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253 A Great Mission Reward

 "Boss Yuan, don't ever try to fool me." Yin Ya felt her good cultivation was greatly provoked.

"It's the truth." Yuan Zhou was still as solemn and earnest as always.

However, Yin Ya inexplicably felt her hands itchy and wanted to beat someone up.

But when she found Yuan Zhou didn't intend to answer her at all, she likewise didn't ask for embarrassment and turned to negotiate with Man Man.

"Never. Don't even think about it." Man Man made a gesture of cross above her chest and refused firmly.

"Ok, are you sure?" Yin Ya opened her eyes wide in quite an earnest manner and looked at Man Man threateningly.

"Couldn't you just use another method?" Man Man simply wanted to choke herself to death helplessly.

The volume of dishes in Yuan Zhou's restaurant was almost the same to that of ordinary restaurants. If it was the food of other restaurants, Man Man could eat her fill with one serving. But that damn guy, Yuan Zhou, cooked the dishes so appetizing that she couldn't help eating more than that. Since that small amount of the dish was barely enough for herself, she was definitely reluctant to share it with the other person.

However, she had to. Because Yin Ya knew that she had an unrequited love for a man and now threatened to help her tell that man. She was shy about that and had to agree to her unreasonable request.

"It doesn't matter. As long as it works, it's a good method." Yin Ya revealed a complacent manner.

"1/3. No more. Otherwise, you just feel free to disclose it," Man Man made up her mind and said toughly.

In front of delicacies, losing face wasn't an important thing.

"Deal," Yin Ya said with readiness.

"Every time it's the same, every time. If you do it again, I will also disclose your secret," said Man Man with resentment.

"Alright. Whatever you want," Yin Ya made a gesture of "Please" and said calmly.

"Yin Ya, I have never expected you are such a person." Man Man stared at Yin Ya discontentedly.

"I can treat you to Egg Fried Rice." Yin Ya used her unique skill.

"OK." Man Man swallowed up the complaints that were about to be uttered and immediately accepted with a beam of delight.

The two close friends reached an agreement happily.

Just in a little while, Yuan Zhou carried up the honey tremella, "Please enjoy."

"Thank you, Boss Yuan. Please get us two servings of Egg Fried Rice." Man Man volunteered swiftly.

"Alright. One moment, please." Yuan Zhou nodded the head and took the order.

Yuan Zhou was doing his work earnestly as if nothing were on his mind and he didn't even get time to check the mission released by the system. It was his constant principle not to do anything unrelated to his work.

The higher the culinary skills were, the more one can experience the importance of concentration. Therefore, Yuan Zhou had always been attentive.

Although it had been quite a while after the working hours, Director Wang was still busy with her work diligently. This time, it was a matter of complaints.

[The side street is much too crowded during mealtimes. I hope the street administration office can solve the problem in time.] Director Wang opened the Complaint and Proposals, which were basically filled with such contents.

"The matter of being crowded seems to be the result of Yuan Zhou's restaurant." Director Wang had been working in this position for years and naturally knew about the side street.

The formerly run-down and quiet side street was currently busy and bustling after Yuan Zhou ran his restaurant business. However, this problem was really not easy to deal with.

Taking the complaint form, Director Wang was lost in deep thought.

So was Wu Hai, who was right now taking his phone.

His phone was filled with malice. All were evil intentions from the foodies.

[Wu Hai, let me tell you a good news.] from Man Man Who Changes the Name At Any Time.

[What is it?] Wu Hai took out his phone at an interval of the art exhibition and received the above message from a private chat. Then he replied conveniently.

[Boss Yuan has developed a new dish. It's awfully delicious.] Man Man sent him a photo of the dish considerately.

Yuan Zhou's dishes could consistently be used as the cover of gourmet magazines once they were taken a photo of, not even requiring PS. Therefore, this photo with high resolution directly gave Wu Hai a heavy blow.

[Damn it. Friendship ends now." Wu Hai typed the several words in the phone and straightforwardly threw it away.

"What's wrong, Hai?" With his sharp eyes and quick hands, Zheng Jiawei received the phone and asked with a caring tone.

"When can we finish?" While stroking his small mustache, Wu Hai appeared rather impatient.

"One hour later. It'll end up soon. If you feel tired, Hai, you can go have a rest," said Zheng Jiawei considerately.

"What I mean is when this damn art exhibition will end?" Wu Hai had always been famous for his hot temper. The way he was talking could be considered to be good.

"Be good, Hai. It doesn't matter. It will be over after another week." Zheng Jiawei gave him a glass of water. There was full of comfort in his tone.

"Zheng Jiawei, let me tell you. Don't ever hold such meaningless exhibitions anymore." Wu Hai stroked his small mustache impatiently. After drinking the water, he felt the water likewise tasted bad, thus put the glass on the table heavily.

"There's a watermelon imported from Japan here. The watermelons we ordered this year have arrived. You savor one first," said Zheng Jiawei, who glanced at the messages on his phone and instantly understood what had happened.

"Ok. Go and cut some for me." This time, the way Wu Hai spoke was back to normal.

"No problem." Ever since Wu Hai was brought back by Wu Lin, Zheng Jiawei's girlfriend and Wu Hai's younger sister, Zheng Jiawei had taken precautions against such a day. Therefore, he managed to buy Wu Hai's most favorite fruits smartly.

A black watermelon imported from Japan that was worth tens of thousands of RMB temporarily pacified Wu Hai's restless heart. On the other side, the dinner time was likewise over in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Business time ends now. Please come earlier tomorrow." Every time, the words were uttered by Yuan Zhou personally.

Otherwise, the effect wouldn't be so good. After all, it was Yuan Zhou who was the chef with wonderful craftsmanship.

Shen Min also came on time for the shift change with Zhou Jia.

As usual, some customers ordered their dishes when the business time was about to end. They just wanted to wait until the pub was opened and then eat it while drinking the liquor. Yuan Zhou always turned a blind eye to the behavior.

When the pub was open for business and only Yuan Zhou was in the kitchen, he tapped open the latest mission of the system.

[Main Mission] to become a regional gourmet representative

(Mission tips: Being a minor celebrity can no longer satisfy your wild ambition. You must become a regional representative within one calendar month. Young man, I have faith in you.)

[Mission reward] to get promoted by one level up; one chance to draw lottery; an upgrade reward.

(Reward tips: for such a great reward, young man, go and endeavor to get it.)

"System, can I get promoted once the mission is completed?" Yuan Zhou felt this mission might not be too difficult.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"There isn't a clear-cut boundary for this mission, is there?" After Yuan Zhou carefully studied the mission, he said with puzzlement.

The system displayed, "The gourmet map is updated once every month. Host, your restaurant must be listed as one of the regional representatives."

"So this is the time limit?" A careful inquiry would help to finish the mission better. More importantly, the mission could enable him to get promoted directly, which meant more money rushing toward him.

The system displayed, "Host, please read the mission tips carefully."

"The mission tips provided by you have never been reliable," Yuan Zhou ridiculed inwardly.

Every time, the mission tips and reward tips were practically meaningless. Besides, the wording even made Yuan Zhou want to beat it. Therefore, Yuan Zhou neglected them intentionally sometimes.

Then, he went back to read the mission tips even before he got time to check what the side mission was.