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233 New Excuse to Ask for Leave

 Just as he was washing up and preparing to go to bed, Yuan Zhou suddenly received a notice that could likewise be considered a gift from the system.

The system displayed, "In the Host's menu, there's a dish of which the taste can be upgraded to a higher level."

"Wait. Are you going to tell me that directly?" Yuan Zhou became astounded immediately as the system had never awarded him any rewards on its own initiative before.

A reward for no reason was usually going to be a scam. Like last time, the abrupt big red packet released by the system was then paid out as tax.

The system displayed, "It's the dish of Silk Twined Rabbit."

"What does that mean?" Yuan Zhou appeared fairly calm when he found it was merely a name.

The system nevertheless fell silent and didn't say anything anymore.

"This is exactly the genuine style of the system." Yuan Zhou let out a sigh of relief.

The silence of the system was just its inherent character. However, the reminder was of great value. For every dish, Yuan Zhou had been doing everything possible to make them tastier and more delicious. Now that the system said there were means to improve the dishes, Yuan Zhou would definitely give it a try.

By cooking the dishes, he no longer aimed for making money but for his own interest. After all, he could only reveal the manner of "I enjoy watching the scene of you being mad at me, but meanwhile unwilling to dispose of me" by cooking appetizing dishes.

It was a new hobby of Yuan Zhou. He hadn't had the hobby for too long, only about two or three months.

Thinking of the possible ways to make the Silk Twined Rabbit more delicious, Yuan Zhou couldn't stay still anymore. He immediately took out a living rabbit from the cabinet and began to process it.

This time, Yuan Zhou slowed down his movements by ten times during each procedure in order to carefully observe the various variations of the rabbit. He still hadn't discovered any perfect means of improving the dish before taking the rabbit to smoke it.

Naturally, Yuan Zhou didn't pay much attention to other means of improvement. He believed that since the system specifically reminded him, there was definitely a unique method, which was for improving the taste.

However, what Yuan Zhou had now was superb craftsmanship and it was extremely difficult to make it better. For the following few days, Yuan Zhou was constantly studying the rabbits outside business hours.

Luckily, the number of the rabbits provided by the system was limitless and hence, was sufficient to meet Yuan Zhou's requirements of studying it.

During the week, Shen Min and Zhou Jia received their weekly wages and felt completely relieved. They worked harder than before. Even if they didn't need to clean the restaurant, they wiped everything as clean as possible when there weren't any customers and did everything they could.

Yuan Zhou's mood was getting better slowly these few days as he had basically found the method of improving taste.

"I should add the honey here. It's the honey." While holding the rabbit that was being pickled, Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

The system displayed, "Congratulations, host. You made it. You can now get the detailed address where the reward of the royal jelly is."

Yuan Zhou was immersed in his thoughts, hence didn't pay attention to the system temporarily.

If the honey was used during the pickling process, the color of the rabbits would become brighter after the smoking procedure. Meanwhile, the sweet texture of the honey could make the rabbit meat fresher and more tender. The sweetness could also penetrate the meat.

Having gotten a better cooking method, Yuan Zhou was naturally unable to use the white sugar anymore. In the end, the rabbit was stewed in soy sauce and eaten by Yuan Zhou as his lunch.

"System, isn't there only royal jelly at the place you have provided?" Yuan Zhou circled the kitchen and didn't find the honey. Thinking of the reminder from the system, he started to ask.

The system displayed, "The system has provided the coordinates of the honeycomb of the Yanfeng Bees."

"You want me to collect the honey personally?" Yuan Zhou felt a little disbelief.

The system displayed, "The honey is contained in the honeycomb."

"Alright. What are the coordinates?" Yuan Zhou considered about the location and then said squarely while thinking of the Silk Twined Rabbit.

"Wait. I need a specific location this time. The one you provided last time was as big as a province," Yuan Zhou reminded the system.

The coordinates that provided by the system last time were about the size of a province. It was simply nonsense if he could find the place with that.

The system displayed, "The coordinates are 96°28' east longitude and 25°07' north latitude. You can get the honey over there."

"It's a cliff." After Yuan Zhou looked up the address, he said hopelessly.

The system displayed, "Yanfeng Bee is a kind of wild bee with a slightly bigger size than an ordinary honeybee. As an omnivorous species, it especially likes gathering honey and moreover is good at making its nest on the steep cliff. The Yanfeng Bee usually makes its nest on dangerous and protruding cliffs as high as hundreds of meters to prevent people from destroying it or other animals from attacking."

"Ho Ho. You do a better job even than Baidu," said Yuan Zhou, who felt rather speechless at the system.

Having considered for a while, Yuan Zhou decided to go to the place provided by the system.

When Shen Min just arrived and Zhou Jia was still there in the evening, Yuan Zhou told them, "I will be away for 5 days for some matters. Please help me write a notice for requesting leave and paste it on the door."

"What's the matter, boss?" Zhou Jia was more optimistic. After the several days' work here, she likewise found that Yuan Zhou was actually a very nice person. He just didn't like talking much. Therefore, she directly asked him.

"I'm to purchase some goods, important goods," said Yuan Zhou with certainty.

"Ok, I got it. Don't worry, boss." Zhou Jia accepted the work neatly.

"Shall I give it to you tomorrow?" Shen Min was shy and reserved when facing unfamiliar people. After getting along with her boss for such a long time, she was still a little shy.

"Humm. You can leave now." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

While Yuan Zhou was planning to ask for leave and set out, Wu Hai who was holding an art show was also planning the same thing.

"Come on, Brother Hai. Don't be so childish. Haven't you just had dinner?" Dressed in a crease-free suit, Zheng Jiawei waved his hands and said with exaggerated actions, not caring about his image at all.

"What I have eaten is grass. I get hungry very soon." Wu Hai tore out his bow tie and said irritably while stroking his small mustache.

"It's not true. I feel the dishes are awfully delicious. I have never expected Boss Yuan is so awesome and taught you so well." Zheng Jiawei managed to savor the vegetable dishes cooked by Wu Hai today. The taste was truly not bad.

"I eat either green stuff or blue stuff every day. I'm not a rabbit." Subsequently, he undid the buttons on the suit.

As he was the leading role of the art show, Wu Hai certainly had to dress formally. After dressing up in a suit, Wu Hai was quite attractive. With his figure cutting an inverted trapezium, he fit the suit well; the two small tufts of mustache gave him a charm of a middle-aged man; moreover, he appeared fairly steady and reliable.

"Then let's go to eat the roasted whole lamb tomorrow. I have inquired about the restaurants nearby. There's one that uses the baby lamb to make the dish. It's very fresh and tender." Zheng Jiawei was a versatile agent and thus proposed a scheme to solve Wu Hai's problem.

Having fell silent for a while, Wu Hai suddenly said resolutely, "I'm going home to eat. You order the earliest flight ticket for me."

"God, did I owe you a lot in my previous existence? If you leave now, what shall I do for the art show? The spectators want to see you, not me. What shall I do if you leave?" While speaking, Zheng Jiawei went up and held Wu Hai's sleeve firmly.

He was fearful that Wu Hai would immediately run away if he let go of him.

"Don't worry. You just tell them this artist get heavily sick after working for many days and can't get up," said Wu Hai primly with a florid face.

"No, don't do that. How can you do that? It lasts only a month. Just stay until the art show finishes, ok?" Zheng Jiawei suggested and didn't let him go.

The two persons began to debate heatedly. Of course, it was actually only Zheng Jiawei himself debating. Wu Hai had only a few words, "Order the flight ticket."