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243 Wu Hai’s Younger Sister

 Early next morning, Yuan Zhou tidied up his luggage and walked out of the door. The doors were then shut with a sound of "Peng". On Yuan Zhou's face, there were still a few red spots.

It was still early and the village was very tranquil when Yuan Zhou got up. Those who got up even earlier had already gone out while those who still stayed in bed were sleeping. Therefore, there was barely anybody showing up in the streets.

Carrying his small backpack on the shoulder, Yuan Zhou took a cloth bag which was filled with the dried golden mushroom and walked toward Mr. Ma house with a lively look.

It was, naturally, for bidding him farewell at this time of day.

Ten minutes later, Yuan Zhou arrived outside Mr. Ma's house.

"Mr. Ma, I'm leaving now. You have to solve breakfast by yourself today." Yuan Zhou took a step forward and said normally, not speaking like he's leaving.

"Get lost quickly. You are talking as if I had nothing to eat without you," Elegantly dressed, Mr. Ma walked out of the door and said rudely.

"Ok. Goodbye," Yuan Zhou just ignored Mr. Ma's scolding and said as though he hadn't heard him.

For the past several days, Yuan Zhou had practiced the skill of listening but paying no attention perfectly.

"Aren't you here for my recipe? It does not matter even if I give it to you," said Mr. Ma suddenly.

"Sorry, but I never have that intention." Yuan Zhou felt a little puzzled. He just wanted to eat the genuine royal dish, but never intended to ask for the recipe of others.

After all, he neither took Mr. Ma as his teacher nor did he have anything to do with the old man who spoke so offensively.

"A chef without any pursuit doesn't deserve the title of chef," Mr. Ma said ironically.

"I don't think I need to tell you about my pursuit," answered Yuan Zhou with a courteous tone, yet with a hint of sharpness. No one could keep calm when he was bluntly sneered at his dreams.

"Do you think I care about your thing? Take it and leave me alone. I don't want to say anything to you anymore." Mr. Ma took a look at Yuan Zhou and brought out a yellow notebook from his pocket before throwing it to him.

"Pa", Yuan Zhou reached out his hands and received the notebook subconsciously.

"What's this?" Yuan Zhou didn't open it and check by himself, but asked directly.

"Get out of my home." However, Mr. Ma didn't explain anything to him. Instead, he sudden lost his temper and straightforwardly drove Yuan Zhou out.

"Thank you." On the second thought, Yuan Zhou understood. Having thanked the old man with a frown, he left.

"Dong Dong Dong", Yuan Zhou walked further. His steps on the gravel road emitted a sound of "Zhi Zhi".

Mr. Ma sat in the chair expressionlessly with his mood unknown to others. In a little while, however, he turned around and went back to his room. After a sound of "Peng", the door was then shut strongly.

As for Yuan Zhou, he was hurrying on with his journey. The notebook given by Mr. Ma was directly placed in his small bag by Yuan Zhou. He wasn't in a rush to read it, even if Yuan Zhou had figured out it was the cooking method for the royal dish Wu Chicken and possibly some extra experiences.

It could only be regarded as a windfall that Yuan Zhou hadn't originally expected that.

While Yuan Zhou was hurrying back to his restaurant to prepare to do business tomorrow, Wu Hai encountered a crisis.

"Peng, Dong", from Wu Hai's art studio came various noises.

"Hey, Wu Lin, that's enough. I will not go back." Seated on the sofa, Wu Hai helplessly watched his sister breaking things that he treasured.

"Ho Ho. If you still don't follow me going back today, I promise I will tear you into pieces. If you don't believe, you can wait and see," said Wu Hai's younger sister while showing her great might.

With neat short hair and eyebrows of fortitude, Wu Lin nevertheless had a unisex charming appearance. She was wearing a red-grid short sleeve shirt and short jeans, which revealed her slender and compact thighs. While speaking, she smashed a plaster model of Wu Hai mercilessly.

"Huh, really? You going to give it a try?" With his usual distinctive fashion of wearing short pants, a vest and slippers, Wu Hai said rascally while stroking his mustache.

