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247 Prawns Eaten with Vinegar

 On the way, Yuan Zhou and Man Man walked side by side.

"What are the materials this time?" Yuan Zhou asked concisely.

"Still the flour and white sugar. Sorry to bother you, Compass." Man Man was an adorable girl. With a smile, she appeared more lovable.

"Have you changed your supplier?" Yuan Zhou frowned and asked.

"Yeah. Last time you said there were some problems with the flour, which surprisingly turned out to be moldy and bleached. Of course, I wouldn't dare to use it anymore." Man Man stuck out her tongue, still having a lingering fear.

Last time, before Yuan Zhou went out for the honey, Man Man specially sent a new product, the cocktail cake, to him based on their good relationships. When Yuan Zhou just opened the bag and gave a sniff, however, he told her directly, "Why did you send me a cake made from moldy flour?"

In the end, Man Man explained for half an hour before she let Yuan Zhou understand it was the problem of the ingredients. Of course, Man Man returned the goods back to the supplier with her experienced business skills. She came to find Yuan Zhou this time also because his five senses were extraordinary.

Yuan Zhou, of course, agreed. Such a trifle was nevertheless acceptable to him with the precondition that he wasn't bothered while busy.

Nevertheless, the current flour supplier wasn't honest, either. As soon as Yuan Zhou smelled the flour carefully and twisted it with his fingers when he approached it, he knew it was mixed with the flour that had been kept for years. If it were from the crops of last year, Yuan Zhou wouldn't really care. But obviously, it had been kept for years.

"It's mixed with inferior flour. You have to handle it by yourself," Yuan Zhou walked back to Man Man and said calmly.

"Sh*t, these traffickers. Again, they lie to me that the flour is from newly harvested wheat." Man Man rolled up her sleeves and prepared to pick a fight.

"Calm down." Yuan Zhou took hold of her collar and tried to stop her.

"You'd better let go of me. Otherwise, I will reveal your secret." Man Man wasn't grateful. Instead, she even threatened Yuan Zhou.

"Ok. Whatever you want." Yuan Zhou let go of her and made a gesture of "As you please."

After that, he really neglected her and then he turned around and left conveniently.

It was no more than a matter of return and exchange of the flour, in which Yuan Zhou found it inappropriate for him to participate.

"It's 10:10. A good time to visit Broth." Yuan Zhou checked the time and headed for Broth's home.

Broth had always been living beside the scrap heap. There was a used basket and a few used clothes. The home looked pretty good.

Furthermore, the dog made itself very clean and thus had won great favors from young girls, who would surely feed it when they were happy. Therefore, the dog didn't have to worry about the food and clothing.

However, it was slightly different this time. When Yuan Zhou got there, Broth was lying at a place far from the scrap heap and close to the cross road.

"Wow, why are you here?" Yuan Zhou went up and greeted it.

As usual, Broth just turn a blind eye to him, totally different from its adorable manner in front of cute girls.

Yuan Zhou went closer to its kennel and found there was another trash bin blocking Broth's home.

"Miserable little thing, even your home is forcibly occupied," looking at the dog Broth, Yuan Zhou said with a tone of disdain

This time, unexpectedly, Broth responded to him with a sound of "Wu Wu". However, Yuan Zhou didn't understand dog's language and hence didn't know what it was whining about.

"Forget it. You can live at the back door from now on." The back door of the neighboring pub was always closed and the porch was very large, therefore there should be no problem to accommodate the dog.

Having thought for a while, Yuan Zhou went up to take Broth's kennel and then walked to his back door. The dog Broth likewise followed him leisurely as if it were an imperial envoy on an inspection tour with a manner of swagger.

In a little while, they arrived at the back door of the pub. When the former tea house was decorated, it was designed with the style of ancient eaves, thus set aside a lot of space. Since Broth was merely a small dog, the space was sufficient for it.

"Hiss", when Yuan Zhou set down the kennel, he suddenly let out a light hiss. Then he raised and checked his hand, finding that a small piece of flesh was torn off from above the fingernail on the little finger. The wound was bleeding severely.

