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251 Surprising Price

 Having gotten up early in the morning, Yuan Zhou felt fairly spirited. The small wound on his hand was likewise no longer hurting. He was quick with his hands while picking the tremella and was even more professional than an experienced worker.

The tremella was very beautiful. The first one that Yuan Z hou picked looked like a peony. It was plump and tender with its color milky white and besides, was pretty and glossy. The whole petal-like part was tottering in Yuan Zhou's hands.

The tremella that Yuan Zhou picked for his own use didn't have any connective tissue. Once it was washed clean, it could be used directly.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou couldn't wait to soak and clean it and then carefully wash the impurities away. Only after that did he get down to the preparations of the dish.

Different from other ingredients, the tremella couldn't be cut by knives. He could only tear it down with his hands. Only in that way could the tremella be separated as per its intrinsic textures and would greatly enhance the taste of the dish.

A little while later, Yuan Zhou prepared a plate of tremella salad and also cooked a bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup to match the dish for his breakfast.

The tremella salad was served on a dark green plate. The spiral laces around the edges of the plate made the tremella look quite beautiful.

This time, Yuan Zhou only put the royal jelly and tremella in the salad. Therefore, it gave people a feeling that the dish consisted merely of some milky white tremella and white and transparent cement-like taffy.

A salad naturally wouldn't have much fragrance. But when Yuan Zhou approached the plate, he could smell the scent of the pear blossom with a slight hint of tremella.

"There's definitely no problem." Yuan Zhou picked some tremella with the chopsticks and started to eat it confidently.

A fresh and brisk texture with slight softness and a delicate fragrance rushed into his mouth cavity in an instant. The slight spiciness of the royal jelly brought about a layered flavor to the bland tremella while the sour was perfectly mixed with the intrinsic bland taste of tremella.

"Perfect match," Yuan Zhou gulped down a mouthful of the tremella salad and said with satisfaction.

"I indeed have talent in regards to culinary skills." While eating the Clear Broth Noodle Soup along with the tremella salad, Yuan Zhou let out a sigh with emotion.

After the meal, Yuan Zhou's bowl was exactly the same as that of other customers. It was so clean that he could even see his reflection with it.

"System, what's the price of this dish?" Asked Yuan Zhou on his own initiative.

His limited level didn't allow him to set the price by himself.

The system displayed, "The dish belongs to the reward of the system, so I won't participate in setting the price. Nor will I share the income."

"What the hell! Did I get up the wrong way or lose my eyesight?" Yuan Zhou stood up from his position immediately and murmured incredibly.

Having checked the contents carefully for quite a few times, Yuan Zhou finally confirmed the system indeed said that it wouldn't share the income. To a money-grubber like Yuan Zhou, such a matter was truly more important than anything else.

"It's the first time I set the price. I think a superior dish such as this deserves a good price." Yuan Zhou muttered to himself while stroking his forehead and looking at the clean bowl.

After quite a while, Yuan Zhou found that he really wasn't clear about the market price of the dish. After all, as a man, he seldom bought tremella to make soup.

While thinking, he took up the phone and suddenly caught sight of a random-number generator APP that could provide a number randomly by shaking.

"Let me use this one to decide." Yuan Zhou almost gave himself a thumbs-up gesture for his cleverness.

He turned on the APP and directly began to shake it for a number. Good fortune did visit Yuan Zhou. He got a very good number, which matched his to-be position of the Primary Master Chef.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou prepared a small paper as large as a piece of dried tofu and pasted it on the menu. The location of the paper was selected skillfully, by the edge of a lotus flower.

"It's really a nice position," having pasted it well, Yuan Zhou said contentedly.

After solving the problem, Yuan Zhou let out a sigh of relief. It was still early and not suitable to exercise immediately. Having thought for a while, Yuan Zhou continued to study how to make the honey tremella.


Time is like the sand in one's hand. The tighter you hold, the easier it goes away.

