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250 Honey Tremella

 Yuan Zhou was making a simple sculpture this time, as he needed to think of a dish that could best match the royal jelly at the same time.

"System, can the ingredient be used for desserts?" Yuan Zhou knew the royal jelly was required by many kinds of desserts or pastries.

The system displayed, "The royal jelly is from the secretion of the hypopharyngeal gland of the worker bees that attend to bee pupae in a honeycomb. It's the food provided for the pupa that will become the queen bee and also the food for the queen bee in its lifetime. Its taste is dominated by sour, astringency and spiciness. After refining, the astringency can be removed."

The system displayed very large characters this time, at the latter part describing the taste, in particular.

That was probably some sort of speechless ridicule. The dessert or pastry had to have the texture of both sour and spiciness at the same time. Furthermore, the sour texture was different from fruit acid due to the royal jelly being a secretion.

"Ok. Understood." Yuan Zhou had originally intended to upgrade his title of "Master of Cooked Wheaten Food", but presumably the idea failed temporarily.

While sculpting little animals one after another, Yuan Zhou was thinking swiftly at the same time. When he finished sculpting all the 12 animal zodiacs (mouse, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog and pig that are used for symbolizing the particular year in which a person is born in Chinese), Yuan Zhou likewise figured out an idea.

The royal jelly couldn't be heated in high temperature and eaten along with scallions. It was better to eat it together with warm boiled water. Only in that way could its intrinsic nutrition be transmitted.

Yuan Zhou thought about the taste of each food carefully and tried to match them in his mind and then imagined the combinations of those tastes. That way, he could make the preliminary decision of which ingredients to be used.

"Pa", Yuan Zhou set down the last zodiac, the pig, gently and then started to inquire the system.

"System, I need some ingredients to try their flavor," Yuan Zhou said in a prim and determined tone.

The system displayed, "Host, you have collected totally 16.7 kgs of honey this time. Of them all, the royal jelly is 1.1 kgs and the propolis 2.0 kgs. After refining, there is only 0.97 kgs of royal jelly left."

"So there are so little ingredients." Yuan Zhou was rather speechless. He gave an imitation of dead fish eyes.

With so little amount, it was indeed improper to use it for experimentation. Suddenly, Yuan Zhou thought of a question, "System, what if I use up the honey?"

The system displayed, "I will provide the honey at intervals automatically."

"What do you mean by intervals?" In Yuan Zhou opinion, the food ingredients of the system basically came out of the blue.

The system kept silent for a long time before answering Yuan Zhou, this time.

The system displayed, "The royal jelly is from the secretion of the hypopharyngeal gland of the worker bees and the food provided to the pupa that will become the queen bee."

"I know that. I'm asking about why you can not provide the honey without limits," Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

The system displayed, "That depends on the mood of the bees."

"Haw?" Yuan Zhou felt the system must have travelled here from another space. What did the damn "depend on the mood of the bees" mean?

"The mood of the bees?" Yuan Zhou clearly knew every single character but found the combination hard to understand.

The system displayed, "The yield is scarce. So please use it cautiously."

"Ho Ho. Isn't the Xiangshui Rice scarce?" Yuan Zhou couldn't help ridiculing the system.

Wasn't such precious tribute rice also rare? Yuan Zhou indicated that he really couldn't comprehend what the system was thinking.

Nevertheless, the system no longer answered him. Through the conversations, however, Yuan Zhou discovered the system might have its own breeding base. It wasn't like what he had imagined before that the food ingredients came from the blue.

"How much can you provide each time?" Yuan Zhou was quite curious about that.

The system displayed, "That depends."

"System, are you raising bees?" asked Yuan Zhou on a whim.

After all, the major function of the royal jelly was to feed the queen bee. If the system could provide him with all royal jelly, it would be a large amount.

The system displayed, "Host, please endeavor to level up."

"It's truly a long-lost encouragement."

