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244 Newly Developed Silk Twined Rabbi

 Yuan Zhou heaved a sigh.

Then, he put down the notebook and considered quietly for a while, maintaining the serious manner along the way until he got off.

While Yuan Zhou was taking a cab unhurriedly and preparing to go back to his restaurant, Wu Hai was likewise preparing to go out. However, he still wanted to try one last time.

"Wu Lin, you watch out. Zheng Jiawei won't marry you if you continue behaving like that." While he was packing up his luggage, he began to express his grievances.

"That won't happen. No matter how bad-tempered I am, I can't compete with you." Wu Lin crossed his arms over her chest. The lines of her slender and vigorous thighs were beautiful, but nevertheless quite frightening in front of Wu Hai.

"Actually, I don't have much work to do at the art show. Even if we go tomorrow, we have a lot time." Wu Hai didn't slow down his pace of packing, but he hadn't given up the thought of staying for another day.

"Brother, you know I only have one thing in common with you, that is, I don't have a good patience." Wu Lin reached out her hands and stroked her hair with a smile on her face.

"I'll finish right away." Knowing the consequences of annoying his mighty sister, Wu Hai fell silent.

One hour passed while Wu Hai packed his luggage slowly. Then Wu Lin walked after her brother as if she were escorting a criminal. They then advanced toward the car that was parked at the crossing.

Over there a flashy car was parked. With a pure black appearance and seemingly handsome edges as well as oversize wheels, it was, surprisingly, a Humvee.

Women driving Humvees had a certain charm. However, Wu Hai was extremely speechless. After all, driving a Humvee downtown wasn't really comfortable.

"Why are you driving this instead of a sports car?" Wu Hai got into the Humvee while murmuring.

"We don't have much time to catch the plane. If we are late, I can only hang you at the rear of the plane," Wu Lin glanced at Wu Hai and said unreservedly.

"Ok, you are the boss. There are still two hours left before boarding time. We can definitely arrive in time," Wu Hai stroked his mustache and said calmly.

"Humm. Remember to show your face when we get there." Wu Lin did not trust this unreliable brother at all, hence instructed him carefully.

"Let's hurry up. Didn't you say we are going to be late?" Wu Hai disliked others nagging him.

As expected, Wu Lin stopped talking immediately. She started the Humvee with a loud sound of "Wu Wu" and turned the car fast.

At that time, the cab that took by Yuan Zhou had barely arrived there.

"Ouch. That is a Humvee. So cool," having parked the car, the cab driver looked at the Humvee ahead of him and said in admiration.

"Yes, indeed. Here is the fare." Yuan Zhou echoed and then handed the fare to him.

"It's exactly the right amount." The cab driver checked the notes and then drove away.

Yuan Zhou then began to head for his own restaurant along the street. He carried the backpack and walked forward in silence.

He didn't like looking around while walking. Even if a familiar person passed by him sometimes, he was unaware of that. Therefore, Yuan Zhou didn't turn his head and look at the Humvee when it made the turn.

Seated in the car, however, Wu Hai happened to see Yuan Zhou while looking around. He caught sight of Yuan Zhou's side.

"Wait a moment. Stop," Wu Hai shouted anxiously.

However, Wu Lin didn't follow his instructions this time. She straightforwardly drove forward, not even answering his brother at all.

"Drive back." Wu Hai craned his neck and looked behind. But the speed of Humvee was really fast even if it was on the city streets. Therefore, Wu Hai couldn't see it clearly more.

"What do you want?" Finally, Wu Lin turned her head and took a look at Wu Hai.

"I just saw Boss Yuan. I want to go back for a meal. And we can go after that," Wu Hai no longer stroked his mustache and straightforwardly said that.

"Don't cheat me with that ridiculous excuse. You recognize everyone you meet as that Boss Yuan now," said Wu Lin with an uncourteous tone. She didn't believe her brother's words at all now.