For the whole morning, Zhou Jia failed in noticing the small paper pasted by Yuan Zhou. Many visitors were basically regular customers. Even if some were not, they had at least been here for one or two times. However, none of them discovered the new dish developed by Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou, likewise, wasn't prepared to remind them.

Zhou Jia inquired Yuan Zhou with a caring tone when she saw the dish of Phoenix-Tail Prawns still marked with "unavailable" during the lunch time.

"Boss, hasn't your wound recovered yet?" Zhou Jia asked with concern.

"Temporarily, no." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

Instead of asking more, Zhou Jia just looked at Yuan Zhou with a caring manner.

The bustling lunch time soon passed. The day would soon be over, but still no one discovered Yuan Zhou's new dish.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou still didn't intend to remind them. Even in the evening when the business time was longer, Yuan Zhou didn't remind the customers either.

"Zou Jian, is it really necessary to read the outer wrapping of a chewing gum for so long? It's going to be our turn." A girl's clear and melodious sound interrupted Zou Jian's reading.

"Honey, I'll finish it very soon," Zou Jian sped up reading while saying that.

"When can your obsessive compulsive disorder be cured?" The girl pouted discontentedly.

Zou Jian had a weird habit of reading anything related to him.

For example, the outer wrapping of the chewing gum or various packaging. Of course, they must have something to do with him, who was a new and graceful victim of obsessive compulsive disorder.

At that time, Zou Jian likewise finished reading the outer wrapping. He put it down hurriedly and began to coax his girlfriend.

"Honey, it'll be cured soon, right away." Zou Jian held his girlfriend's hands and guaranteed to her earnestly.

"Humph. You'd better bear your guarantee in mind." The girl believed in his words as always.

As soon as they entered the restaurant, however, Zou Jian started again.

The conspicuous menu on the wall instantly stimulated Zou Jian's obsessive compulsive disorder.

"Can I ask what you would like to eat, please?" Seeing the two people looking at the menu earnestly, Zhou Jia went up and asked.

"Wait a moment. I will order our dishes immediately. Honey, you go and get yourself seated. I'll be there right away," Zhou Jian continued to read the menu after saying that.

"Humph. Again. Just let him be." The girl let out a humph and then turned around and got seated.

When Zou Jian realized that his girlfriend wasn't really angry, he was rest assured and continued to read it.

The obsessive compulsive disorder made Zou Jian read the menu on the wall very carefully, therefore he caught sight of Yuan Zhou's new dish.

"Honey, there's promotion here," said Zou Jian with a surprised expression.

"That's impossible. If there's any promotion, the scene would be awfully grand," said the girl with certainty.

Just look back upon the huge crowds of people when Yuan Zhou offered the discount last time. It was quite a different scene from now.

"It's real. Look here." Zou Jian dragged his girlfriend going up and checked the small paper that discovered by him.

The conversation between them aroused everybody's attention.

"Is there really a promotion?" The customers asked in surprise.

"Little girl, what promotion do you have?" The quickest way was of course to ask Zhou Jia.

However, Zhou Jia was also puzzled.

"Boss, what's the promotion?" Zhou Jia asked nervously while looking at Yuan Zhou.

"You can find it on the wall." Said Yuan Zhou calmly.

"Alright. I'm going to check right now." Immediately, Zhou Jia looked toward the wall and then became even more muddled.

Although dishes in Yuan Zhou's restaurant well deserved the prices, they were never cheap.

At the lower part of the menu, however, there appeared some characters as small as flies, saying, "New Dish Served. Honey Tremella, 1 RMB / Serving."

"Boss Yuan, did you omit three zeros behind the number 1?" A customer pushed his jaw back and asked earnestly.

"No, I didn't. That's the price." Yuan Zhou revealed a calm manner.

Of course, Yuan Zhou definitely guaranteed that he didn't have the repulsive habit of watching the customers' jaw-dropping shock.