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252 Main Mission and Side Mission

 As soon as Yuan Zhou's words were uttered, the customers became more suspicious.

"Boss Yuan, I'm not a knowledgeable person. You just tell me honestly if the price is based on Bitcoin. I don't have that kind of thing," a customer said cautiously.

"Or based on dinar of Kuwait. No matter which one it is, I have neither of them." This customer seemed to be well-informed. Luckily, Yuan Zhou knew about these two currencies.

One was a virtual currency while the other was the currency used in the northeast part of the Arab region.

"It's unnecessary. I only receive RMB at the moment," said Yuan Zhou affirmatively and indifferently.

Such an affirmative tone, nevertheless, made the customers doubt him even more.

"Get one serving for me." It was Zou Jian who didn't have so much concern.

"Ok, wait a moment." Zhou Jia took the order hurriedly.

"It's totally 1 RMB. Please pay first." Zhou Jia became nervous because she felt she had slightly neglected her duty. As a result, she almost forgot to receive the money first.

Zou Jian brought out a coin from his pocket neatly and handed it over to Yuan Zhou, who subsequently took out a plate to receive the money and poured it into the money box. During the process, all the customers in the restaurant looked at the scene together.

"It's surprisingly true. Should I order a serving of that, too?" The customers thought privately in their hearts.

Yuan Zhou was preparing the dish cleanly in the kitchen. Everything appeared to be as usual. However, among the customers was an undercurrent of anxiety. They all waited to see what dish Yuan Zhou would serve.

What Yuan Zhou used was the raw tremella, thus he needed to blanch them with boiled water. That way, the tremella could be crisper and meanwhile, its soft texture, fragrance and tenderness wouldn't be affected.

The water for blanching was likewise quite important. Therefore, the system especially gave some explanations.

The system displayed, "The ever-flowing water of rivers and lakes is usually used to make tea or wine while mountain spring water is used more often in cooking. In order to get the best water of Jinshan Spring, people have to take boats out during midnight and head to the center of the river."

"First, drill many small holes on a wood barrel with a lid and get them plugged with wooden plugs tied with ropes; then, sink the barrel into the bottom of the river; after that, pull the plugs out with the ropes and the barrel will intake the water; in the end, get the barrel out. Only in that way can the genuine spring water be obtained."

"So the water I drink every day is also processed in this way?" Yuan Zhou suddenly asked curiously.

The system displayed, "No, it isn't."

The answer came straight to the point.

"The water I drink is definitely better," Yuan Zhou tasted the two different water and then murmured.

With such water especially for blanching the tremella, its texture and color could be maintained at the best state.

When the tremella salad was served, the milky white tremella was thinly covered with the translucent royal jelly, looking glossier and more beautiful.

"So this is the honey tremella?" Zou Jian picked the tremella with his chopsticks and looked at it carefully, like an old pedant.

"Yes. Please enjoy." Yuan Zhou made a gesture of "Please" and then continued to cook other dishes.

"Hurry up. Try the taste." Watching Zou Jian and his girlfriend not eat after a long time, the customers at the side began to urge them.

"Try the dish. Boss Yuan's craftsmanship is the best," a customer advised them earnestly.

"Let's try, shall we? Honey." Zou Jian consulted his girlfriend's opinion carefully.

"Of course. I have expected to come here and eat since long ago." The girl picked up the chopsticks and began to eat.

Among color, fragrance and taste, color was always the first factor that people would notice, especially for such salads. Since the fragrance was bland, people would inevitably pay attention to the color.

However, the color of the honey tremella was extremely beautiful. After being picked up, the wavering milky white tremella and the dark brown chopsticks formed a distinct comparison. The honey over the tremella seemed as if it were going to flow down at any moment and people couldn't help reaching their hands to receive it.