"Impossible. I feel it's exactly him." Wu Hai didn't actually recognize Yuan Zhou well with only a side view. But he won't admit that in front of his sister.

"Are you sure?" Wu Lin knew his brother very well. When she realized her brother wasn't as determined as before, she knew that he wasn't really sure.

"Whatever happens, I want to go back to confirm it." Wu Hai proposed persistently.

"It seems that you prefer to be dismantled into several pieces and sent there by courier," said Wu Lin peacefully.

With her prowess, it was as easy as blowing off the dust to dismantle Wu Hai, of which he was quite aware.

"I want to drink water." Suddenly, Wu Hai said.

"Huh. Take it by yourself." Wu Lin didn't expose his intention and directly answered.

Soon, they arrived at the airport. But Wu Hai refused to go check-in personally with the explanation that he was still a painter and wouldn't rush to work of his own accord.

Therefore, Wu Hai just sat in the lounge with his mind at ease and waited for Wu Lin to do the check-in. As for Wu Lin, she had only one purpose, to get her brother to the art show smoothly.

At his leisure, Wu Hai thought for a while and still didn't want to accept the situation. He then logged in to the Cuisine Backup Group and prepared to see if anybody knew where Yuan Zhou was at present.

[May I ask a question? Did Boss Yuan come back?] from Brother Hai that Hasn't Eaten.

[I don't think so. Didn't the notice say the restaurant would be open for business tomorrow? It's only at noon today.] from Wu Zhou Eating Egg Fried Rice in Other Restaurants.

[Latest news! Boss Yuan just passed by my bakery store.] from Man Man Expecting to Eat Prawns.

[Well, Boss Yuan is so dutiful. Is the restaurant open for business this evening?] from Wu Zhou Eating Egg Fried Rice in Other Restaurants.

"I have felt endless evil intentions from the universe...] from Brother Hai that Hasn't Eaten.

Wu Hai stared at his phone as if it were the fried rice or other things that could be eaten.

"Let's board the plane now," Wu Lin happened to come back at that moment and then said indifferently.

"I'm going back," said Wu Hai with a determined attitude.

"You seem to be unwilling to give up," said Wu Lin peacefully.

This time, she didn't give Wu Hai any opportunity to find excuses and immediately clutched Wu Hai's shoulder tightly. Instantly, Wu Hai felt limp and numb all over his body and was directly dragged away by Wu Lin. Having been suppressed by force neatly, Wu Hai couldn't even talk due to the huge pain.

For Wu Hai, it was more than a perfect miss, but was like a forever farewell, like the flowers and leaves of manjusaka. It was simply one hell of a coincidence.

After greeting Man Man, Yuan Zhou went directly back to the restaurant and cooked a bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup for himself immediately, as well as an extra serving of Egg Fried Rice.

After a sound of "Pi Li Pa La", Yuan Zhou got seated in the chair that he had left vacant for days and started to eat.

After a whirlwind of gulping, Yuan Zhou sighed contentedly, "Only the food materials provided by the system are most delicious and most nutritious."

The originally exhausted Yuan Zhou now felt the strength return.

After that, he began to prepare the newly developed Silk Twined Rabbits.

"System, I have separated the honey completely, but the royal jelly was sour and spicy and hence probably not a good reward." Yuan Zhou took out the packaged honey that was arranged into sorts and negotiated with the system.

The system displayed, "Host can develop a new dish on your own, of which I will provide other food materials."

"It's really a generous suggestion, but I like it very much." The reason why Yuan Zhou mentioned that was just for more rewards.

What the system provided was definitely of supreme grade.

As for the remaining honey, Yuan Zhou put on his face mask and began to cook a newly improved Silk Twined Rabbits for a trial run.

"This time, the taste is supposed to have a new breakthrough," Yuan Zhou sighed with emotion and said that while looking at the rabbit meat that had been twined and pickled.

With the supreme-grade honey and rabbit meat as well as Yuan Zhou's god-tier craftsmanship, achieving a breakthrough in taste was definitely not a problem.