Yuan Zhou directly neglected the system's suggestion and started to consider the usage of the royal jelly. However, he still needed to make some tests to confirm whether to use vegetables or meat.

After finishing the twelve animals, Yuan Zhou went back to the restaurant and started to test the food ingredients. He added a drop of royal jelly every time, but without exception, the texture was all destroyed.

When Shen Min came over to work in the evening, Yuan Zhou still showed a thoughtful expression.

"Boss, I'm taking the customers upstairs now," Shen Min turned the head and said to Yuan Zhou.

"Ok. Go ahead. There are table lamps upstairs." Yuan Zhou nodded the head and then opened the sergestes wall. He himself nevertheless stayed in the kitchen.

"What's wrong with Boss Yuan today?" Fang Heng, who often came to drink the bamboo liquor, asked curiously.

"I have no idea." These were from Octopus and Tank, who came here to drink for the first time.

"He should be thinking about the new dishes," another man coming for the liquor said affirmatively.

"Everybody, please follow me." Shen Min interrupted their speculations.

Then, the several people became quiet temporarily and entered the pub one after another. Originally, the scenery in Yuan Zhou's pub gave an exceptional charm. The flowers in the small garden were blossoming while the breeze brought about a delicate fragrance.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou continued to stay in his kitchen and experiment on the food ingredients that could match the royal jelly. Ever since he got an attendant for the night shift, Yuan Zhou had never worried about the pub. Basically, he didn't go to the pub anymore.

Currently, the pub only provided one type of Bamboo Liquor. Apart from getting liquor for the customers, Shen Min didn't have any other work. Therefore, Yuan Zhou was quite assured.

A few hours later, Yuan Zhou still ended up with nothing. The customers also began to leave the pub one after another. Being the last one that left, Shen Min closed the door. Yuan Zhou then returned to his own room.

After a sound of "Hua La", Yuan Zhou drew the curtain apart. In the quiet street, Shen Min, who was alone, arrived at the bus stop. In no more than two minutes, the last bus arrived.

With Yuan Zhou's sharp eyes, he could easily saw Shen Min get on the bus. He did the same every night to ensure she got on bus safely before drawing the curtains and heading to wash up and sleep.

With something on his mind, Yuan Zhou thought about the royal jelly all night long. When he woke up early next morning, he suddenly shouted, "Yes, it's tremella."

Luckily, Yuan Zhou's restaurant had a pretty good soundproofing effect and thus his neighbors couldn't hear that. Otherwise, he would probably have scared many people that were sound asleep. It was only 5:10 in the morning.

Before he had time to think about jogging, Yuan Zhou finished washing up hurriedly and ran downstairs with a heavy sound of "Dong Dong Dong". During the process, he didn't forget to tell the system, "Royal jelly can match well with tremella. It's tremella."

He acted as if he had grasped the essence of a peerless martial art.

The system displayed, "The ingredient has been released. Host, you can receive it by yourself."

Yuan Zhou went into the kitchen and looked around swiftly. He then easily located the cabinet marked with Tremella. With a sound of "Zhi Ya", he directly opened the cabinet, in which several fresh tremella were growing over a segment of a wooden pole.

"Are these fresh tremella?" Yuan Zhou was a little puzzled.

The system displayed, "Living tremella isn't poisonous and could be eaten with safety."

"Have the harmful substances inside been removed?" Yuan Zhou trusted the system, but the moral quality of the system wasn't good. It had deceived Yuan Zhou for quite a few times and moreover aimed at Yuan Zhou mainly.

The system displayed, "Tremella is one of the "Eight Treasures" among table delicacies from land and sea. It's a superior, natural, nourishing, edible, and medicinal fungoid. Besides, it enjoys the laudatory title of "King of Fungoids". The royal families of all past dynasties regarded tremella as the "food of longevity" and "medicine of immortality". The hazardous substances contained therein have all been removed."

"Alright." Then, Yuan Zhou took out a bamboo knife and started to cut the tremella off.