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248 Yuan Zhou Pursuing Perfection

 The person who arrived first at lunch time was always Zhou Jia. Normally, she started work on her own initiative as soon as she entered the restaurant. Nevertheless, today, she was stopped by Yuan Zhou before she got to work.

"Zhou Jia, paste them on the menu." Yuan Zhou took out a few paper strips that were obviously cut from an A4 paper.

"Where?" Zhou Jia asked carefully.

"Right over there. Paste it firmly." Yuan Zhou pointed to the right positions.

"Ok. So we aren't providing these dishes, right? When can we provide them?" After pasting it on the menu, Zhou Jia asked.

After all, there were only such words as "temporarily unavailable" on the paper strip.

"Two days later starting from today," Yuan Zhou looked at the wound on his little finger and said calmly.

"Ok, I got it." Zhou Jia nodded the head, indicating that she knew that.

"Humm, that's it." After saying that, Yuan Zhou also started to tidy up the kitchen and make preparations for lunch time.

"Zhou Zhou, you say the vinegar in Boss Yuan's restaurant is very delicious?" Zhuang Xinmu was dressed in a white shirt inside and a suspender skirt outside, looking beautiful and adorable.

Wu Zhou was just concentrating on his girlfriend's beautiful appearance and totally didn't pay attention to her question. Suspender skirts turned out to be the best thing to make one young at heart.

"Wu Zhou." Seeing Wu Zhou stare at her and become dumbfounded, Zhuang Xinmu grasped his ear firmly discontentedly.

"Ah, yes. It's really delicious. An old man said it's Celestial Vinegar." Wu Zhou reacted quickly and immediately began to explain.

"Celestial Vinegar? I only heard of that before. What color is it?" Although she had been to Yuan Zhou's restaurant for a few times, she had never eaten the soup dumplings with vinegar.

"Let's go. We can order a serving of vinegar and Phoenix-Tail Prawns. The match will be definitely delicious," Wu Zhou said earnestly.

"Alright. You decide." Since her boyfriend had arranged everything, Zhuang Xinmu agreed readily.

The two of them walked quickly toward Yuan Zhou's restaurant. For the sake of his girlfriend, Wu Zhou specifically asked for an hour off, just in order to have lunch at the earliest time. Although it took him some time to pick up his girlfriend, there was no problem to eat it in the first round.

"Come on. Nobody's there. Let's hurry inside." Wu Zhou grasped Zhuang Xinmu's hands and walked into Yuan Zhou's restaurant in quick steps.

"Great. We are the first." Having seated themselves, Zhuang Xinmu sighed with emotion happily.

"Boss, a plate of celestial vinegar plus Phoenix-Tail Prawns." Said Wu Zhou generously.

He was truly generous. The price of the Phoenix-Tail Prawns was 1288 RMB per serving. It was the very first time that Wu Zhou and Zhuang Xinmu had eaten the dish. Even if they were greedy for other dishes in normal times, they ordered no more than an Egg Fried Rice and a serving of Jinling Grass.

"I'm sorry, but the dish cannot be served temporarily today and tomorrow." Zhou Jia went up and greeted them courteously.

"What the hell?" Wu Zhou revealed a manner of disbelief.

"Why aren't you serving the dish for these two days?" Zhuang Xinmu straightforwardly asked.

"It's marked on the menu." With a smile, Zhou Jia said while pointing at the menu behind them.

"Boss, Boss Yuan, you didn't write that this morning," Wu Zhou pointed at the paper strip and said discontentedly.

"Humm, I'm injured on my finger and am unable to cook the prawns," with a nod, Yuan Zhou answered frankly.

"Is it serious?" Wu Zhou and Zhuang Xinmu asked with a caring tone at the same time.

Even Zhou Jia, who didn't know about that, revealed a concerned expression.

"Here it is. The injury will affect the sculpture." Yuan Zhou held up the bloodless injury and told them earnestly.

"Eh..." Wu Zhou indicated that he really choked.

With only a piece of flesh off, an adult man surprisingly said it would affect his sculpting work. Both Wu Zhou and Zhuang Xinmu felt speechless about that.