"I see red on the first day of coming back. It seems to be a good omen." Looking at the wound, Yuan Zhou suddenly recalled what his mother had spoken and then muttered to himself.

"You adapt yourself to the new surroundings on your own. I need to go back," Yuan Zhou pinched his little finger that was constantly bleeding and said to Broth.

However, Broth just lay prone on the ground indifferently and went to sleep...

Only after Yuan Zhou scattered some anastaltic medicine on the wound did the bleeding stop gradually. Then he found out that it was a piece of flesh that had fallen.

"I have always been good while playing with the knife to cut vegetables, but now, surprisingly, I got injured while moving the kennel." Looking at the wound on his hand, Yuan Zhou was a little speechless.

"System, is there any method to make my hand not bleed in water?" Thinking of the business hours that day and looking at the slightly bleeding wound covered with white medicine, Yuan Zhou consulted the system with a helpless manner.

The system displayed nothing.

"In order to better become a Master Chef, the dishes cannot be contaminated," said Yuan Zhou primly.

However, the system refused to accept Yuan Zhou's explanation and had absolutely no reaction.

Only then did Yuan Zhou give up. After that, he first soaked his hands in saline water to stop bleeding and for disinfection. Naturally, the salt used in the saline water was the well salt provided by the system. A little while later, he began to use the tea bags that had already been soaked and cooled down for external application.

Anyhow, he had worked in the kitchen for several years and hence knew some effective methods to stop bleeding quickly. As for the request, he naturally wanted to get some more advanced technologies."

When the bleeding stopped, Yuan Zhou tried to make dishes. However, some dishes couldn't be made anymore and he could only cook fried rice and stir-fry dishes. Therefore, Yuan Zhou took out some paper, cut them into long strips and covered them on some dishes, indicating they were unavailable.

Only after that did Yuan Zhou settle down from being wounded. He directly went upstairs to wash up and then intended to make preparations for the opening hours at noon.

"A leaky roof is attacked by incessant rain while a late-arriving ship encounters the head wind." It couldn't be better to use this slang on Yuan Zhou.

In Stephen Chow's movie Kung Fu, there was an episode, where the water suddenly stopped while a person was washing his head halfway, so he shouted to a skilled fighter, the landlady. When Yuan Zhou bathed halfway, contrarily, the water didn't stop, but became too much... because the drain in the bathroom was blocked.

It almost flooded into the living room.

"Ho Ho". Looking at the water rising to his ankles and the bubbles on his hair, he selected decisively to rinse them off first.

The profile of a single man really mattered, especially when Yuan Zhou was still a single dog now.

"It must have been not cleaned for too long." Yuan Zhou put on his clothing and crouched at the door of the bathroom to observe the drain carefully. Then he found it was really blocked and thus said affirmatively.

The small ads all over the street now played their roles of first aid. It was the first time that Yuan Zhou needed to clear out the drain, therefore it took him quite a while to find the useful small ad pasted at the neighboring store.

He dialed the phone number on the ads and soon the phone was answered, "Hello. We do drain cleaning." It was a middle-aged woman who answered the phone.

The candid answer straightforwardly made Yuan Zhou speechless for a while. After that, he said, "The drain of my bathroom is blocked. Can you fix it?"

Along with the candid answer of the woman, Yuan Zhou asked directly.

"No problem. What's your address? And what's inside?" The woman at the other end said with readiness.

"I don't really know what exactly is inside. Normally, the floor drain works well and it's the first time that it got blocked." Yuan Zhou described the problem in details and ended up with a consensus with the woman. Then he hung off the phone.

Naturally, the system wasn't responsible for the drain problem, either. In regard to anything unrelated to culinary skills, the system acted as if it hadn't existed, to which Yuan Zhou was quite used.

While Yuan Zhou had found the solution to his problem over here, Wu Zhou had also made a date with his girlfriend to come over here and eat the prawns. In response to her boyfriend's considerate care, Zhuang Xinmu agreed with readiness, of course.