As expected, the girl opened one palm in the air under the tremella as if to receive the honey and then she stuffed it into her mouth. The first sensation on her tongue was the light sweetness and then the refreshing sour taste, which aroused her appetite immediately. With a slight chew, the crisp and tender texture along with the faint stimulation of the spiciness as well as the light saltiness made it a perfect salad dish.

"The combination of the softness and stickiness is really a strange taste," the girl stopped picking the tremella and said happily.

"It's truly very nice. Appetizing," Zou Jian also said with satisfaction.

The two of them began to immerse themselves in eating the dish quickly, like the wind puffing the clouds away.

"A serving of honey tremella." A smart customer began to order the dish immediately.

"Get me one serving, too." Since the price was only 1 RMB, the customers felt it a loss not to order it.

It was simply a price of conscience. Besides, it would be greatly worth their pains of waiting for such a long time to order the dish at such a low price.

Therefore, almost everybody ordered the honey tremella soon.

"Boss Yuan, get me one serving of honey tremella." Man Man rushed over out of breath.

"Ok. One moment, please." Zhou Jia greeted her with a smiling face.

The next customer following her was Yin Ya, who likewise said, "One serving of honey tremella."

"Sorry, all sold out," just when Zhou Jia intended to take the order, Yuan Zhou suddenly said.

"Pardon? Damn it." Despite her good temper, Yin Ya got a little angry.

Since the person right ahead of her had ordered the dish, she unexpectedly didn't manage to order one.

"The royal jelly, the major ingredient of honey tremella, has been used up. Please come earlier next time," Yuan Zhou said indifferently.

"Why is it used up so soon? Not even a little left?" asked Yin Ya in despair.

"Yeah, why? Boss Yuan, are you sure that they are sold out. There's still one hour left before the dinner time ends." Other customers waiting behind in line also started to inquire one after another.

Most of them came here after they heard that Yuan Zhou newly served a dish of 1 RMB.

"Royal jelly is rare," Yuan Zhou said primly.

"Are you going to provide the dish tomorrow?" Yin Ya sensitively felt something was wrong.

Just now, Yuan Zhou told them to be earlier next time rather than the next day.

"No, I won't." Yuan Zhou answered bluntly and neatly.

"Pardon? If you won't provide it tomorrow, then when will you provide it again?" Yin Ya stuck with the question and asked.

Other customers behind her were also listening to them carefully.

After a long silence, Yuan Zhou said, "That depends on the mood of the bees."

What the f*ck!

Then, Yin Ya and other customers all revealed an expression of "Are you fu*king kidding me?".

"Ho Ho. Does Boss Yuan also tell jokes? Though it's not funny at all," a customer in the line said in surprise.

"Boss Yuan, does your to-be girlfriend know you are so awesome?" said Yin Ya with hatred.

"Yes, she knows." Yuan Zhou answered confidently.

"Boss Yuan, why don't you go up to the heaven?" a customer couldn't help asking that.

"Please order your dishes," Yuan Zhou took a look at the time and said softly.

"Damn it. One serving of Egg Fried Rice. I almost forget the time." The customers reacted right away.

Only Yin Ya didn't give up. Of course, all others that ordered their dishes and waited in line were still listening carefully to the conversation between Yuan Zhou and Yin Ya.

"Boss Yuan, you must tell me an exact time. Look, the characters are so small. Who do you think can see that clearly?" Yin Ya was extremely discontented. She was here for breakfast this morning, but didn't see the paper.

"There are only a few words. The size is just fine." With his eyesight, Yuan Zhou naturally could see the notice quite easily.

"When will the dish of honey tremella be served again?" On thinking of the texture described by others, Yin Ya felt the saliva was gathering in her mouth.

It was sour and sweet with a hint of pungent spiciness as well as the typical texture of the tremella. Just by thinking about it, she felt the taste would be fantastic.

Yuan Zhou was stunned for an instant and then he answered, "That depends on the mood of the bees."

The reason why Yuan Zhou got stunned was very simple. Not having released any mission recently, the system released a mission again. What's more, there were two missions at a time.