However, they instantly thought of the occasion when he got injured on the face and then rested for days. Immediately, they asked.

"Boss, you are not going to rest again since you have just been back, are you?" Thinking that Boss Yuan would close the restaurant again, Zhuang Xinmu didn't feel good for an instant.

"No, I won't." Yuan Zhou's answer was always so simple and clear.

"That's great." This time, Wu Zhou and Zhuang Xinmu let out a sigh of relief together.

If Yuan Zhou's restaurant was open, only a look at it would be satisfactory, even if they couldn't afford it. Every time they passed by, they would reminisce about the taste while eating there. It was also a kind of happiness.

"Hold on. The key point is what we shall do with our Prawn Eaten with Vinegar dish today?" Wu Zhou reacted first.

"Never mind. I think the Clear Broth Noodle Soup is also not bad," Zhuang Xinmu said considerately.

"Honey, I'm so sorry for not fulfilling your wish for eating prawns." Wu Zhou began to explain and coax his girlfriend while looking at her with deep love.

In Yuan Zhou's eyes, however, he wasn't actually explaining but was showing off their intimate relationships.

Life is that even you are in your own store, you can't evade from being flaunted with others' intimacy. Luckily, Yuan Zhou's endurance had been greatly toughened by the former imperial royal chef, Mr. Ma.

Only after a long words of love did they begin to order dishes.

"Two bowls of Clear Broth Noodle Soup." Wu Zhou made a gesture of "two", indicating he wanted two bowls.

"Ok." Yuan Zhou nodded the head seriously and then went to cook noodles.

"Hi, what do you want to eat today?" Zhou Jia uttered and inquired.

The moment they ordered their dishes, the customers outside began to walk into the restaurant one after another. And Zhou Jia started to greet them earnestly. Of course, she also had to explain to them about the dishes being unavailable for these two days.

Time passed quickly. It was soon 12:30. A cleanly and neatly dressed middle-aged woman who was carrying a 2-year-old baby cut the line and entered the restaurant from outside the restaurant.

"Sorry, you can't cut the line," Zhou Jia went up and said to her with courtesy.

"I'm not here to eat. I came to clear out the drain. Your boss called me this morning." The middle-aged woman might have felt that she had affected their business, hence got a little embarrassed. Nevertheless, she still said directly.

"I told her to come here," Only after finishing cooking the dishes did Yuan Zhou say.

"Hello. The drain is upstairs. Can you clean it now?" Yuan Zhou turned the head and asked the woman.

"If it's not convenient for you now, I have to come over again tomorrow." Standing in the main hall full of customers, the middle-aged woman was a little embarrassed.

"Never mind. No problem. You can go up." Yuan Zhou indicated there wasn't any inconvenience.

After that, Yuan Zhou opened access to the long table and let the woman in. While leaning to one side, she tried her best to stand with her back against the wall and carried her baby in her arms with one hand holding a big box. The woman looked very clean.

"Zhou Jia, you go and continue taking orders." Yuan Zhou instructed Zhou Jia and then led the woman upstairs.

When they got to the second floor, however, the middle-aged woman looked around the confined space of the second floor and found there was nowhere to place her baby.

Having thought for a while, the woman had to carry the baby with one hand and open the box with the other. Then, she started to bring out a rope out and seemingly intended to tie the baby somewhere. The baby, nevertheless, might have been used to that, thus he just looked around curiously with his widely open eyes, neither crying nor screaming.

"Give him to me. Let me help you." Just before the woman tied his baby, Yuan Zhou proposed.

"No, I can't. I can't bother you." The woman refused at first.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou just picked up the baby directly. It was, of course, more comfortable to be held in arms than being tied. Therefore, the baby didn't struggle and remained quite obedient. Seeing that, the woman had to say thanks to Yuan Zhou.

While taking the tools, she began to work carefully.

As he was carrying the baby, he was naturally unable to cook after he walked downstairs.

"One moment, please. For the time delayed, I will extend the business hours," Yuan Zhou said courteously.