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235 Yuan Zhou Asking for Directions

 "I need some time to calm down." In order to catch the lunch time, Wu Hai didn't even have breakfast before taking the plane and nor did he touch the in-flight meal. However, this was the result.

The white A4 paper pasted on the door was extraordinarily offending to his eyes. Wu Hai simply wanted to cry without any tears.

He took up the phone and then put it back. Taking a look at the date, he felt the profound malice of the universe. Obviously, Yuan Zhou had barely left.

"Duk Duk Duk", Wu Hai walked toward his art studio with an awfully slow pace. He prepared to stay for a few days before going back to the art show. How could he just go back without eating the dishes he had long expected?

As for Zheng Jiawei's ardent instructions before he came back, Wu Hai had already completely forgotten about them. A life without delicious dishes made no difference from a salted fish.

At that time, Yuan Zhou, who was cursed and remembered by Wu Hai, had arrived at the downtown not far from Yanfeng Village. As soon as walked out of the airport, he was surrounded and greeted by a crowd of people.

"Hey, bro. Where are you going? I have my own car here. It's very cheap," said a woman enthusiastically.

"Here. One-stop accommodation is provided," a man with spiky hair likewise went up and said.

"Listen to the young man. Are you here for travel or for visiting relatives?" This was a reliable person.

"Sorry, I'm going to Yanfeng Village." Yuan Zhou looked around at the crowd and waited for anybody to answer him.

"I'm well acquainted with that place. I'm just from that village. Are you going there to buy honey?" Once the man uttered, he straightforwardly brought out Yuan Zhou's purpose. However, Yuan Zhou was here not for buying but for collecting the honey by himself.

"How long does it take to go there?" Yuan Zhou asked concisely.

"Don't worry. It won't take long, only about 50 minutes. But you have to walk on your own for a short distance. It only takes half an hour to get there," said the man with spiky hair. He spoke fairly honestly.

Seeing somebody take that business, the others turned to other passengers.

"How much?" Upon hearing that he needed to walk for such a long distance, Yuan Zhou wasn't surprised at all. He just asked calmly.

"It's a motorcycle. Let's go to the backdoor over there to get on it. What about 50 RMB?" The spiky-hair man seemed to be a business man.

"Alright. Let's go." Carried on Yuan Zhou's shoulder was only a small travelling bag, in which there were only some clothes. He hadn't intended to stay for long here.

"Ok. Follow me." The spiky-hair man then led Yuan Zhou walking toward the backdoor.

Ahead of them were all paths with many different twist and turns. The distance wasn't long, but it was just a little remote. Luckily, Yuan Zhou had mastered the god-tier knife skill and hence basically wasn't afraid of that.

The spiky-hair man steadily led Yuan Zhou to his motorcycle, the most frequently used red motorcycle in the countryside that could barely carry four people. Nevertheless, two men were just good for the limited space.

"Get inside. We'll set out right away." The spiky-hair man got on the motorcycle first.

"Ok." Yuan Zhou nodded the head. As he didn't have much stuff, he took a seat on the backs neatly.

"Wu Wu", the motorcycle sped up soon and went toward a path after leaving the main road.

Half an hour later, the motorcycle slowed down a little. At that time, Yuan Zhou started to ask for the directions.

"Do you know which area is the site of 96°28' east longitude and 25°07' north latitude located in your village?" Although Yuan Zhou knew it was a cliff after checking it up, he didn't really know the concrete site.

"What are talking about?" The spiky-hair man got slightly muddled and thought he didn't hear Yuan Zhou clearly because of the wind.

"I say if you know where's the place of 96°28' east longitude and 25°07' north latitude?" Then, Yuan Zhou said again slowly word by word.

"No, I have no idea." It happened to be a red traffic light. The man parked the motorcycle and took a look at Yuan Zhou with a quite speechless expression and then shook his head. Was he asking for directions or just making him awkward?

"No problem. I will go to your village and ask somebody else." With a nod, Yuan Zhou indicated that he understood.

