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234 Tragic Wu Hai

 "My dear Brother Hai, listen to me please. You can only leave after the press conference ends tomorrow." Zheng Jiawei seldom spoke toughly like this time.

"No way. You tell them that I'm sick and can't speak. Therefore, it's of no use even if I am there," while stroking his small mustache, Wu Hai said firmly.

"We can't do like that. The journalists tomorrow are said to be really tough to handle. Elder Brother, please stay, please." Zheng Jiawei was so anxious that he called Wu Hai whatever he could think of.

"Stop it. Ok, I stay." Wu Hai could cope with Zheng Jiawei very easily even if he cried. But once he called him elder brother, Wu Hai had no idea how to refuse this brother-in-law of him. After all, he had to show due respect to his sister, Wu Ling's feelings.

"Excellent. Listen, you go to the press conference tomorrow. After that, you can go back home for a meal and then come back at once. I can handle everything here," Zheng Jiawei murmured to Wu Hai.

"Ok. Now you can go," Wu Hai pulled Zheng Jiawei's hand down and then said with a tone of contempt.

"Where am I going?" Zheng Jiawei was a little stunned.

They lived together these few days so that he could take care of Wu Hai conveniently. Formerly, Wu Hai had often been unable to fall asleep due to stomachaches and needed to drink something warm, so Zheng Jiawei ordered a suite with a usable kitchen as usual this time.

Although Wu Hai slept very well this time and didn't wake up from the stomachache at midnight, they still lived together in a suite.

Now that Wu Hai let him go, Zheng Jiawei really didn't know what he meant.

"Order the flight ticket," said Wu Hai concisely.

"Got it. Don't worry. I have never forgotten about your instructions. But the way you talk really scared me just now. I just thought that you didn't allow me to sleep here." Zheng Jiawei patted on his chest in a manner of being scared.

"Hurry up." Said Wu Hai, who felt rather speechless.

"Ok, sure. Let me first go to run the hot water for you so that you can take a bath. Then you'll become more spirited. You have eaten too little these days." The first thing that Zheng Jiawei was concerned about was naturally Wu Hai's physical health.

"It doesn't matter. I feel I'm pretty good." Reminded by Zheng Jiawei, Wu Hai suddenly realized the stomach troubles had not affected him for a long time.

"That's true. You look better recently." Zheng Jiawei suddenly went up to about 4 or 5cm far from Wu Hai's face. He stared at him for several minutes and then said affirmatively.

"Keep away from me." Wu Hai reached out his hands and directly pushed Zheng Jiawei's head away.

"Jesus. Xiao Hai, not only you look better, but also your skin becomes better too." Zheng Jiawei suddenly shouted in surprise.

"Talk to me normally." Sometimes, Wu Hai really couldn't endure Zheng Jiawei's noisy utterance.

"Ok. I'm going to run hot water for now." Said Zheng Jiawei in a pitiful tone.

"It's supposedly because the dishes of Boss Yuan are good." Wu Hai could apparently feel the ingredients of Yuan Zhou's restaurant were all top-notch ones. Therefore, he had never complained that the price was high. It's just that he didn't like his rules.

"I'm going to take Wu Ling there, too, to savor the dishes when we go back," as soon as he heard that, Zheng Jiawei said excitedly.

"Humm." Wu Hai nodded the head.

On the next day, Wu Hai attended the press conference earnestly. On the other side, Yuan Zhou was likewise checking his leave request notice.

"Boss, I wrote three different ones. Please check which one you need." Shen Min took out three pieces of A4 paper and handed them to Yuan Zhou.

"I also wrote three notifications. They are all here." Obviously, Zhou Jia and Shen Min had agreed on to write the notifications by each with the same number and same paper.

"Humm, let me have a look." Yuan Zhou picked all up and carefully read them, preparing to select one and paste it on the door.

The first two were all of the same pattern while the last one was nevertheless quite creative. It was too creative for Yuan Zhou to be able to understand the meaning.

