.

"Ok, got it. The customer flow of your restaurant is large and there's quite a high difficulty in parking a car there every time. Last time, I even saw several traffic tickets on one single car." On thinking of the traffic tickets flying in the wind, Sun Ming felt ridiculous.

"Humm, bye." Yuan Zhou was definitely specialized in hanging off the phone swiftly. As soon as he made him understood, he would hang off the phone straightforwardly.

"Damn it. This guy always hangs off the phone so quickly." Obvious, Sun Ming still had a few words unspoken, but was then interrupted.

Having done the work, it was likewise the time for the pub to be closed.

While still thinking of that, the sergestes wall was opened and customers came out from inside one after another.

"Boss Yuan, you still here. Why didn't you go upstairs and play games with us?" said Jiang Changxi softly. With a slight flush on her cheeks, Jiang Changxi appeared much prettier.

"Thanks for coming." Yuan Zhou didn't answer her, but just made a gesture of seeing them off.

"Boss Yuan, you are so boring. You aren't even interesting as the younger sister Min Min." With a look of contempt at Yuan Zhou, Jiang Changxi said goodbye to Shen Min with a big smile.

"Tsk-tsk. This lady Jiang likes to flirt with Boss Yuan every time," Fang Heng said with a smile.

"Do visit again next time." Yuan Zhou deftly turned a blind eye to such daily jokes.

"You turn out to be boring, indeed." Fang Meng also felt him uninteresting and then he left.

As a shy girl, Shen Min became shyer to speak when she heard them talking that way. Yuan Zhou, nevertheless, kept a straight face and an expression of solemnity, looking quite aloof.

Anyhow, the remaining drinkers didn't tease Yuan Zhou about his hobby and just left orderly.

Once they were gone, Shen Min returned to the second floor quickly and started to do the cleaning. Yuan Zhou likewise went upstairs directly with relief. For the petty things of closing the door, Shen Min had been doing quite well in the past half a month.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't hear the sound of closing the door this time after quite a while. He felt a little strange and thus opened the window of his room. As expected, he saw Shen Ming come downstairs from the platform of the pub and close the door hurriedly. Only after she shut the door carefully did she rush to the bus stop with 100-meter sprint speed.

However, the last bus still passed by Shen Min directly and didn't even intend to stop. Shen Min stood at the bus stop and became dumbfounded by that. With Yuan Zhou's eyesight, he naturally took all this in.

Yuan Zhou stood at the window silently. The moon outside was extremely large, but the passers-by were nevertheless quite few. Shen Min was just standing alone at the bus stop.

She took the phone and began to make calls.

"Jia Jia, where are you?" The first person Shen Min called was Zhou Jia.

"I'm still in the evening college. There are ten minutes left before the class is over." From the other end of the phone was a low voice. Zhou Jia seemed to answer the phone privately.

"What's wrong?" Not hearing Shen Min speak, Zhou Jia asked with concerns.

"Nothing special. You continue with the class." Shen Min answered with embarrassment.

Then, Zhou Jia hung off the phone.

Shen Min flipped the contacts, not knowing whom to call. She didn't have such a good relationship with her roommates as to request for a lift. Speaking of taking a cab, she had always brought no more than 10 RMB with her. Yet, it cost at least 20 RMB to take a cab from the bus stop to the college.

While flipping the contacts in silence, Shen Min felt a little helpless.

All was quiet at dead of night in summer, with only some bothering chirp of small worms of "Zhi Zhi". Anyway, Shen Min felt depressed currently. The empty street at midnight made people feel afraid, let alone a young girl as Shen Min.

At that time, two beams of light shined to her suddenly. It was a green cab pulling over straight toward the bus stop. Shen Min was so fearful that she took a step back.

"Zi", the cab parked steadily. The driver was a middle-aged man. Shen Min grasped her bag nervously.

"Min Min, come on. Let me take you back." The car door was suddenly opened. The person who got off the cab was surprisingly Jiang Changxi who had already left. As soon as she got off the car, she greeted Shen Min warmly.

"Sister Jiang, it's you." Shen Min then got relaxed and said happily.

"Yes, who else could it be? Come on, it's too late. Let me send you back to your college." Standing at the car door, Jiang Changxi revealed a big smile on her face.

"Sorry to bother you." Shen Min's face went pink. Looking at the surrounding darkness, she didn't refuse anymore and just agreed obediently with a nod.

Having got in the cab quickly, Shen Min got seated in the back seat next to Jiang Changxi and then became relieved.

"Master Bai, take us to the college town." Jiang Changxi nodded the head to Shen Min and then said to Master Bai.

"Ok." Master Bai answered. Then, the car moved forward.

"Sorry to bother you, Sister Jiang. I will give the fare to you next time." Having thought for an instant, Shen Min said obediently.

"Don't be so courteous with those 'bothering' and 'thank you'. You should say thanks to your boss." Leaning back against the backrest, Jiang Changxi said lightly.

"My boss?" Asked Shen Min subconsciously. She didn't understand immediately.

However, Jiang Changxi no longer replied her, but just muttered in a low voice, "Never have I thought this guy would be a surprisingly kind-hearted man."

After that, she revealed a smile on the face. She had prepared to leave after drinking the liquor when Yuan Zhou suddenly called her, telling her that the last bus had left and Shen Min wasn't safe to go home alone. He asked her to help Shen Min.

Then Jiang Changxi agreed. Nevertheless, she wouldn't tell Shen Min about that and publicize for his reputation. Therefore, she acted as if she hadn't heard Shen Min.

Seated beside her, Shen Min didn't ask again when she saw Jiang Changxi not answer her and rest there. Therefore, she just waited to arrive at the college quietly.