The spiky-hair man felt a little depressed. He would rather write his name in a reverse direction if anybody knew about the place.

After quite a while, the spiky-hair man said out of good intentions, "Probably no one knows this place if you ask about this coordinates."

"The place is a cliff." Yuan Zhou thought for a while and felt that there were plenty of people without sense of direction in this world. They didn't even know about that. Therefore, he changed a way of asking.

"Around our village are all cliffs," the spiky-hair man said straightforwardly.

"Humm." Yuan Zhou answered.

Without speaking anything else, the spiky-hair man stopped talking and soon they arrived at the destination.

Only after arriving did Yuan Zhou understand why he needed to walk for some distance. Ahead of him were all mountain slopes and paths with no concrete road at all. With the muddy ground and pebbles scattered on the path, the motorcycle simply couldn't run on such roads.

"Here's your money. So I just need to walk to the end of the path?" Yuan Zhou handed the money to the man and inquired.

"Go along the path until you get to the first village. It's Yanfeng Village." The man pointed at the path and drove back on his motorcycle.

Yuan Zhou's training was quite effective. The distance that required approximately half an hour on foot to get there was easily finished in mere twenty minutes. When he got to the entrance to the village, he didn't appear to be tired at all.

There, some vigorous and forceful characters of Yanfeng Village were written. Yuan Zhou spent quite a little time to identify the name of the village which was written in traditional Chinese characters.

"I can only recognize a character of Yan. It's supposed to be Yanfeng Village." While stroking the forehead, Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"Are you here to buy honey?" A spirited and vigorous aged man suddenly went up to him and asked.

"Yes. I am prepared to buy some." Yuan Zhou nodded the head. He had to find some excuses.

"Come on in. Have a look in the house. Liuzi and his family have just gathered the honey and it's still unsold. Shall we go to check now?" The aged man greeted. As soon as he heard that Yuan Zhou was here to buy honey, he became more enthusiastic.

"Not for now. It's a little late. Is there any place for accommodation?" Yuan Zhou shook the head and asked.

"Don't worry about that. Of course, there are places for accommodation. Sometimes, the buyers are unable to get the honey and, hence, need to stay here for some days. But we only have family hotels here. Is that alright?" asked the aged man with the constant enthusiasm.

"No problem. Do you provide the accommodations at your place?" asked Yuan Zhou politely.

"Ha Ha. If you don't look down on the shabby house of this aged man, of course you can live here." The aged man was very glad when he heard Yuan Zhou intend to live in his house.

"Please prepare a room for me. Just name me a price. I will pay you when I leave." Yuan Zhou had sufficient social experiences. According to what he saw and heard, he knew that somebody had been here to buy the honey and therefore, the villagers weren't surprised with him coming to buy the honey personally.

"Don't worry. The price is almost the same to that of the hotels downtown." The aged man was fairly open-minded. It was not bad to get extra earnings.

"Humm. Thank you." Then Yuan Zhou followed the aged man into the village.

The small village was located at a level ground on the hillside. The houses in the village were mostly built with big rocks, appearing extraordinarily sturdy. When Yuan Zhou was walking into the village, the villagers were all quiet with only a few of them whispering privately.

"He's supposed to be here to buy the honey. It seems Liuzi's honey can eventually be sold now." A woman said to another person in a low voice.

"Yeah. I will let my third son get some fresh honey, too. Perhaps, this young man can also buy his." The person beside the woman had a quick mind and immediately thought of the good business.

Although Yuan Zhou heard their talk, he just kept silent and followed the aged man quietly.

"I heard there's a very famous dish in your village, isn't there?" Suddenly, Yuan Zhou recalled the information that he checked up through internet previously.

"Do you mean that dish? Of course there is. But you have to collect the materials by yourself." Once the aged man heard that, he said with a smile.

"No problem." Yuan Zhou immediately agreed.

Delicacies were naturally never so easy to be obtained.