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254 Dongpo Pig Knuckle

 Basically, Yuan Zhou's ridicules wouldn't be responded by the system, to which Yuan Zhou had gotten used. After checking the main mission, he directly continued checking the side mission.

[Side Mission] to collect 100 requests to open branch restaurants

(Mission tips: one couldn't be regarded as a master chef if no one applies for a branch restaurant.)

[Mission Reward] A recipe of Dongpo Pig Knuckle

(Reward tips: a main course of Sichuan Cuisines, a must-have dish for a master chef.)

"Does the collection of requests mean the requests from the customers? Does a sentence count?" Yuan Zhou reacted quickly and asked.

The system displayed, "Yes, you are right. Requests from 100 different people.)

As soon as the requirement showed up, Yuan Zhou's previous little wish was instantly put out. 100 requests weren't very difficult, but was absolutely not that easy to reach.

"Lucky that I finally have a main course now." Yuan Zhou looked at the reward and was quite satisfied with the Dongpo Pig Knuckle.

The system should have already provided Yuan Zhou with a main course in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"A side mission and a main mission. They seem to have a relationship with each other," While stroking his front angle, Yuan Zhou looked at the two missions back and forth and said suddenly.

"Yes. That's it." On Yuan Zhou's face revealed a smile. He took up the phone and started to look up the information required by him.

As a man who often played single player games, it was fairly easy to open a forum.

This forum was the place where Sun Ming helped Yuan Zhou to advertise his restaurant and also it was a senior gourmet forum.

The first mission was to become the regional representative restaurant, therefore it would require much fame along with the condition that he couldn't publicize by himself. However, the fame was no longer confined to this small region.

Now that he couldn't publicize by himself, the gourmet map became the best way to publicize himself.

Both the abundant popularity and the requirement of the side mission could mostly be reached only with the help of tourists from other places.

After all, the demand for branch restaurants only came from those who couldn't eat the dishes locally. If they lived in Chengdu City, the demand would be much less. If they were in other places, the demand would become much more.

Of course, there were also people who didn't want to travel a long distance for meals and hence required branch restaurants. But for most people, their wish was to increase the business time.

Chengdu City was famous for its advantageous geographical environment, pleasant climate and comfortable living environment. With the rapid development in these two years, more and more people came from other places for vacation. Besides, this city also had a good reputation as the "Capital of Foodies". Apart from the tour, they could also enjoy the delicacies here.

This forum was the gathering place for those senior foodies. Anyone that came to enjoy the foods would basically log in to the forum to check the recommendations here.

Therefore, all Yuan Zhou needed to do now was to observe the updates of the forum to see how the fame of his restaurant was like.

The matters discussed in the forum basically changed rapidly. Having scrolled down the webpage, Yuan Zhou found in surprise that his restaurant was also listed in the discussions.

He tapped open the subject excitedly. It turned out to be a tasting article.

[In view of the recommendations by the previous senior foodies, I have been to Yuan Zhou's restaurant personally. Now let me talk about the pros and cons.]

The beginning aroused Yuan Zhou's interest in reading on. He naturally wouldn't make any progress if he just made a cart behind closed doors. Although he had the system backing him up, he was now taking a fancy to the feeling of cooking delicacies.

[First, I'm poor. So I just ordered a serving of Egg Fried Rice. As the saying goes, Egg Fried Rice is one of the fundamental dishes among Chinese cuisines. If one couldn't even cook this dish well, he might as well quit.]

[The taste and appearance of the Egg Fried Rice were just impeccable. Every rice grain was wrapped in golden yellow egg liquid and was separated from each other. Besides, the egg liquid was distributed evenly. When it was served, I almost forget to eat it, but only concentrate on watching it.]

The person even attached a photo of the Egg Fried Rice to the part.

[There are two strange points. Firstly, Egg Fried Rice is really just Egg Fried Rice, without anything else apart from the egg and rice. Secondly, there is no fragrance at all when it's served. I thought it was originally like that. When I place it into my mouth, however, I found that it was not true. It's not that there's no fragrance, but it's just that Boss Yuan had wrapped all the fragrance inside the rice grains. Masterstroke!]

While reading the compliments in the article, Yuan Zhou's face was full of smiles. It was always pleasant to be complimented.

[After the pros, I'm now talking about the cons. On behalf of all customers, I want to ask Boss Yuan a question. With such little amount for each dish, do you set the quantity on the basis of girls' food consumption? Let me tell you. This is absolutely gender discrimination.]

[After a serving of Egg Fried Rice worth 188 RMB, I was only half full. What's worse, I don't feel like eating even the same dish cooked by myself anymore since I have been spoiled by Boss Yuan's appetizing dish. I have to warn you solemnly that you'd better come out and take charge for my loss.]

The straightforward and incisive ridicule made Yuan Zhou fairly moved.

"Is the amount too little? But I feel it's just enough. I can eat my fill with two servings." Looking at the plate for carrying the Egg Fried Rice, Yuan Zhou felt quite satisfied.

Luckily, nobody heard that, otherwise he would surely be beaten until his legs were disabled.

Then, he continued reading the content below.

[And I suggest you not go there if you care more about the dining environment. Except for the sergestes wall, there's nothing else in Yuan Zhou's restaurant that could attract people. The geographical circumstance is only average and so is the decoration inside. Most importantly, Boss Yuan doesn't allow people to eat while standing under the condition that the restaurant is so small. If so, why couldn't you put another 2 tables?"

About this suggestion, Yuan Zhou identified with the person very much. Then he started to negotiate with the system over that.

"System, I'm going to be the landmark restaurant very soon. I don't think 10 seats are appropriate now." Yuan Zhou looked at the space at the door where it was fairly spacious to seat 4 people but the system only arranged two chairs. And the flower rack over there was also unpleasant to look at.

The system displayed, "Host, please endeavor to level up."

"Will you unlock more chairs after I get promoted?" Yuan Zhou directly neglected the system's answer and asked what he wanted to know.

The system displayed, "Host, please work hard to complete the mission."

The dialogue was simply like, "Come on. Let's hurt each other."

"Couldn't you just disclose something to me?" Yuan Zhou asked, not even giving up the slightest hope.

The quantity of the chairs also determined the increase of the consumers. Naturally, Yuan Zhou was concerned about that.

The system had already been used to Yuan Zhou's request as such, thus it just neglected him.

"Alright. You win. I'll go and check the mission." Yuan Zhou picked up the phone helplessly and continued to check the forum.

With such an expression, he was just like Wu Hai who often choked by Yuan Zhou.

[The most most most important thing is that such a booming restaurant unexpectedly does not have a bathroom!!! Having waited so long time in line, don't the customers need to go to the bathroom? Boss Yuan, you really have a strong kidney.]

The bold exclamation symbol and the last ridicule was filled with endless grievances of the reviewer.

"How could a nice restaurant build a bathroom inside it?" While stroking his forehead, Yuan Zhou said with an expression of solemnity.

He would never admit that he didn't think of that at the very beginning. For now, he was less likely to build the bathroom since the restaurant was so crowded. For the pub, it was also the same situation. Luckily, he provided only one pot of liquor to each.

As the reviewer commented reasonably, many people gave "like" below the passage as well as complained something else that Yuan Zhou didn't do well in. As for those things, Yuan Zhou directly neglected, of course.

Preference for words of praise was human's instinct. Yuan Zhou indicated that he was only an ordinary person.