"You'd better think it over. When have you ever seen me not keep my promise?" Standing in front of Wu Hai, Wu Lin looked at Wu Hai from top to bottom, which gave an extreme sense of pressure.

"You are my younger sister. Why don't you have any femininity?" Wu Hai looked at Wu Lin for quite a while and then withered.

"Yeah. I don't have any femininity. You are right." Wu Lin smiled suddenly and revealed an expression combining 30% attraction and 70% tenderness on her face, which made her appear prettier. It was as attractive as the smile of a queen.

On the contrary, her actions were nevertheless quite ferocious. Wu Lin directly lifted Wu Hai up and made an arm throw. Consequently, Wu Hai lay on the ground after a sound of "Peng".

With his hands still on the mustache, Wu Hai became a little dazed. Suddenly, he spat out several words, "I'll have to go to the art show. What if I get injured?"

"Don't worry. I promise that you won't get injured. I have a good control over my strength." Wu Lin wrenched his white and slender fingers, revealing the smooth muscles on her arms.

"I severely wonder if you were mistakenly recognized and brought into our home by accident when you were born," Wu Hai directly lay down on the ground and said hopelessly.

"Now you choose. You stand up and go with me or I tear you into pieces and stuff you into the plane, then we go to the art show." Wu Lin just neglected her elder brother Wu Hai's depression and brought out her requirements lightly.

"I haven't eaten the delicious dishes yet. Please, let me stay for the last day. Tomorrow, I will go with you," Wu Hai got seated on the ground and said earnestly.

"Do you think I will believe you? How many times have you said the same to Jiawei?" Wu Lin didn't believe in her elder brother Wu Hai's words, not a single word.

"But it's the first time I told that to you," said Wu Hai earnestly.

"You know I don't have much patience ever since I was little." Looking at her elder brother who was similar to a rascal, Wu Lin gave him an ultimatum.

"For god's sake, you are my own sister. Yet, you begin to help others even before you get married." Wu Hai really wanted to say that he would never go to the art show. But considering the neat arm throw of his younger sister, Wu Hai decided to take flanking tactics.

"Do you still have the nerve to talk about Jiawei. He didn't tell me about that until he couldn't manage it himself at the art show. Otherwise, how could you have so many days enjoying the life?" Once she recalled her boyfriend who fully busied himself at the art show, Wu Lin felt her heart ache. As for this unreliable elder brother, she might as well beat him to death.

With Wu Lin's murderous look getting more severe, Wu Hai instantly got up nimbly and answered, "Good. I agree with you on the first solution."

Not saying yes or no, Wu Lin just looked at Wu Hai. Thinking of his boyfriend Zheng Jiawei, she managed to refrain herself from beating this useless elder brother and said coldly, "Then let's set out now."

"Alright." Wu Hai stroked his mustache with one hand and put the other in the pocket. With a fortunate expression on his face, Wu Hai followed Wu Lin walking out the door.

On the other side, Yuan Zhou opened the notebook on the train. After he opened it, there was nothing else except the cooking method of Wu Chicken. Besides, the cooking method was written quite simply with only the third point emphasized. It was obviously not a notebook of Mr. Ma. God knows where he bought the notebook and then copied it.

A pheasant was required. Take out the internal organs and bones and ensure the remaining part is intact. The skin can't be broken and no bones are allowed to be left inside. Stuff the golden mushroom into the flesh and simmer them together until they are cooked.

"Culinary skills of the royal court are characterized by surrounding, blending, inserting and pulping, etc. Leaving no bones in the flesh and no fish bones in the fish were merely the basic standard requirement of royal dishes." Yuan Zhou looked at the content of the new notebook. Only then did he genuinely understand the reason why Mr. Ma didn't cook that dish.

He was old and weak and probably was unable to reach the requirement of taking all bones out while keeping the skin unbroken.

Time is truly the most impartial thing. It could enable people to learn a supreme craftsmanship. However, time is also the most ruthless thing. It could make people unable to perform the supreme craftsmanship they obtained as the time goes by.