Leave Request Notification: I caught a fever in the cold wind and felt that my throat was rather uncomfortable and is now constantly drowsy. Because of that, I am really unable to open the restaurant for business. I'm really sorry for any inconvenience."

"What does it mean?" Asked Yuan Zhou calmly while taking the notification that was written in the unintelligible ancient Chinese prose.

"I heard that from my senior classmate. It means that you are sick and is unable to open the restaurant for business." Shen Min carefully explained to him.

Leave requests all had similar reasons.

"We can't lie to the customers. Change it to another one." Said Yuan Zhou with a face of righteousness.

"Ok. Shall I write another one?" Shen Min asked tentatively.

"Humm. There's still time. Go ahead." Yuan Zhou agreed with a nod.

He continued to read the notifications written by Zhou Jia. The first one was almost the same to Shen Min's and the second one was that he needed to ask for leave due to some personal affairs. The last one was the most unreliable.

Leave Request Notification: I have been set up for a blind date by my family and hereby request for leave for 5 days in order to end my single status."

As for the remaining content, he didn't read anymore.

"Zhou Jia, do you feel your boss needs blind dates?" asked Yuan Zhou seriously.

"No, no. It's just because when I was working in a factory, some of my workmates wrote like that and then their application was approved. So....." Zhou Jia indicated that she didn't mean that intentionally. She just felt it easy to ask for leave that way and could guarantee it's true.

"Humm. Write again." Yuan Zhou gave the six notifications back to them and then got seated on his seat. Then, he began to think of the reasons to ask for leave.

Just in a little while, Shen Min first handed a notice to him, which was quite satisfactory.

Leave Request Notification: As I have been suffering from being too handsome at my current age, I get exhausted mentally and physically and hence need to calm down. Therefore, I hereby ask for 5 days of leave. The restaurant will be opened again for business after 5 days."

The signature area was left blank and to be filled out by Yuan Zhou.

"This one is nice." After reading, Yuan Zhou nodded primly with satisfaction.

"Really?" Shen Min got surprised immediately.

This leave request notification was written by her after she was inspired by a joke told by her roommate last night. Never had she ever expected that her boss would use it.

"Humm. When you write the leave request notifications again in future, do it exactly according to the truth. Don't use the excuses like getting sick or having a blind date. A man has to be honest." Said Yuan Zhou seriously.

"Eh..." Zhou Jia and Shen Min felt quite speechless to Yuan Zhou.

"You can come over to help clean the entrance area in the next few days and check if the notification is well pasted by the way. The salary will be paid as usual." Said Yuan Zhou while taking the satisfactory leave request notification.

"Sure. Just be rest assured, boss." The two girls truly felt Yuan Zhou was the most handsome man at the moment. Any boss that paid salary during holidays was most handsome.

On that day, both Shen Min and Zhou Jia stayed there and busied themselves explaining to the customers the matter that Yuan Zhou wouldn't open the restaurant tomorrow. The effect of the advance notice was that the business of that day became much better. Luckily, Shen Min had only one class that day and helped Zhou Jia a lot.


On the next day, Yuan Zhou set out on a journey to Yanfeng Village with only a few pieces of luggage while Wu Hai likewise boarded the plane back to Chengdu with only a few pieces of luggage. They had barely missed each other.

Two and a half hours later, Wu Hai got off the plane and took a cab to Taoxi Road directly. He was a little surprised when he arrived at the cross of the side road.

"Why is it so quiet today?" Carrying a small bag on his shoulder, Wu Hai said in puzzlement.

However, Wu Hai had no time to think much about it due to his thirst for the delicacies. He just walked to Yuan Zhou's restaurant in big strides.

Nevertheless, the uncomfortable feeling came true. There was no one at the entrance but only a piece of white A4 paper pasted loosely on the firmly-shut door.

"Nooooooooooo!" The abrupt shout of Wu Hai just scared quite a few sparrows to fly away.